‘Government Not Of, Not By, Not For ‘We The People’’


‘Government Not Of, Not By, Not For ‘We The People’’
(17 Sep 2020):


(2019 06 09) Slimand Me (Thassos -February 1973) 50091091_2252905174984063_633501676090687488_n*

The following item came to my social media ‘public’ Feed today.  Something worth sharing amongst you who venture here to my humble web-site. 

Please read the woman’s post.

I shall share my own similar experiences afterwards.

 – Sharon 



Juleigh A. Mayfield 

(17 Sep 2020):

As many of you know Alabama wouldn’t update my Birth Certificate to the female gender unless I could Prove I had undergone Bottom surgery or SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery). Being born 47XXY I didn’t have too. 

Last October UCF Law Students under the eye of Dr. Irene Beatrice (Pons) set out to help me change that. They crafted a petition to the Florida Court asking for Florida to recognize my plea and therefore setting precedent for Alabama to honor the decision.

In January we pled our case before Florida’s Judicial 9th Circut and in April revealed the petition had been denied.  We then obtained a few Allies in the likes of Elizabeth Schwartz in Dade County who resubmitted my case in another jurisdiction. 

In a year of so many unknowns for the LGBTQIA community.  With COVID-19 and everything else chaotic I was unsure that this would find resolution. 

After Zoom Court this Morning 

 Judge Samantha Ruiz Cohen Judged in my Favor. Florida recognizes that I did not need SRS surgery to update my gender on my birth certificate as I was born Intersex. Therefore, Alabama must recognize it now too! This is the first law on the Florida and Alabama sides to cover Intersex individuals. 

Many Thanks go out to my tribe!!

And all who helped foster this change and precedent 🏳️‍🌈❤️👑

Cierra Putman WFTV Channel 9  Orlando Pride Jay KikerBill McDonaldChantel Reshae Jeremy Williams #ucf Elizabeth Schwartz , Irene Pons . Everyone


Congratulations for you, Juleigh, and everyone else who can now find legal relief.  Hopefully more than Alabama and Florida – that you made case law applicable nation-wide.

Sad that our very own Government forced this case through all its turns, worked tirelessly against its citizens, obligated them to endure discrimination, imposed an excessive burden on them to receive Public services freely available to others.

Proof again that the Government that is allegedly established to serve We The People imposes requirements that the common citizen can access our Government only with the support from a massive cadre of legal support.

I take Juleigh’s case personally.

I, too, faced this same issue (2007, 2015).  My results were far short of satisfactory because I had no support from teams of legal assistance.  I had no legal assistance come to my aid whatsoever.

I sought to obtain my re-newed Passport (2015).  The Passport agency required me to include either of these amongst my documents necessary to re-new my Passport:

 – 1.  my Original Birth Certificate with my Court Order name / sex change, or 

 – 2.  a revised Birth Certificate.

I changed my Social Security record in 1978.  I made my first change of legal ID in 1980; I obtained a new Court Order in 2007; this Court Order directs the vital records to make the appropriate changes.  That should take care of that portion of the Passport requirement.  My only other document will be my Birth Certificate – either my ‘original’ or a revised version.

Easy enough.

I contacted the New Jersey vital records agency merely seeking that certified copy of my Birth Certificate from my birth state.

That New Jersey vital records agent – I eventually spoke to a woman on the telephone who identified herself as the agency’s Director – refused my request on their basis that my original record is sealed and not available to me.  I objected, I sought options, to no avail.

The New Jersey vital records assured me that, as an alternative, she would issue an up-dated Birth Certificate as Sharon / Female.  As with Juleigh, the New Jersey vital records agent required me to submit a doctor’s statement from the surgeon who performed my sex change operation.

I replied to her that there was no surgery, at least none as she is defining it.  My physician diagnosed me Inter-sex and changed my medical record from ‘Male’ to ‘Female’.  I did have a surgery six months after my diagnosis, but not what would have currently been defined as SRS.  I reminded that agent that that diagnosis was 1982 – likely that no member of the medical team was still employed, likely that my medical record has been routinely destroyed after so many years of inactivity.  The Medical Records Department of my present health care provider submitted requests for my old medical records; indeed, those records were too old, were not available.

