‘Election Day: 2020’


‘Election Day: 2020’
(3 Nov 2020)

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Dear Reader:

Welcome to an extensive review of journalists commentary and reports of current political issues that Americans (and the rest of the world) face in Election 2020.

I reserve the right to add my own commentary.

This will keep you busy today. There is plenty here to keep your mind active as you wait in line to vote today. Or read as we reflect upon the results that will unfold during the coming weeks.

Some of this is directed at each and every one of you:

– Republi-cons
– Drumpfians
– Deplorables
– Trumpflakes
– Trumpverstehers.

Of course, because you are the ones who are incapable of reading beyond the attention span of the slogan on your MAGA baseball cap.


That’s my message for today.

There’s much reading. As if you haven’t figured out this Election at this point.

I put all responsibility and consequences of your actions back on you. You are doing this. You who continue to insist to vote for Crooked Drumpf and Republi-cons are more than personae non gratae in my life. Not when you, your motivations, your seedy nature, your very essence, is my demise, my erasure from existence, the wholesale genocide of my Friends, my Community, Our Community.

– Sharon


‘You do wonder how, in the world’s greatest Democracy, we make it so damned difficult to vote! ‘

– CBS News (30 Oct 2020)

‘Don’t we want every vote to be counted?’

– PBS Newshour (30 Oct 2020)


‘So many of our Christians have what I call the goo-goo syndrome: good government. They want everybody to vote. I don’t want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of people, they never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not now.  As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.’ Paul Weyrich, R. Remarks to the Religious Roundtable (August 1980), quoted in The Hidden Election (1981) by Thomas Ferguson and Joel Rogers.



From CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 19 Oct 2020:

‘If I lose, I will have lost to the worst candidate in the history of politics.’

 – Crooked Drumpf

‘Biden criticised Drumpf for his handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Drumpf supporters chanted ‘Lock her up!’ in Michigan. Drumpf criticised Governor Whitmer; Whitmer pushed back that Drumpf inspires domestic terrorism. Biden warns his supporters that Drumpf can win this election. A Nevada pastor where Drumpf campaigned said, ‘The lord said to me god is going to give Drumpf a second win. Drumpf will be President again.’ Biden wants to win the Senate. Drumpf is again expecting unfair treatment at the coming debate. ‘

‘I spent a lot of time Sunday praying how the Prophecy is going to work. Between me and the lord and the Bible, I got the timeline what is going to happen for the next few years. I like to know what’s going to happen. It’s very very interesting! I got the Word. ‘

‘Coronavirus cases are on the rise, but don’t look for any lockdowns. US is reporting more than 50.000 new cases a day. A third surge is under way. ‘

‘Coronavirus took a heavy toll on the economy and Guh’mint spending. Federal deficit hit an all-time high of $3.1 trillion in Budget Year 2020. The deficit came as Guh’mint poured more money into stimulus measures to keep the economy afloat. Too much Guh’mint spending, too much Guh’mint debt could hurt the economy. ‘

‘Hurt the economy, destroy the economy. You just can’t live borrowing money. If you go deep and deep and deep into the banks, the banks will own you. The Dollar is the reserve currency. But people will stop taking the Dollar. People will say, ‘Enough!’. No one can bail us out.  We’re talking about $200 trillion – so many zeros. We won’t bail ourselves out, it will be default after default after default. Guh’mint is keeping things afloat. We should be grateful! ‘

‘Women’s marches were held in Washington, Chicago, and other cities protesting Coney and encouraging women to vote. ‘

‘God is calling women. Put their faith into action. Prayer and action can overturn Roe v Wade. ‘

– Pat Robertson, R-Drumpf (his CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 19 Oct 2020)


Even otherwise ‘respectable’ people deliberately spread lies suit their political agenda.

Pat Robertson, on his CBN ‘700 Club’ routinely push their fraudulent story about Hunter Biden and Ukraine. Real news long ago debunked it, but Drumpfians and Deplorables won’t take truth for an answer.

Robertson and sidekick Lindsey Graham blather that Crooked Drumpf is ‘The Second Coming’ and Pillow Guy Lindell prattles that Crooked Drumpf is ‘The Chosen One’.

Graham sold his soul.

Graham’s hypocrisy in his own words.


