‘’Losers’ and ‘Suckers’’


‘’Losers’ and ‘Suckers’’
(4 Sep 2020):



Dear Reader:

This was a Facebook ‘Memories’ from two years ago.





 – Republi-cons

 – Drumpfians

 – Deplorables

 – Trumpflakes

 – Trumpverstehers.

You are capable of narratives limited to only what fits on your MAGA baseball cap.

You likely haven’t read this far, so it’s unlikely that you will read what is ‘Shared’.



Jai yen!

I do present alternative perspective in addition to the ‘Shared’ article.

I shall disagree that Crooked Drumpf is incompetent.  Crooked Drumpf appears that way to many on our side.

It is because we rational people are NOT Crooked Drumpf’s audience.

We agree that Crooked Drumpf’s presentation is all for show to his Drumpfian and Deplorable audience.

Everything Crooked Drumpf says, Tweets, does, is well-planned, well-prepared, well-thought.

Nothing is left to happenstance.

Crooked Drumpf is quite deliberate!

His original statements are deliberate.

His retractions are deliberate.

His followers need only be concerned with his dog whistle.

The rest of his un-knowing audience has little idea what he is doing.

Don’t worry. Crooked Drumpf says what he means and means what he says. Everything else is ‘Fake News’:

 – He didn’t say that.

 – If he did say it, he didn’t mean it.

 – If he did say it, then you didn’t understand what he said.

 – If you do understand it, then you know that it is no big deal.

 – If he did say it, if it is a big deal, well so what, every one else said it worse.

Makes perfect logic for the Republi-con, Drumpfian, Deplorable mindset.

Any Republi-con who claims that they did not vote for Crooked Drumpf is not to be believed, as far as I am concerned.

Republi-cons have devoted at least the past 50 years and more leading to their Permanent Republi-con Majority.

Republi-cons have been giddy drunk seizing absolute control of federal and state governments.

Crooked Drumpf will provide eight years of the Executive Branch – sufficient to eventually appoint two or three new Supreme Court justices, maybe more.  Another four or eight years and surely all nine justices will be hard-core Right-wing Republi-con Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalists whose personal decisions will be made for the next four decades, whose decisions will affect American life, society, laws well into the next Century.

Elections have consequences?

Republi-cons know it better than you.  They presented their con job to you all these decades and you bought it – hook, line, and Sucker.


Time for quotes:


‘I’m a T-party supporter 100%.  The voters have short memories.  T-party Republicans are strong enough.  It’s Darwinian Politics!  One-Party-Rule all across the country!’ 

 – Lou Dobbs, R (talk show, 27 Sep 10)


‘There are people who perform a cycle of blame, accusation, hostility, aggression, followed by an alternating period of feigned apology and acts of false attrition. Such people are those who display socio-pathologies and psycho-pathologies. They hold positions of power and authority. They include child abusers, child molesters, and work supervisors.’  

 – KUAT ‘Arizona Illustrated’ (May 2009)


‘It’s all about polarisation, intentionally trying to divide the electorate so you can mobilise your base.  That’s your strategy.’ 

 – Gordon Robertson, R (CBN ‘700 Club’, 31 Jul 10)



Let’s re-visit that ‘Memories’.

This ‘Memories’ is quite apt today – I shall piggy-back this new post to this ‘Memories’ from two years ago.


Jai yen.

Sorry.  MAGAts reading level is limited to the slogan on your MAGA baseball cap.  This ‘Memories’ exceeds your literacy. 

Amongst Crooked Drumpf’s deliberate denials:


 – Crooked Drumpf repeatedly prattled how you GIs and Veterans who have the misfortune of being injured, captured, killed renders you ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’.

You – Republi-con, Drumpfian, and Deplorable GIs and Veterans – are whom your Commander-in-cheese bloviates absolutely are ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’.  So get in line with Crooked Drumpf.

This should make especially you Republi-con, Drumpfian, and Deplorable GIs and Veterans absolutely filled with glee:

 – ‘The US Military LOVES this President!’  – Fli Mackey, R (his radio show, 17 Feb 2019)

 – ‘The military overwhelmingly voted for Drumpf in 2016.’ – PBS Newshour (4 Sep 2020)

Now Crooked Drumpf backsteps saying that he never said those words.  Let’s go to the videotape.  Crooked Drumpf’s words and deeds are recorded and transcribed, they are publicly available in the medium of your choice.

Meanwhile.  Oh you gullible, truly stoopid Republi-con, Drumpfian, and Deplorable GIs and Veterans.  ‘Those who fall for anything will commit atrocities’. 

