’Facebook Jail’


’Facebook Jail’

(18 Aug 2020)

(2019 06 09) Slimand Me (Thassos -February 1973) 50091091_2252905174984063_633501676090687488_n*

Gary Glitter – ‘Hello Hello, It’s Good to Be Back’

Did you miss me when I was away?
Did you hang my picture on your wall?
Hello. Hello!
Good to be back, good to be back.
Goodness gracious!’





Chicago – ‘Free’

I just wanna be free
I wanna be free from all the hurt
I wanna be free from all the pain
I just wanna be free



Who – ‘I’m Free’

I’m free. I’m FREE!
And Freedom tastes of Reality.





Monkees – ‘I Want to Be Free’

I want to be free
Like the bluebirds flying by me
Stay close enough to guide me, confide in me





Crazy Saturday morning.

Zuck and his Facebook creeps came after me last Saturday.  Zuck banned me for repeating a meme image that has been otherwise making the rounds on Facebook at least the past year.

6EDFB11C-5D3A-476D-B6E8-156271112347Someone posted a satirical meme about Drumpf’s paederastery.  This is the original post …

I posted similar remarks in their Comment section.  My Comment (or thereabouts):

0788F8B7-F9B9-40BD-B242-D578DAD83161Republi-con-ism is their religion.

Drumpf is their deity.

During July 2020, both Lindsay Graham and Pat Robertson said that Drumpf is ‘The Second Coming’ and Pillow Guy Lindell said that Drumpf is ‘The Chosen One’.

There is no changing anyone. Charlie Manson led his followers to commit mass murder. Jimmy Jones led his followers to commit mass suicide. Drumpf’s followers drank their ‘kool-aid’, Coronavirus is their choice event.

AA28908F-2CD9-4DEA-891E-CBA406323A42Attached to my Comment, I included a meme image copied from another Facebook page, an image frequently seen throughout Facebook – an array of photographs of Crooked Drumpf and his daughter at public venues.

Each and every meme, image, and picture came from current Facebook pages.  Those individual pictures of Drumpf in that array are all in public use.

D7D87639-EB0C-4ACC-8991-FBFA1D5D4B6FAre these images that egregious?  Depicting criminal misconduct?  Then why has Crooked Drumpf not been arrested, charged, prosecuted, convicted, sentenced for his crimes!  Nope, not one prosecutor at any jurisdiction in the United States has considered Crooked Drumpf’s behaviour illicit, nor have they seen fit to take any legal action for his mischief depicted in any of those pictures.

Nuts.  Every one of those pictures in that array are posted all over Facebook, including that specific meme itself.

Immediately – literally – came a Facebook alert to me telling me that my meme violates Zuck’s ‘standards’ and that Zuck will suspend me if I ever do it again.

2D3C4B89-0DB1-4033-9AD1-92B8069AFC53Facebook Zuck accuses me of violating his standards when I posted my Comment to a Facebook page.

Zuck originally sentenced me to a day at Facebook Jail last Saturday.  Zuck is blocking me from ‘Like’, commenting, and posting.  Nope.  I tried using my Facebook account on Sunday afternoon, one hour after my Facebook Jail term was to have expired, and I was still blocked.  I then received a pop-up notice at my Facebook Home Page that told me that my sentence is three days.

Zuck has no comprehension to observe what his right hand is doing versus what his left hand is doing.

There is not one live human body in sight at Zuck’s Facebook offices.  Bots programmed to follow Artificial Intelligence as stoopid as a box of rocks.

673335AD-6ACF-4A4B-97BA-B3B8F2716815Zuck continues to hold two previous events against me, ignoring the fact that he absolved me for each of those two prior accusations.

The nonsense with Zuck and Facebook is that Zuck rescinded each of the prior violations.  Thus, I have a clean slate, no prior violations as Zuck falsely alleges in his Saturday accusation.

Why is Zuck using his bad judgement, his false accusations, against my clean status?  Why is Zuck dinging me twice in a month’s time, yet the original photograph array image remains and I see it subsequently posted elsewhere!

There is neither any direct nor any indirect method that I know to communicate with Zuck or any living creature at Facebook.  They use Artificial Intelligence, computer algorithms, Bots, and miscellaneous applications leading to their judgment.

D9D6153A-4D27-4B40-AF82-8A51073F5DC8Obviously, Zuck’s Artificial Intelligence computers are hardly ‘intelligent’ and they lack memory:

– not recognising that the image that I posted Saturday remains where I found it,

– Zuck issued his apologies for making his erroneous rulings against me for my previous comments.

Why does Zuck punish and censor me now when he allows other Facebook users to post the exact same item without penalty!

What does my supposed violation mean if, as Zuck asserts, those images violate ‘Community Standards’ regarding ‘sexual activity’?  Those are the ‘sexual activities’ of the current President!  Not one prosecutor has taken Crooked Drumpf to trial and conviction on any of those images.