Election 202 predictions from Amerika’s Taliban:

‘Collins is going down in Maine. Gardner is going down in Colorado. James is gonna win Michigan. Tuberville will win in Alabama. ‘

‘Ohio is Drumpf’s path to victory. ‘

‘Republi-cons will hold the Senate and gain the House. ‘

‘There’s a path to victory for Drumpf. ‘

‘The spirit of the leader is in the hands of the lord, this country is in god’s hands. We’re here, settlers claimed this great land for the lord. This great land is YOUR country, lord. Lord take control of YOUR country. Lord take control, this is YOUR country. The power of god in Amerika, amen! ‘

‘The Law needs to be changed to take away privilege and power and influence that shouldn’t be exercised. Congress needs to do something about it. ‘

‘We are looking in prophecy. Turkey invading Israel. A coalition with Russia. The dictator of Turkey wants to be the caliphate to set up an Islamic State. ‘

‘Positive economic news. The Stock Market has fallen sharply amidst rising Coronavirus cases across the country. Dow closed 943 on Wednesday. ‘

‘People have their 401k’s. Right before the Election Drumpf doesn’t want the Market to go down. The last thing this economy needs is a lockdown. With the stimulus, it shouldn’t be held up for Drumpf. The stimulus will help Drumpf. We can’t play politics for the American people. They suffering. ‘

– Pat Robertson, R-Drumpf (his CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 28 Oct 2020)


‘The Senate, there’s not gonna be a change. Currently 53 Republi-cons to 47 Democrats. The Alabama race is certain for Tuberville. James will upset in Michigan. Voting will break for Drumpf and Republi-con Senators. ‘

‘Four years ago – people don’t tell the truth to pollsters. Especially Con-servative people. There’s a shift that Democratic voters show up for Drumpf on Election Day. ‘

‘Christians are at Washington for Jesus. There’s sincere repentance. Repentance and calling on the lord all over the country, he’s gonna hear an answer as he did in 1980. ‘

‘Republi-cons win enough seats take back the House – 225 Republi-cons to 203 Democrats. Results are going to be astounding! ‘

‘Drumpf will get elected with 323 Electoral votes. It’s not imaginable for a Biden victory. This Election is about the lord, the children, the two-tiered system of justice some people punished when others skate, the balance of scales are off, and the endemic corruption that’s been there for decades in Washington. ‘

– John Waage, R-Drumpf (CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 28 Oct 2020)


This is the warning.

I have been writing about this since the 1980s. Of course it’s just little ol’ me, what do I know.

How many people does it take to wake up a citizenry to Republi-con corruption? Dunno, you tell me.

My apologies. I do not have the identity of the originator of the following:



Republicans have complete control of all three branches of our federal US government, the U.S.presidency (Executive Branch), the U.S. Congress (Legislative Branch) and the U.S. Supreme Court (Judicial Branch), even though they are the minority of population and of the ‘People’s House’.

A combination of various factors in the last couple of decades have contributed to giving the extremist minority complete control of our government, such as, but not limited to:

– the Southern Strategy
– the Electoral College
– Gerrymandering
– Citizens United (money)
– Restrictive Voter ID laws
– Closure of DMV offices and Polling places in minority communities
– Elimination of ‘Pre-clearance Requirement’, in Section 5, of the Voting Rights Act
– New requirements to register to vote
– Limits on mail-in ballots
– Provisional and Absentee voting changes
– Voter roll purges
– Early voting cuts
– Third Party voters
– Voter apathy
– Russian interference; etc.

Until these factors are corrected or eliminated, we no longer have “a government of the people, by the people and for the people”, as declared by Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address. We no longer have any Checks and Balances in our government. The majority no longer rules, hence we no longer have a Democracy.

Get Out the Vote!!! Vote Blue…


Gee, also, to you among my Family and ‘Friends’ who whine that you don’t want to know about politics.

Politics is civics. It is the nature of living in a society rather than living as a solitary animal in the forest.



Kris Kachirisky
(21 Oct 2018)

When I hear people say things like, “I hate talking about politics,” or “I don’t want to see politics in my feed, I just want to see pics of my family and friends,” or “I don’t pay attention to politics,” my first thought is always “must be nice.”

If politics don’t affect you, you’re fortunate. If politicians don’t threaten to take away your ability to obtain medical care*, if politicians aren’t actively trying to deny your rights or the rights of the people you love (attached), if politics don’t impact whether or not your child is denied shelter during an active shooter drill*, you are fortunate. If you are someone who is unconcerned about other’s rights to dignity, safety, and care as long as you and your people are fine, well, that’s disappointing.