From the real news:

  – ‘The fallout intensifying today that Drumpf made disparaging remarks about US troops. A report confirmed by multiple news organisations said that Drumpf several times called fallen American servicemembers ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’. Biden called this ‘Deplorable’. Drumpf questioned military service. Drumpf criticised McCain, who was tortured and imprisoned for five years.’ PBS Newshour (4 Sep 2020)

 – ‘The story is confirmed.  Drumpf did call, did dishonor the war dead by calling them ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’.  It’s what Drumpf said of McCain and others.  Drumpf dishonours the country, calling the war dead ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’ is his absurdity.  Drumpf offends on an hourly basis.  This goes against Military Values.‘  – David Brooks, R-Drumpf (PBS Newshour, 4 Sep 2020)

 – ‘Drumpf in 2015 made those disparaging remarks about McCain. This is the latest episode. This is not an isolated incident. It’s a series of flash points over the past three and one-half years. The generals are staying quiet at this critical time. Voters are watching this story.’ – Bob Costa (PBS ‘Washington Week in Review’, 4 Sep 2020)

 – ‘Drumpf denigrates combat heroes as ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’. The military community is an important part of his constituency. He was already losing support among active duty troops. There is frustration among the generals. Drumpf doesn’t respect the military. Drumpf sees the military as another political tool, a political prop.  Drumpf doesn’t respect service. It’s wrong for generals to participate in the political election season, the campaign.’ – Peter Baker (PBS ‘Washington Week in Review’, 4 Sep 2020)

 – ‘West Point grads criticise the role of officials with Drumpf with the Bible at hand at Lafayette Square. There’s this real divide between Drumpf and the military. The military poll this week shows half the respondents have an unfavourable view of Drumpf. The military is Drumpf’s base he relies upon. It spells trouble.’ – Nicole Killion (PBS ‘Washington Week in Review’, 4 Sep 2020)

 – ‘Drumpf disparaged fallen American soldiers. Biden responded. ‘ – ABC News (5 Sep 2020

 – ‘Outrage over Drumpf who mocked dead American soldiers. Protestors met Drumpf at his golf course this morning. Drumpf disparaged Americans killed in the line of duty as ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’. Biden is ripping Drumpf over his comments. ‘ – ABC News (5 Sep 2020)

 – ‘Drumpf’s comments continue to spark outrage. Several sources quote Drumpf calling Americans who died in combat ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’.’ – NBC News (6 Sep 2020)

 – ‘This controversy is so damaging. It undercuts Drumpf’s political identity. Drumpf referring to America’s war dead as ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’. Drumpf used insulting language for the military when he skipt a 2018 visit to an American cemetery in France. ‘ – NBC News (6 Sep 2020)


Trump’s tweet came as he fought off new accusations that he called service members killed in World War I “losers” and “suckers” during an event in France in 2018. The comments, first reported by The Atlantic and confirmed by The Associated Press, are shining a fresh light on Trump’s previous public disparaging of American troops and military families and they delivered a new campaign issue to his Democratic rival Joe Biden, less than two months from Election Day.

Trump made the comments about the war dead as he was set to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery during a trip to France in Nov. 2018.





Here’s All the Corroboration for the Atlantic Story on Trump Attacking Troops

By Jonathan Chait

Whenever a new report with an inside account of President Trump’s immorality or ignorance appears in the press, it includes a paragraph for official White House spokespeople to issue an indignant denial calling the media and its dozen or two sources liars. Jeffrey Goldberg’s blockbuster revelation in The Atlantic followed the ritual in form, though not in degree. The scope and intensity of the pushback was nuclear: Virtually every White House press official, past and present, denounced the story. Additional support for Trump poured in from several unofficial White House spokespeople in conservative media, including Kurt Schlichter, Mollie Hemmingway, and Ben Domenech, who solemnly promised, “I’m confident I have better sources within this White House than @JeffreyGoldberg, and I expect that upon investigation his anonymously sourced story will live up to the quality we can expect from The Atlantic under his leadership.”

Trump seemed to believe, correctly or otherwise, that the contempt for military service described in this report would be particularly damaging.

Traditional journalistic practice grants more credence to on-the-record sources than anonymous ones, because sources who put their name behind a claim are risking reputational embarrassment if it is falsified. That method would lend more credence to the named sources denying Goldberg’s account than to the unnamed ones endorsing it.