I’ve been Female full-time since 1985, this has hardly been a test performance.  I offered that my current medical team could write their own statements attesting to my being Inter-sex, that I am permanently committed to presenting Female, that I am irreversibly changed to Female.  

Again, that New Jersey vital records agent replied that she refused to help me.

Passport agency regulations clearly specify that the agency is obligated to correspond with the state agencies and seek the documents required on behalf of the Passport applicant.  I requested that help from the Passport agency.  The Passport agency refused to act in accordance with their own regulatory obligations.

(1956 08 12) Baptism CertificateI was left stuck because I had no outside support to argue my case against at least those two intransigent Government agencies.

All these hoops were relative inconveniences to me because, in the long run, I was able to collect alternate documents to my Birth Certificate – Baptism Certificate, Confirmation Certificate, school records – in short order.

But that’s not the point.  

What of the unknown number of other people who are applying for their Birth Certificate?  Or applying for their Passport?  Or seeking other Government service?  Is this an excessive burden imposed upon Inter-sex and Trans applicants?  What must they do, what must they endure, to obtain Government services easily accessible to other segments of society!

What was fortunate for me does not absolve Alabama, Florida, New Jersey, or any other state or jurisdiction who impose their undue burden against its citizens.

As we Liberals are prone to say:

 – What harm happened to me must never happen to anyone else.


A reader challenged me about what I wrote at my social media page.  She asserted that what I wrote was ‘not true’.  Maybe ‘not true’ for her.

If only she read what I wrote.

I wrote about what is true for me when I sought to renew my Passport in 2015:

– I initially changed my legal ID and driver’s licence to Sharon / Female in 1980.

– I changed my Social Security record in 1978; I obtained my second legal ID Court Order to satisfy an SSA demand for a completely new Court Order after they unilaterally and illicitly reverted my file in 2006 and refused to correct their errors.

– My Endocrinologist wrote her own medical statement that I submitted to the Passport agency.

– Neither SSA, nor the Passport agency, nor any other state or federal agency required a documentation of surgery other than New Jersey.

– The Passport agency accepted my alternate documents (Baptism Certificate, Confirmation Certificate, school records) as a substitute for the ‘original’ Birth Certificate or a revised Birth Certificate.

All this makes the point that there are numerous inconsistent laws and procedures that vary by each state that require we Inter-sex people as Juleigh and myself to endure, that we can all be subjected to willy nilly obligations at the whims of Government agencies as their method of taunting and intimidation against Our Community. It has been common medical practise for most Inter-sex infants to be surgically mutilated long before the age of consent; further demands from a Government authority for the Inter-sex adult to prove still another surgery is beyond insulting.



Let’s go to some choice Republi-con applicable quotes:

‘Americans hold a strong distrust for guh’mint!’ Rich Lowry, R (PBS ‘McLaughlin Group’ (3 Jul 09)

‘The welfare of the American people be damned. Public servants are serving themselves.’ Lou Dobbs (his ‘Lou Dobbs Show’, 9 Jul 09)

‘Guh’mint is a predator.’ Sen. Charles Grassley, R (PBS ‘Newshour’, 5 Aug 09)

‘Guh’mint is the problem.’ Rush Limbaugh, R (talk show, 10 Nov 09)

‘Republicans have been eliminating services from those who have no voice.’ Mary K. Reinhart, R-‘Arizona Guardian’ (KAET ‘Horizon’, 8 Jan 10)

‘Guh’mint is not about how many people we serve, but how few we serve.’ Arizona State Treasurer Dean Martin, R (Gubernatorial candidacy campaign statement, 13 Jan 10)

‘Relying on Guh’mint is un-Amer’can.’ Lou Dobbs, R (his radio show, 19 Apr 10)

‘We’re the party of ‘Hell No!’.’ T-party statement (26 Apr 10)


(2007 06 08) OPM Reassignment Letter



Dear Reader:

Thank you for visiting this post today.  I hope that this was positive information for you.

Please return for the next episode.

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