But I will keep posting about these things. I will keep talking about these things. I will keep reminding you that politics have real and dangerous consequences directly impacting the people you know directly and personally. I do my best to be respectful and gentle but frankly, I also have the right to be angry. Angry at willful ignorance, angry at selfish lack of concern for other people, angry at complicity and complacency in the active destruction of people who are so in need of protection.

For me, for my family, for my friends, and not just trans people or LGB people but for people of other faiths, ethnicities, belief systems, fuck — journalists even!! our home is becoming our hunting ground and we are prey. This is not a game, this is not idle chatter intended to annoy you. For many, this is the fight of their lives. These are genuinely dangerous times and if you don’t feel it, you are fortunate and privileged. And if you have the good graces of privilege on your side, it’s your duty to fight for the protection of others. Whether you call yourself a person of faith or just a decent human being, this life gives us one job–love each other. Stand by each other. We must do our jobs.

I’m here to bring that reality home to you. Votes have consequences. This isn’t in a newspaper, magazine, or the internet, this is real. This impacts the people you know.

I respect other opinions as long as they don’t mean the destruction of other people’s rights. We can disagree on the economy; we can’t disagree on basic human rights and dignity.

If you get tired of me posting, annoyed that I’m bringing up politics, take a beat to consider the ridiculousness of your life being unaffected while others are literally dying from being refused medical care because of who they are, denied shelter in a crisis, denied a place for basic human functions, denied the very right to exist.

This is not a game.



Ronda Scott-Marak
(26 Oct 2020):

This was posted on a FB site in Santa Cruz County:

“Long, sad story: On Saturday I stood on an overpass at Highway 17 where Trump supporters have been rallying each week. Two high schoolers had put up signs supporting causes of racial and social justice. They were all alone, so I joined them along with 2 other moms in the community. We didn’t engage or respond to the many jeers, taunts and threat. We stayed because the Trump supporters said they’d tear down the signs the moment we left. So we vowed to just stand there. Those 4 1/2 hours are among the saddest and most awful of my life.  I could write endlessly about all the happened but I hate to relive it. It’s taken 4 days to not feel myself shake with rage and despair. Here is what I wrote immediately afterward:

Well, it’s done. At one point it was just 3 moms silently standing while being insulted, having smoke blown in our faces, spit at, surrounded by men pushing flags in our faces, being stood over with a megaphone at our ear, a phone in our face recording us as they screamed at us and told us we’d be targeted after they posted the videos to their networks. After a few hours, when they could not get a reaction from us, they ripped down the signs behind us and laughed. We picked up the signs we could, and continued to stand.

We were accused of being violent, of being pedophiles (this was a HUGE thing with them, repeated so many times it was almost comical), of being brainwashed, of brainwashing kids. To stand silently while being shouted at by an angry crowd was both sad and terrifying, but ultimately eye opening. They tried every tactic in the playbook to break us, shouting and trying to calmly reason, praying over us and calling us child-abusing whores, knocking over our stuff and calling us violent. We just stood. Without a reaction, we did not make for good video. We didn’t play the part they needed us to play.

Then 4 teenagers showed up with signs supporting Biden, gay rights, women’s rights. I’ve never witnessed a mob before and it was ugly. To see grown adults hurl insults (tramp and queer were big) at kids who had said nothing, who were doing exactly as they were – holding signs in support of a cause – was maybe the lowest thing I’ve ever seen. We 3 moms just stood in front of them, shielding them, 7 of us surrounded by such hate and anger. We did not engage, and after 15 minutes the crowd moved away, not getting the reaction they’d hoped for. They resumed their steady rotation of insulting, reasoning, threatening, praying and spitting.

I certainly know liberals can be just as hateful and intimidating when angry. But what I saw today was born of an ideology based on fear, hate, dominance and control, wrapped in the guise of patriotism and righteousness. If a BLM protest causes vandalism, it’s an outrage.  When they do it, it’s a cause for celebration. These are bullies encouraged by a President who makes it clear that any American not falling in line is an enemy. These self-styled “patriots” believed that enemies have no right to safety, free speech, or property. These rights are reserved for those on the “right” side.

The sheriff agreed. I called twice, once when being threatened and spit at, and again they were blocking traffic and stopping cars who didn’t support them. Both times the sheriff told me I should leave and there would be no problem. Then he drove by and gave them all a big
thumbs up. I got a tiny experience of what people of color and LBGTQ experience when they seek help. Your safety is your problem. We’re here to protect the right kind of people.