However, that principle obviously does not apply to this administration. Lying is not only common in the Trump administration, it is the cultural glue that holds the president’s coalition together. A willingness to endorse his lies is the most common method Trump uses to identify his loyalists. This is why the White House media was so flabbergasted when Sean Spicer angrily denounced reporters for accurately conveying crowd estimates at Trump’s inauguration: He blew up the presumption of honesty that gives weight to on-the-record denials on day one of the presidency.

There is an impressive amount of corroborating evidence. Almost all of it supports Goldberg’s reporting.

Goldberg’s four sources say Trump worried about the effect of rain on his hair, and commented, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.”

Bolton does not directly contradict Goldberg’s reporting. It is entirely possible that there were multiple reasons for the cancellation, or that weather forced the cancellation and Trump decided to justify it by dismissing the value of honoring fallen soldiers. But Bolton’s recollection does count as a point in Trump’s defense.

On the other side, however, there are many pieces of supporting evidence. The Associated Press, New York Times, Fox News (!) and Washington Post quickly confirmed Goldberg’s reporting. The Post added several related details, in addition to Trump describing fallen soldiers as “losers.” “In one account, the president told senior advisers that he didn’t understand why the U.S. government placed such value on finding soldiers missing in action because they had performed poorly and gotten caught and deserved what they got, according to a person familiar with the discussion.”

What’s more, Trump dismisses the value of military service. Michael Cohen testified in 2018 that Trump admitted faking bone spurs to avoid serving in Vietnam and told him, “You think I’m stupid? I wasn’t going to Vietnam.” Mary Trump, in a previously recorded interview, said Trump threatened to disown one of her sons if he enlisted in the military. (It’s significant that she offered this account before Goldberg’s story, and thus could not have crafted it to fit a narrative created by Goldberg.)

Trump’s denial itself contains provable falsehoods:

First, Trump did call McCain a “loser.” It’s on video. Trump even tweeted the video of himself saying it:

Via @fitsnews: “Donald Trump: John McCain Is ‘A Loser’” http://t.co/sgiETvdUqi

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 18, 2015

Trump also made a version of the same attack in a 1999 interview, when he said of McCain, “He was captured. Does being captured make you a hero? I don’t know. I’m not sure.”

Four sources told the Times in 2018 that Trump stubbornly refused until finally and belatedly submitting. Former Homeland Security chief of staff Miles Taylor confirmed the account today, on the record.

And finally there is the obvious fact that Trump, in 2015, disparaged John McCain for being captured. That is to say, the private comments Trump is fervently denying are merely grosser versions of his publicly explicated view, that being captured because his plane was shot down makes McCain a loser and not a hero.

Trump is obviously a massive liar. He has already made clear that he does not respect military service. They are throwing what’s left of their reputations on the line to deny nothing more than an incrementally worse version of a reality that Trump has already revealed.



 –  Crooked Drumpf demanded to cease operations of the ‘Stars and Stripes’ newspaper.

Crooked Drumpf brings about the loss of your Constitutional Rights.

Crooked Drumpf suppresses The Media.

No more Free Press for you GIs and Veterans.  You are nothing more to Crooked Drumpf than ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’.  


The Defense Department has ordered the paper to halt publication by Sept. 30, and dissolve the organization by the end of January. The order, in a recent memo to Stripes, follows the Pentagon’s move earlier this year to cut the $15.5 million in funding for the paper from the Defense Department budget. And it is a reflection of the Trump’s broader animosity for the media and members of the press.

Trump hadn’t spoken out against the Pentagon plan to close the paper before today, even though it’s been in the works and publicly written about for months. 

Congress objected to the defunding move for months. And senators sent a letter to Defense Secretary Mark Esper this week urging him to reinstate the money. The letter, signed by 15 senators — including Republicans and Democrats — also warns Esper that the department is legally prohibited from canceling a budget program while a temporary continuing resolution to fund the federal government is in effect.

“Stars and Stripes is an essential part of our nation’s freedom of the press that serves the very population charged with defending that freedom,” the senators said in the letter.

In the memo, the department says Esper made the decision as a result of his department-wide budget review. Signed by Army Col. Paul Haverstick, acting director of the Pentagon’s Defense Media Activity, the memo says plans to close the paper are due on Sept. 15 and the last newspaper is to be published on Sept. 30.

The memo adds that if the paper continues to be funded by either a continuing resolution “or other unforeseen circumstances” then Stripes must submit a plan by Sept. 15 to shut down at the end of the next budget year, Sept. 30, 2021. Haverstick’s memo says that in that case, the last date for publication of the newspaper will be determined based on budget or other circumstances.