14B920CC-0D58-4E50-A71A-2012B2282D02Why is Crooked Drumpf still President, why is he not serving hard time in prison, if that meme is so horrendous, if it shows Crooked Drumpf committing sexually deviant crimes against his daughter when she was still a minor child!

I was reluctant to flood each individual person on my Facebook Friends list about this.  I did want to share my predicament with my social media friends, let them know what censorship Zuck is doing to me, explaining my absence, especially if Zuck ‘Disappears’ me from his application and I don’t return.

I do know that I shall post this story to my Facebook page when Zuck releases me from his Facebook Jail.  First a narrative message without any of the screen prints.  The next post to my page at some later time not yet determined will be my invective with the supposedly offending meme and with all the screen prints as my case progressed – put this back on Zuck and Facebook.

If Zuck decides to press this issue further, if Zuck decides to cancel my page or put me long-term in his Facebook Jail, then I want people to know in advance the explanation for my sudden absence.

E5B7ACA1-CD5E-4B90-9BC2-A9180101AAC2No big deal.  I shall go back to devoting my time to this web-site – what I did long before I had anything to do with Facebook.

Zuck’s action is atrocious and is probably happening to others – selectively.  Any one of us could be next?  Case closed without any appeal, without Zuck bothering to realise that this is his error in his judgement.

Zuck is attacking people who post pictures of Drumpf in compromising circumstances.

Next, Zuck will silence our texts, posts, and comments.

Zuck is silencing us for objecting to Drumpf’s Presidential decrees.

Zuck is silencing political opposition.

Zuck and Facebook are the real creeps opposed to Free Speech.

73B29CAF-3AC5-405C-87BC-46C7FFD65821That’s pure Fascism.


PBS broadcasts Deutsche Welle News and BBC News.

I watch that news from Europe.  Government oppression is happening at Belarus, Bulgaria, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, and obviously Russia.  We’re next.


I contacted one Facebook Friend who, unfortunately, has experience enduring Zuck’s Facebook Jail.

We can hang out at Facebook Jail.



Zuck shows us how he is really stoopid.

D8A425D0-9F6E-4964-85B0-DA42B4A262D8 Zuck suspending all we multitude of users from Facebook means that we are not using Facebook.  Means that we are going elsewhere for our social media.  Means  that we are not an audience to Zuck’s advertisers.  Means less advertising on Facebook.  Means less income for Zuck, though he is hardly moving to the Poor House.



Trump Allegedly Once Told Ivanka To “Ride It Like A Cowboy” While She Sat On His Lap

There are no words to describe how disgusting this is.

Stephen D. Foster Jr. 24 hours ago

Of all the things President Donald Trump has said during a press conference, “ride it like a cowboy” stuck the most to former The Apprentice staffer Noel Casler.

Trump made the remark earlier this year in an effort to defend his terrible handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in the deaths of 170,000 Americans, a toll that is poised to worsen, especially if schools across the country reopen.

Of course, we all know that Trump called the virus a “hoax” early on, and has repeatedly downplayed it ever since.

A5F4253F-DBFE-4A8F-95B9-384F6EE3ADE2But Trump’s remark rang a bell inside Casler’s head, and he recalled the first time he heard Trump say the exact same phrase. And it just so happens that Trump allegedly had his daughter Ivanka sitting on his lap at the time.

That was the first time I’ve heard Trump say “ride it like a cowboy” without Ivanka on his lap. @realDonaldTrump
6:20 PM · Mar 29, 2020

Seriously, if Trump really did say that to his daughter while she sat on his lap that’s disgusting.

Twitter users let out a collective cringe, especially since there are many existing photos of Ivanka sitting on her daddy’s lap.

Wear A Damn Mask
Replying to @CaslerNoel and @realDonaldTrump
I’m pretty sure she knows what “ride it like a cowboy” means. 😩
10:42 PM · Mar 29, 2020

Frankly, eww covers it.

Featured image via Flickr/White House, under Creative Commons license 2.0.



Tom Hilton
(11 Aug 2020)

Just in case you thought racism was just libtard journalism… It is alive and well in the GOP (as if Trump’s racism was still an issue for serious debate). Also, Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican shoo-in for Congress) exemplifies the GOP recipe for success – racist, gun fanatic, and of course, QAnon prosthelytizer.

0247A186-2F9A-4D1B-A674-742989BFFC85No, this is not a fluke. According to Media Matters, a left-leaning watchdog group, 20 candidates, 19 Republicans and 1 independent have told constituents they believe and/or support the mythical QAnon conspiracy theory that (a) Democrat big-wigs (led by George Soros) are running an international pedophile white slavery ring (originally out of a Capitol Hill pizza joint’s basement until it was proven that the establishment has no basement), (b) that Trump was chosen by God to lead the crusade to stop the abuse by (c) kicking open the door of the coming apocalypse which will (d) round up and imprison all the libtards and (e) bring “The Rapture” to the Q believers – or variations on that theme. Google “QAnon” for up-to-the-minute news on global conspiracies.


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Please return soon.

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Enjoy the current collection of news reports, meme images, and graphics appearing throughout this web-site.

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