That’s what privilege is. To expect that if you’re being threatened, the law will protect you. As a white woman, that’s always been true. As a protester on the wrong side – not at all. If I step away from the bridge, I get my privilege back. But I stood there for all those who don’t have that luxury. They can’t walk away from their skin color, their identity.

Not everyone up there was awful. A few said they didn’t like our signs being destroyed (though 30 minutes later two of those “good” guys were gleefully tearing down and stomping on our signs). One guy spoke up when the teen girls were being called tramps. Many never approached us at all. But their presence was not harmless. Along with the conspiracy crackpots and out-of-town extremists, there were neighbors – people I know – who stood by and listened to the vile accusations and hateful threats, and just smiled and kept waving their flags.  They tolerated what was happening to us because it served their cause. Because we deserved it. It was heartbreaking. It was an embarrassment to the community and the country I love so much. It was a future I hope never to see realized, and I worry it’s already here.”



The wholesale moral failure white Evangelicals have been guilty of over the past four years, has been precipitous and grievous and alarming—but you haven’t seen anything yet. It will get exponentially worse if 2020 falls in their favor.‬




Christian pastor John Pavlovitz:
(17 Oct 2020):

“Dear White Evangelicals,

I need to tell you something: People have had it with you.

They’re done.

They want nothing to do with you any longer, and here’s why:

They see your hypocrisy, your inconsistency, your incredibly selective mercy, and your thinly veiled supremacy.

For eight years they watched you relentlessly demonize a black President; a man faithfully married for 26 years; a doting father and husband without a hint of moral scandal or the slightest whiff of infidelity.

They watched you deny his personal faith convictions, argue his birthplace, and assail his character—all without cause or evidence. They saw you brandish Scriptures to malign him and use the laziest of racial stereotypes in criticizing him.

And through it all, White Evangelicals—you never once suggested that God placed him where he was, you never publicly offered prayers for him and his family, you never welcomed him to your Christian Universities, you never gave him the benefit of the doubt in any instance, you never spoke of offering him forgiveness or mercy, your evangelists never publicly thanked God for his leadership, your pastors never took to the pulpit to offer solidarity with him, you never made any effort to affirm his humanity or show the love of Jesus to him in any quantifiable measure.

You violently opposed him at every single turn—without offering a single ounce of the grace you claim as the heart of your faith tradition. You jettisoned Jesus as you dispensed damnation on him.

And yet you give carte blanche to a white Republican man so riddled with depravity, so littered with extramarital affairs, so unapologetically vile, with such a vast resume of moral filth—that the mind boggles.

And the change in you is unmistakable. It has been an astonishing conversion to behold: a being born again.

With him, you suddenly find religion.

With him, you’re now willing to offer full absolution.

With him, all is forgiven without repentance or admission.

With him you’re suddenly able to see some invisible, deeply buried heart.

With him, sin has become unimportant, compassion no longer a requirement.

With him, you see only Providence.

And White Evangelicals, all those people who have had it with you—they see it all clearly.

They recognize the toxic source of your inconsistency.

They see that pigmentation and party are your sole deities.

They see that you aren’t interested in perpetuating the love of God or emulating the heart of Jesus.

They see that you aren’t burdened to love the least, or to be agents of compassion, or to care for your Muslim, gay, African, female, or poor neighbors as yourself.

They see that all you’re really interested in doing, is making a God in your own ivory image and demanding that the world bow down to it.

They recognize this all about white, Republican Jesus—not dark-skinned Jesus of Nazareth.

And I know you don’t realize it, but you’re digging your own grave in these days; the grave of your very faith tradition.

Your willingness to align yourself with cruelty is a costly marriage. Yes, you’ve gained a Supreme Court seat, a few months with the Presidency as a mouthpiece, and the cheap high of temporary power—but you’ve lost a whole lot more.

You’ve lost an audience with millions of wise, decent, good-hearted, faithful people with eyes to see this ugliness.

You’ve lost any moral high ground or spiritual authority with a generation.

You’ve lost any semblance of Christlikeness.

You’ve lost the plot.

And most of all you’ve lost your soul.

I know it’s likely you’ll dismiss these words. The fact that you’ve even made your bed with such malevolence, shows how far gone you are and how insulated you are from the reality in front of you. But I had to at least try to reach you. It’s what Jesus would do.”

John Pavlovitz



Matthew Cook
(27 Oct 2020):

I’m going to predict a future that is very likely.

Joe Biden will win next Tuesday.