The Stripes ombudsman, Ernie Gates, told The Associated Press on Friday that shutting the paper down “would be fatal interference and permanent censorship of a unique First Amendment organization that has served U.S. troops reliably for generations.”

The first newspaper called Stars and Stripes was very briefly produced in 1861 during the Civil War, but the paper began consistent publication during World War I. When the war was over, publication ended, only to restart in 1942 during World War II, providing wartime news written by troops specifically for troops in battle.

Although the paper gets funding from the Defense Department, it is editorially independent and is delivered in print and digitally to troops all over the world.

The House-passed version of the Pentagon budget contains funding for the paper’s publication, but the Senate has not yet finalized a defense funding bill.




 – Crooked Drumpf incites his electorate to commit crimes, commit federal felonies.  Another matter of Republi-cons, Drumpfians, and Deplorables following their cult leader into criminal oblivion.

The Press questioned Barr about the legality of voting twice in the same Election, about Crooked Drumpf inciting criminal acts.  Barr replied that he had no clue that voting twice, that Crooked Drumpf’s incitement are federal crimes.  

Barr plays dumb about voting multiple times for one Election:


Stoopid?  Naw!  

Hey, Barr!  Here’s the Law:


Read it and weep!

Shifty con.


‘Trump encourages North Carolina residents to vote twice to test mail-in system’

It is illegal to vote more than once in an election.

Trump has made countless false statements about the security of voting by mail ahead of the election as much of the country braces for an increase of voters who opt for mail-in ballots during the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite Trump’s claims that mail-in ballots lead to widespread fraud, Trump and Melania requested absentee ballots to vote in the Florida primary this year.

A Washington Post analysis estimates that at least 83 percent of Americans are eligible to vote by mail this fall.

“I don’t like that,” Trump responded when a reporter told him that 600,000 voters in North Carolina could vote absentee.

Asked why there have been no findings, however, of widespread fraud, Barr said he was unaware of the specific laws in North Carolina, and he did not respond directly to questions about Trump’s earlier comments.


 – Crooked Drumpf disburses his Fascist infiltrators into peaceful AntiFa and Black Lives Matter protests.  We know this because the police themselves find themselves embarrassed each time they nick a Drumpfian collaborator smeared in tell-tale ‘Black face’.  Whoopsies!

Crooked Drumpf is now doing legally for what Charlie Manson and his gang spent their lives in maximum security prison – Healter Skelter – their Amerikan Race War initiated by White supremists.

 – ‘Drumpf directed federal agencies to stop Race and diversity training.’ – ABC News (5 Sep 2020)

 – ‘Drumpf re-Tweeted 20 references to his memo to stop Race and diversity training from far right perspectives. The Race and diversity training calls White Privilege ‘un-American’ and ‘divisive’. – ABC News (5 Sep 2020)


‘White Supremacists Are Invading American Cities To Incite a Civil War’

by David Atkins 

August 30, 2020

We are a nation on the edge of an increasingly hot civil war, one in which white supremacists are invading American cities, fomenting violence, and the overtly racist president they support sees the violence as benefiting him politically.

For the last two decades at least, Republicans spent the same time period inflaming every cultural resentment they could, maximizing racist, sexist and homophobic resentments among primarily white men. Republicans worked overtime to try to set urban and exurban populations against one another, disempowering and disenfranchising city dwellers through gerrymandering and voter suppression.

Trump added kerosene onto the flaming bonfire built by Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh and Roger Ailes. He won the GOP primary by accurately reflecting the existing dispositions of the Republican base. He embodies their ethos heart and soul, and they reward him with intense loyalty even as the economy begins to collapse and 180,000 Americans die in a pandemic he has ignored.

Conservatives are now both more desperate and more cocksure than ever before. As more Americans started living in cities, as the racial complexion of the nation diversified, as young people locked out of housing, trapped in debt and forced into dead-end jobs realized the need for a radical rethinking of the social and economic contract, and as a larger percentage of white people went to college and by extension became increasingly inoculated from the very worst forms of bigotry, the hold of conservative elements over the country has weakened. The Right has lost the culture war. 

Political structures designed to empower the minority conservatives in America to rule over its liberal majority are maintaining an apartheid-style government. The electoral college has put a conservative in the White House twice in the last two decades despite losing the popular vote, and threatens to do so again. The Senate majority belongs to conservatives who nonetheless control mostly rural states with a minority of the U.S. population, and the presence of the filibuster makes real change all but impossible. Gerrymandering ensures that the House of Representatives and state legislatures are stacked in favor of Conservatives. Widespread voter suppression maximizes the disenfranchisement of urban progressives. Protected by these structures and with Donald Trump as president, conservatives feel that they are empowered to rule regardless.