Democrats will hold the house and gain control of the senate.

Republicans will return to bitching about deficit spending blocking anything that actually would help the “American People” as they like to call them.

Democrats with the levers of power back won’t hammer republicans for the crimes they have committed pissing off their base. They will get a few things done but not enough in the two years they hold the majority.

In 2022 the republicans win back the house and make gains in the senate on a more “nationalist” platform than they had under trump. This happens because those who came out in 2020 are now disillusioned or just aren’t that concerned since they already “won.”

In 2024 with a Black woman at the top of the ticket verses a republican who has the same policies as trump but isn’t a complete blithering dolt. Republicans take back the White House and the senate.

In 2025 all of the nightmare scenarios start to play out as we always feared. If you need to know what happens next read a book or two on the rise of Hitler and NAZI Germany.

This can be stopped but it is the exact pattern that happened in 2008, 1992, and 1976.

I hope this time is different, I really do but history teaches me different.



Kathleen Sullivan Cockrel is with Smith Jones.
October 28, 2018 at 10:40 AM

I don’t trust you anymore.

We have been friends for years, and in some cases, decades.

We are family.

In the last 2 years I have watched you embrace and vocally support a liar, a thief, and an adulterer. You tout the economy, the tax breaks, the low unemployment rates as proof of how great he is. You remain silent about the $1 trillion dollar increase in debt and the tariff repercussions.

You never mention the threats to the media, the support he gives to nazis, the families torn apart and the children separated from the parents at our southern border. You remain silent while he fawns over Putin, the Saudis, and North Korea. His reaction to the synagogue killings was to place the blame on the victims, because there wasn’t an armed guard at the temple. He thought about canceling his campaign rally last night, not because of the synagogue shooting, but because he was having a bad hair day after answering questions about the shooting in the rain.

And you remain silent.

I can only assume that your silence is an indication of your support for this buffoon and his actions. That you are ok with his calls for violence against his critics and detractors. That you think that pipe bombs and synagogue shootings are just the price to be paid for “Making America Great Again”.

I look at you and think of Germany in the 1930’s. All those people who remained silent, and therefore complicit, while their neighbors and friends were drug off to concentration camps or outright murdered. And when they were defeated and forced to face the consequences of their complicity, they had the fucking nerve to say “we didn’t know”.

You don’t have that excuse. You do know. But you don’t care.

You call yourselves christians while supporting and following a man who has never done anything remotely christian in his entire life.  Not.One.Thing.

Go sit in your pew, sing some songs, listen to your preacher, drop a little money in the plate, and swell with pride while congratulating yourself on knowing that you’ve got yours, and fuck everybody else.

And I think that if push came to shove, you would condemn your friends and family to those in power. You’ve already shown that you are willing to sacrifice others for the sake of your own comfort.

I don’t trust you anymore.

And never will again.

Credit: Smith Jones



Penzeys Spices
(31 Oct 2019)

Impeach this President for Good. +3 Big Lies!

—Too many still believe the voices saying the president is an honest man and that resisting impeachment is the moral thing to do. Like the president, these voices are not telling the truth. This is not your father’s Republican Party (unless dad was a post ‘74 Nixon fan:). It’s time for everyone to open their eyes to the corruption and cruelty that have overcome the Republican Party. It’s time everybody just said no.

My email address at the end of these posts and at the end of our Voice Of Cooking newsletters, that you should seriously sign up for, leads to me getting a whole lotta letters. I know there are still many part-time republicans, independents and non-voters who aren’t paying total attention and just assume there must be good, honest people on both sides of the impeachment debate. There aren’t. All that are left defending the president on the Sunday shows are those Moscow Mitches and Russian Rons who are so deep into how Russia managed to manipulate the 2016 election that their future hangs on this president maintaining his grip on our nation’s justice system.

Why not take a break here and sign up for our Voice Of Cooking email list? It’s not like the other email lists; this one is your friend: http://spices.penzeys.com/voice.html Thanks!

To recap here’s a good actual three emails between a customer and myself.

Customer: Why Russia?

Me: (I can write short things, too) Obama froze Putin’s money after they invaded Ukraine. Putin feared Hillary would continue that so he worked to craft your reasons for believing Trump should be president.

Customer: Oh my, I didn’t know that. Thank you.

I think it’s so important to remember when thinking about those still supporting the president that most are actually well-meaning, rational people. The problem really is Fox and the rest of the right wing media and the propaganda they push. So often, when we think about propaganda we see it as only lies they are creating, but propaganda is equal parts truth being hidden.

I’m a Cook, and a big thing about Cooks is that there is an optimistic hopefulness to them that has them continuing on where others give up. And maybe I’m too optimistic, but I really do believe once the impeachment process is televised that there will be millions who come to see, just like they did in the time of Nixon, this is not the man I thought I was voting for. Nixon won in a landslide in 1972, yet polls in 1974 after his resignation showed most claiming they did not vote for him. This was not people lying, this was people telling their truth. He was not who they thought they were voting for, and therefore, in their minds they simply did not vote for him.

One way to get to the truth is to move past the lies. From the emails I receive, as promised, here are the big 3 lies voters believe that still have them supporting the Republican Party.

#1 The Democrats are all Socialists/Communists that want to turn America into Venezuela. This is an old trick. The Republicans can’t run for elections on who they are, and they can’t run against who the Democrats actually are. So instead they create a pretend version of the
Democrats and try to run against that imaginary opponent. It fits in with the lie that the Democrats have a weak pool of candidates. Reality is, for anyone anywhere near the nomination, the Democrats are running the League of Extraordinary Candidates.

Yes, there are both a lot of goodness and a lot of savings for workers and businesses alike in reforming America’s health care system. But the greatest impact whichever League member gets the nomination will have on our economy is in creating far greater and far more equal access to opportunity. The only chance America has to stay competitive through this century with far more populated countries is to do our best to make sure every American, regardless of the circumstances of their birth, has equal access to compete for the American dream.  Each member of this League of Extraordinary Candidates is all about that.

#2 Republicans are pro-babies and anti-abortion. This may actually be the biggest of the 3 lies. If you are against abortion you don’t stand in the way of sex education in our schools and work to block affordable accessible birth control. This would be like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers demanding an end to classes that teach bartenders how not to over-serve or MADD working to pass laws to prohibit taxis and Uber/Lyft from operating at bar time. 80% of abortions are the direct result of Republican opposition to sex-ed and affordable accessible birth control. That Republicans are against abortion is a lie, and as lies go, this is a pretty mean-spirited one.

And pro-baby? Forget about it. Every single step along the way from pregnancy to childhood to motherhood the Republican Party is doing nothing to make having and raising children less difficult. Seriously, you have never heard a Republican say we really had to fight the Democrats on this but finally we got this bill passed and it should really be great for moms. Forcing unwanted pregnancies isn’t being pro-baby, it just isn’t.

#3 The economy is booming! Nope. This is just the extra cash in your pocket you have in those first two months after you decide to stop making your house and car payments. The problem comes in that third month. There was not a tax cut because there was no spending cut.  Just the opposite really. The money from us not paying our bills has all gone into the stock market and created a bubble. When that bubble bursts, as all bubbles do, that money will be gone, but not the debt we owe on that money or the thirty years of compounding interest.  Are we really okay with our grandchildren having to pay for our temporary 401k windfall?

What about the JOBS!!! Yeah, about that. Do the math. For each of these jobs created off the extra pocket cash of not paying our bills, we’ve added an additional $500,000 in tax payer debt. $3 trillion debt divided by 6 million jobs equals a half-million dollars in debt per job.  This gets back to lie #1. Who are the real communists here? If AOC or Sanders proposed a new way to create minority jobs and it would only cost taxpayers $5,000 per job, the conservative outrage would be outrageous. This administration has put us $500,000 further in debt per job and it’s just conservative crickets. Good grief.

This is not Presidents Bush and Obama doing emergency stimulus deficit spending while our economy was in free-fall to save the auto industry and other major manufacturers. This is dangerously over stimulating our economy in already prosperous times for personal political gain.  Ask an economist. This will not end well.

The stock market is a bubble. Every bubble bursts. When it does, most of the new jobs and a lot of old ones will go with it. When it does, we will need an extraordinary president. Luckily there are many to choose from. Owning golden toilet bowls while declaring bankruptcy is quite the trick, but America can’t declare bankruptcy. We really do need someone better.

And #4. I know we only promised 3, but we are Penzeys, and where possible we try to over deliver. #4 Hillary wasn’t actually a crook. From emails I’ve already received I know many of those still supporting this president will be thinking: Oh yeah, if she wasn’t a crook why did Fox, Russia, the Republicans in both houses of Congress and this president all go to such great lengths to convince me she was a crook? I think in that thought you have summed up everything about how the Republican Party works today.