The protests against police violence are reflective of this broader trend. Most police do not live in the cities they serve. They tend to be extremely culturally conservative and out of touch with the values of the taxpayers who fund them. 

Police violence against racial minorities has been a longstanding problem for decades, and one that has started to receive national attention through the diligent efforts of activists and through the presence of ubiquitous video technology to capture actions that in years past would have been sanitized in one-sided police reports. But it’s also the reality that rightwing radicalization police have come more than ever to see themselves as occupying warrior forces. And the citizens of those cities know it and feel it– as psychological torment, legal harassment, financial hardship from court costs, and as scars on their bodies.

But conservative white supremacist extremists are not content to allow that to play out. An empowered urban citizenry is a direct threat to their power, an acceleration of their loss of control. The “Boogaloo” movement wants to instigate a civil war along largely racial lines precisely to settle accounts before they suffer any further cultural or demographic declines.

A radicalized Trump-supporting teenager drove across state lines armed for a violent confrontation against protests, and murdered two people and injured a third. He did so after being welcomed by local police, given water, and ignored when he attempted to surrender. He is being celebrated in right-wing circles for doing so, and so-called “Christian” groups are funding his legal defense.

Yesterday, convoys of out-of-town trucks and SUVs bearing Trump flags stormed into Portland with the intent of creating confrontation. Theyrolled through groups of protesters in their vehicles, shooting projectiles and pepper spray into the crowds. 

White supremacists are invading American cities with the express intent of starting a civil war. President Trump sees them as “very fine people” who are on his side. He sees the violence as politically beneficial, a useful cudgel against Democratic nominee Joe Biden – even though the violence is happening while Trump himself is president, not Biden.

Trump’s election theme is that Americans won’t be safe in a Biden presidency. The opposite is true. Americans won’t be safe as long as a white supremacist president is leading a movement of bigots to incite a civil war, and attempting to ensure that the majority of Americans with cosmopolitan, egalitarian values remain politically disenfranchised and under the thumb of those who fear and despise them.

David Atkins is a writer, activist and research professional living in Santa Barbara. He is a contributor to the Washington Monthly’s Political Animal and president of The Pollux Group, a qualitative research firm.


 – Crooked Drumpf’s base are White supremists and kluxers and his Evangelical gang.

Crooked Drumpf’s base easily provide at least 300 Electoral College votes as we count now.

Add other hangers on:

 – wealthy and Corporate Bosses who made out like federal bandits with tax cuts and Coronavirus relief, 

 – soccer moms, 

 – suburbans, 

 – the elderly on Social Security, 

 – the ‘low educated voter’ / the low-income voter.

Crooked Drumpf’s gonna ‘win’ 2020, 2024, 2028 in a landslide each time.  Then Junior takes over for his two terms.  Then Ivanka.  Etc.

 – ‘Nothing makes me want to stay home on election day more than posts like this.’  

Why do you say so? 

Our Constitution effectively provides only the ‘either / or’ option.  Our Constitution includes no provisions for the Parliamentary system where a minority party can establish a coalition majority government with another plurality party.

Thus, your Constitutional choice in 2020 is prescribed as either Crooked  Drumpf or Biden.  Voting for any other candidate, voting for a ‘third party’ is irrelevant to our Constitutional two-party system.

Aren’t you glad that you’re gonna sit this one out, say ‘F*** Biden’, and wait til next time for a better candidate on the Left!

You refuse to vote – period.  Good.  Then you can accept whichever candidate the People elect without grumbling about it.  And when it’s Crooked Drumpf, that’s too bad!

Sounds like Amerika is doing quite well for you under Crooked Drumpf.

His NRA ‘good guys with a gun’ are killing all the ‘bad guys with a gun’.


Decency will not help you. “Keeping communication lines open” will not change fascist minds. Stop being nice, start hitting them where it hurts: in their wallet and their pride Boycot fascist owned or facist run businesses. Uninvite that uncle or neighbor or colleague. For a START. 


No matter.  


Additional Resources:



‘Donald Trump previewed his RNC acceptance address before the influential Council for National Policy. The membership list of this Christian Right cabal was a carefully guarded secret – until now.’




President Donald Trump’s appearance in Arlington, Virginia on August 21 before the Council for National Policy (CNP), a hyper-secretive Christian Right powerhouse that helps set the movement’s agenda, offered an hour-long preview of the stem-winding speech he would deliver several nights later on a balcony in front of the White House to the Republican National Convention.

Joined by his acting and still-unconfirmed Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, the longtime corporate lobbyist who guided federal troops against anti-racism protesters, the president proclaimed, “China very much wants Joe Biden to win.”

Trump’s recent event with the CNP was his second appearance before the group. The first encounter came during an October 2015 CNP forum, as candidate Trump was surging ahead of his Republican primary rivals and emerging as the Christian Right’s foul-mouthed Chosen One.

Several CNP members went on to serve in Trump’s White House, including Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon. But this appearance was different.

This time, in contrast to other Republican presidential hopefuls who had addressed the CNP, the White House videotaped Trump’s speech and proudly disseminated it online. Conspicuously missing from the footage, however, were any clear images of the audibly enthused crowd.

That is because the CNP’s membership is a carefully guarded secret; its meetings are private – off limits to the public and the press – and even the location of the gatherings is carefully protected.

Literature distributed to members at the entrance of meetings instructed attendees not to disclose the names of fellow members and forbade them from distributing the membership list to outsiders in order “to maintain the quality of membership communications.”

The Grayzone obtained the Council for National Policy’s October 2018 membership list and has published it in full at the end of this article. Pages 1-72 show the names and bios of members; 72-87 contain CNP literature, including official policies and guidelines, as well as details about future meetings.

The release of the CNP’s membership list represents the first time in the Trump era that the Christian Right powerhouse has been exposed, and the most recent disclosure since a copy of its 2014 member roll was published.

The CNP’s personnel comprise a blend of conservative movement leaders, industry moneymen, foreign policy hardliners, and culture war activists enforcing right-wing unity at the base of a Republican Party that has cohered around the doctrine of ultra-nationalist Trumpism.

As I documented in my 2009 book, Republican Gomorrah, the Council for National Policy was founded in 1981 with seed money from T. Cullen Davis, a Texas oil billionaire who found his way to Jesus and the Christian Right after a high-priced lawyer secured his acquittal on charges that he hired a hit man to kill his ex-wife and her family, then attempted the job himself, murdering his step-daughter and his ex-wife’s boyfriend while paralyzing an innocent bystander and wounding his ex-wife in the process, according to prosecutors.

When the CNP was first established, one of its founding fathers, the Louisiana ultra-conservative politician Woody Jenkins, vowed to a Newsweek reporter, “One day before the end of this century, the Council will be so influential that no president, regardless of party or philosophy, will be able to ignore us or our concerns or shut us out of the highest levels of government.”

Under the watch of his protege, Tony Perkins, who also directs the Christian Right policy factory known as the Family Research Council, Jenkins’ pledge was fulfilled. The CNP secured promises from both George W. Bush and Trump to appoint exclusively anti-abortion judges to high courts, and recently helped Trump allies coordinate their response to the Covid-19 pandemic while astroturfing a series of anti-lockdown protests.

The secrecy maintained by the Council for National Policy throughout its decades-long history has been strictly enforced by Perkins, who demanded my ejection from an October 4-6, 2018 conference after learning I was in attendance. I had secured an invitation to the gathering from an anti-war member who no longer belongs to the Council, enabling me to report on a speech that former US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley gave to the group, in a feature for Harper’s Magazine.

Perkins recognized me because I had published an article in 2005 reporting his signing of a check for $82,500 to David Duke — the former Ku Klux Klan leader and failed Republican gubernatorial candidate — to purchase Duke’s mailing list on behalf of the senate campaign of his mentor, Woody Jenkins. I had also noted Perkins’ 2001 speech before the Council of Conservative Citizens, a white nationalist and neo-Confederate organization that racist mass murderer Dylan Roof partially credited with his radicalization.

Infuriated by my presence in the inner sanctum of Christian Right networking, Perkins and his lieutenants ordered me to immediately exit the Charlotte, North Carolina hotel where the conference took place.

On my way out, I passed by Herman Cain, the former Godfather Pizza CEO and Republican presidential candidate, holding court in the hotel lobby. Cain died this July 30 after contracting Covid-19 at a Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Within hours, I was on a flight out of Charlotte with a thick CNP members’ list and a pile of official Council literature in hand – materials that were forbidden for outsiders to view and off-limits to the public until now.