To repeat: Obama froze Putin’s money after they invaded Ukraine. Putin feared Hillary would continue that so he worked to craft your reasons for believing Trump should be president.

Last post I promised you the next post would be shorter and with recipes. This is clearly still long, but a good couple hundred words shorter. As for a recipe… This Tuesday will be a very important election in Kentucky and others states as well. Please take as many as you can with you when you go to vote. This Tuesday will also mark the one-year point to the most important election of our lifetime. With the 2020 election in mind, this weekend we will be kicking off our Choose Love campaign. You can read our Choose Love card here:

As a part of the kickoff offers, we will be featuring an assortment that, among other spices and seasonings, features our Frozen Pizza Seasoning. This one is about as easy as it gets. Sprinkle on frozen pizza before cooking or leftover restaurant pizza before re-heating to have surprisingly tasty pizza. But as simple as this blend is to use, its flavors are actually an amazing achievement that is the result of centuries of Italian Cooks doing their best to make everything just right for those they cook for. If you are ready for the next step after just
sprinkling on pizza, please give these a try:




And please spread the word that it’s past time for impeachment and to counter those lies still propping up this president and the corruption and cruelty that has overtaken his party. Your likes and shares mean so much in spreading this message. Everyone needs a reminder now and then that they are not the only ones who understand just how much is at stake. And even more than likes and shares, your comments give voice to the idea that the American people really are not okay with what this president is doing to our country and our standing in the world. We are better than this. We really are.

Thanks for your support,




Thank you Marie Bobo-Smith! Did this show on your ‘Memories’?

My apologies. I don’t have access to show the URLs; I will post them if I can get them.

These are a good message during this Election 2020 season.


Marie Bobo-Smith
(14 Oct 2020):

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I’d like you to understand a thing called Inherent Contempt of Congress, and I’m going to get your attention before I do it.

This last weekend, I witnessed a man die when he piloted his motorcycle into oncoming traffic. My guess is that he expected there to be a turn lane that he could just zip through and pass traffic; in fact, there was no turn lane, just cars coming at him at a combined speed of about 90 MPH.

There was this extremely brief moment when he swung out from behind a car and then suddenly realized his mistake. He pitched his motorcycle over in desperation, but nothing could spare him from what was about to happen. The last second of his life was spent regretting his situation and wishing it weren’t true.

I spent that same second avidly wishing what was about to happen, wouldn’t.

There’s this breathtaking and beautiful and frankly terrifying documentary called Free Solo. It follows a years-long project undertaken by Alex Honnold to climb El Capitan without the aid of ropes, harnesses, or other protective equipment. If that sounds dangerous, that’s because it is.

That same moment of wishing so much that what is about to happen just wouldn’t happen, that moment plays out in slow motion in Free Solo. Tommy Caldwell, an extremely experienced climber and a good friend to Alex, processes his alarm as he says, “People who know a little bit about climbing, they’re like, ‘Oh he’s totally safe.’ And then people who really know exactly what he’s doing are *freaked out.* “

This is how I feel about what is happening to our republic right now. If it feels like I made a dramatic narrative turn there, from watching a man die to worrying about politics, it’s because: people who know a little bit about government, they’re like, “Oh it’s totally safe.” And then people who really know exactly what’s happening are *freaked out.*

I do not wish to make your day harder than it already is. But it’s time for more of us to know exactly what’s happening.

So stick with me for a bit.


Right now, the news stories are full of Ukraine and China and whistleblowers. All of this misses this point: the Executive branch of government is flatly refusing to cooperate with the Legislative branch, and has instructed all members of the federal government to provide Congress with no information, documents, or testimony about crucially important things.

Congress has only one recourse: holding those who refuse to comply with an official proceeding in Contempt. There are two kinds of criminal Contempt: Statutory Contempt, and Inherent Contempt. Statutory Contempt is easier for Congress to invoke, but it means that a person found to be in Statutory Contempt is referred to a U.S. District Attorney for prosecution. But if the person in contempt is, in fact, part of the administration then the President or Attorney General can simply instruct the District Attorney to not prosecute.

In short: the President can actually declare that nobody in his administration may be prosecuted for Statutory Contempt of Congress. And in fact, the President has already indicated he will do this.

Which brings us to Inherent Contempt. This is more difficult — it requires a trial conducted by Congress and a majority vote of the legislative body to convict. Once convicted, a person may be taken into custody by the Sergeant At Arms and imprisoned.