Council for National Policy… by Max Blumenthal

Max Blumenthal is an award-winning journalist and the author of several books, including best-selling Republican Gomorrah, Goliath, The Fifty One Day War, and The Management of Savagery. He has produced print articles for an array of publications, many video reports, and several documentaries, including Killing Gaza. Blumenthal founded The Grayzone in 2015 to shine a journalistic light on America’s state of perpetual war and its dangerous domestic repercussions.













Council for National Policy Members list:




‘The foundation of Donald Trump’s presidency is the negation of Barack Obama’s legacy.’

The First White President

Story by Ta-Nehisi Coates



IT IS INSUFFICIENT TO STATE the obvious of Donald Trump: that he is a white man who would not be president were it not for this fact. With one immediate exception, Trump’s predecessors made their way to high office through the passive power of whiteness—that bloody heirloom which cannot ensure mastery of all events but can conjure a tailwind for most of them. Land theft and human plunder cleared the grounds for Trump’s forefathers and barred others from it. Once upon the field, these men became soldiers, statesmen, and scholars; held court in Paris; presided at Princeton; advanced into the Wilderness and then into the White House. Their individual triumphs made this exclusive party seem above America’s founding sins, and it was forgotten that the former was in fact bound to the latter, that all their victories had transpired on cleared grounds. No such elegant detachment can be attributed to Donald Trump—a president who, more than any other, has made the awful inheritance explicit.

His political career began in advocacy of birtherism, that modern recasting of the old American precept that black people are not fit to be citizens of the country they built. But long before birtherism, Trump had made his worldview clear. He fought to keep blacks out of his buildings, according to the U.S. government; called for the death penalty for the eventually exonerated Central Park Five; and railed against “lazy” black employees. “Black guys counting my money! I hate it,” Trump was once quoted as saying. “The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.” After his cabal of conspiracy theorists forced Barack Obama to present his birth certificate, Trump demanded the president’s college grades (offering $5 million in exchange for them), insisting that Obama was not intelligent enough to have gone to an Ivy League school, and that his acclaimed memoir, Dreams From My Father, had been ghostwritten by a white man, Bill Ayers.

It is often said that Trump has no real ideology, which is not true—his ideology is white supremacy, in all its truculent and sanctimonious power. Trump inaugurated his campaign by casting himself as the defender of white maidenhood against Mexican “rapists,” only to be later alleged by multiple accusers, and by his own proud words, to be a sexual violator himself. White supremacy has always had a perverse sexual tint. Trump’s rise was shepherded by Steve Bannon, a man who mocks his white male critics as “cucks.” The word, derived from cuckold, is specifically meant to debase by fear and fantasy—the target is so weak that he would submit to the humiliation of having his white wife lie with black men. That the slur cuck casts white men as victims aligns with the dicta of whiteness, which seek to alchemize one’s profligate sins into virtue. So it was with Virginia slaveholders claiming that Britain sought to make slaves of them. So it was with marauding Klansmen organized against alleged rapes and other outrages. So it was with a candidate who called for a foreign power to hack his opponent’s email and who now, as president, is claiming to be the victim of “the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history.”

In Trump, white supremacists see one of their own. Only grudgingly did Trump denounce the Ku Klux Klan and David Duke, one of its former grand wizards—and after the clashes between white supremacists and counterprotesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August, Duke in turn praised Trump’s contentious claim that “both sides” were responsible for the violence.

Trump’s political career began in advocacy of birtherism. But long before that, he had made his worldview clear.

To Trump, whiteness is neither notional nor symbolic but is the very core of his power. In this, Trump is not singular. But whereas his forebears carried whiteness like an ancestral talisman, Trump cracked the glowing amulet open, releasing its eldritch energies. The repercussions are striking: Trump is the first president to have served in no public capacity before ascending to his perch. But more telling, Trump is also the first president to have publicly affirmed that his daughter is a “piece of ass.” The mind seizes trying to imagine a black man extolling the virtues of sexual assault on tape (“When you’re a star, they let you do it”), fending off multiple accusations of such assaults, immersed in multiple lawsuits for allegedly fraudulent business dealings, exhorting his followers to violence, and then strolling into the White House. But that is the point of white supremacy—to ensure that that which all others achieve with maximal effort, white people (particularly white men) achieve with minimal qualification. Barack Obama delivered to black people the hoary message that if they work twice as hard as white people, anything is possible. But Trump’s counter is persuasive: Work half as hard as black people, and even more is possible.

For Trump, it almost seems that the fact of Obama, the fact of a black president, insulted him personally. The insult intensified when Obama and Seth Meyers publicly humiliated him at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2011. But the bloody heirloom ensures the last laugh. Replacing Obama is not enough—Trump has made the negation of Obama’s legacy the foundation of his own. And this too is whiteness. “Race is an idea, not a fact,” the historian Nell Irvin Painter has written, and essential to the construct of a “white race” is the idea of not being a nigger. Before Barack Obama, niggers could be manufactured out of Sister Souljahs, Willie Hortons, and Dusky Sallys. But Donald Trump arrived in the wake of something more potent—an entire nigger presidency with nigger health care, nigger climate accords, and nigger justice reform, all of which could be targeted for destruction or redemption, thus reifying the idea of being white. Trump truly is something new—the first president whose entire political existence hinges on the fact of a black president. And so it will not suffice to say that Trump is a white man like all the others who rose to become president. He must be called by his rightful honorific—America’s first white president.



‘Comedian Uses “Conservative Logic” To Defend Dictators, Serial Killers, And Movie Villains’

by  Rachel KileyRachel Kiley

a day ago

Many conservatives are quick to twist anything around to fit their logic. It often sounds ridiculous to the rest of us, but if you jump through enough hoops, you can make anything sound convincing to people who are already primed to believe everything you say.

Comedian Greg Larsen decided to put this theory to the test, asking people on Twitter to “name someone who is universally agreed to be evil (genocidal dictator, serial killer etc)” so he could “defend them and their actions using conservative logic.”

Name someone who is universally agreed to be evil (genocidal dictator, serial killer etc) and I’ll defend them and their actions using conservative logic.

— Greg Larsen (@gregmlarsen) August 31, 2020

The results are simultaneously amazing, hilarious, and deeply horrifying. Not only does Larsen do a pitch-perfect impression of far-right commentators in today’s political climate, but he chillingly demonstrates how easy it is for them to focus on the parts they know will cause outrage among their base while leaving out all the parts that matter — aka how and why someone is truly terrible.

So the guy is arrested and imprisoned for his entire life just because he has different opinions? Show me the footage of him killing anyone! He didn’t. Just because you disagree with him doesn’t make him a monster.

— Greg Larsen (@gregmlarsen) August 31, 2020

Show me literally one photo, one piece of footage, literally anything of Kim Jong Un killing anyone, or doing anything bad to anyone. I’ll wait.

— Greg Larsen (@gregmlarsen) August 31, 2020

Great now the left is trying to besmirch a man who literally worked at CHILDREN’S HOSPITALS helping to cheer up sick kids by being a clown! Is there any low that the left won’t sink to, attacking a children’s entertainer? It’s just sad.

— Greg Larsen (@gregmlarsen) August 31, 2020

When a leftist opposes law and order you have to wonder their motivations. Seems to me the Empire brought peace to the galaxy and it was radical leftist terrorists that were destroying that peace. Why? Because they were sad that the government wasn’t giving them handouts?

— Greg Larsen (@gregmlarsen) August 31, 2020

Even President Trump spouted off what’s become the party line, defending himself from protestors…who were trying to stop him from shooting more people after the first man to die was shot multiple times.

Their defense an accused murderer falls right in line with Larsen’s mockery of their “conservative logic.” And maybe dissecting it and applying it to people who are, as he said, “universally agreed to be evil” will help the rest of us better understand how to push back against their false narratives, and maybe even convince some of their followers that this type of logic just doesn’t cut it when everything is broken down.


An injured protest medic was forced to wait for his own medical treatment after Portland police attacked and beat him as he rendered medical care to BLM protestors.


“The officer looked at me and he said, ‘that’ll teach you’.”


What a real truth-in-advertising Drumpf campaign ad should be:



Amerika on the Right are hard-core Republi-cons and Fascists.  They breed on strict compliance to their authoritarian rule:

 – ‘Why should Republicans take the blame?  What we have now is the tyranny of the majority.’ Jeff Munger, R (KUAT TV ‘Arizona Illustrated’ candidate ‘debate’, 6 Jul 09)

America on the Left are into Freedom and Democracy.  The Left strenuously oppose tyranny at all levels.

The problem with the Right is that they use armed force in every activity, non-compliance to their authoritarianism is never an option.

Whereas, the Left has a general aversion to weapons, force, and violence; the Left will go only so far before they shrink from armed confrontation against tyranny from the Right.  As such, America’s Left is too wimpy.

America’s Left will never lead an American ‘Bastille Day’.  Not even now, as the worst comes each day with Drumpf.  We’ve already seen this reluctance.  1790s French revolted against their Monarch for far less than what Herr DrumpFuhrer has done to America.

 – Sharon


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