Have you been wondering why Speaker Pelosi has been approaching impeachment with such caution? This is a large part of why. The sole enforcement mechanism available to Congress is to arrest and imprison senior members of the government.


And this is why people who really know exactly what’s happening are freaked out. This is why we are watching something unfold that is not just annoying politics.

What we are watching is the Congress moving to the point where it sends armed police to seize and imprison senior members of the government — the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the Chief of Staff. Those people have armed guards who work for the Executive branch. These are the days before something that feels like an actual civil war.

The stakes could not be higher. If Congress does not follow through, then they will effectively cede that the President has absolutely no checks on his power and authority whatsoever. The President has recently made serious threats to arrest people who criticize him, try them for treason, and execute them. He has sent the Justice Department to argue directly in court that the President and his family are absolutely immune from any investigation or prosecution, for any crime, committed at any time.

The fall of our republic is like watching the man hit an engine block at a combined speed of 90 MPH. It’s like watching the climber lose his grip and fall to his careening death. The fall of our republic doesn’t mean that it’s politically weird; it means that people are jailed and executed because of how they vote. You; your parents; your friends; your cousins; your coworkers.


It’s time for you to spend time talking to people close to you about what freedom means, why it’s important to you, and how it works. If you spend time talking about movies, or TV shows, or memes, or parties then you can spend time talking about this.

It is simply NOT IMPORTANT that you are entertained and soothed today. But it is important that you talk about what is happening to your country, even if that conversation is hard, awkward, or makes you feel anxious.

Put a time limit on it. Spend 20 minutes talking about it, not a minute more. Expect that you will feel helpless, and that if you want to be not helpless then you’re going to have to talk about this with people who are important to you. And lastly: be ready to end the conversation with a script like this: “I don’t know what to do. But I guess we talk about this tomorrow again, and we keep talking about it, until we figure out what to do.”

The point is not to find the solution. The point is that is that if you don’t make this be your self government, it won’t be any more. Now is the time. Talk.


Here’s a Share from Samantha Bartilson.


Samantha Bartilson
November 1, 2019 at 6:10 PM

Please share this widely.

Dear friends who haven’t bothered to learn what is and what isn’t entailed in care for trans youth. And friends who without asking, learning, facing this set of challenges as a parent or as yourself. Who not only think you’d never support a trans family member but take the time to tell me you wouldn’t.

Dear family who did and do anything but circle the wagons.

Dear friends who say cutesy things about your pronouns when clear, simple, on topic affirmation is so desperately needed.

Dear all of you who are not us.

Dear all of you who remain silent on the sidelines.

The buzzards are circling around trans kids.

– If you don’t think the end game of the rapid roll back of trans rights is removal of trans kids from the care of the people most intent on them surviving.

– If you think leaving homophobia behind in the 90s was enough.

– If you think this is my problem and not yours.

– If you think I could be handling it better and just a little hope something is done about people like me.

– If you think it’s okay that the only people who have anything to say about it are people who have trans kids.

– If you think it’s okay to not offer parents of trans kids and adult trans people your best version of support because you might get it wrong.

Dear everyone of you who doesn’t understand why trans people should be allowed to transition before they are 18 or 45 (or ever).

To anyone who considers themselves a friend of mine, but can’t explain what trans care might look like for a five year old, a twelve year old, a fifteen year old and an eighteen year old.

To anyone who believes seven year old trans children are being “medically castrated” — and doesn’t bother to learn otherwise.

To people I have known who just let this one slide while I live in daily terror for my child.

– If you are not speaking up now.

– If you think you’d speak up later, when things get “worse.”

– If you still think trans people are made. And should be fought until they either make it to adulthood or don’t.

– If you’re still living it up at some other party while we here inside this chamber contemplate our children’s deaths.

I hear your silence. I hear the stupid things you say. I hear your unwillingness to learn anything.

And I’m about out of energy.

Speak up.

Or admit my loved one’s life and mine mean nothing to you and go away.

I’ve been doing this too long without you.

Every loving parent of trans children in America.

Co-signed by,
Every trans person who wishes to live their #authentic lives.

~original words by an angel who is very dear to me.

Unless people who aren’t trans, or aren’t parents or loved ones of trans people start fighting back and defending us, this generation, and likely the next are doomed.



An Epilogue by Sharon.

Okay, this is my personal experience. I dare say this is not much different than many others who could have been an out Trans and Inter-sex child with the help of family and medical care.

Most people with your mindset who are absolutely opposed to all medical care for the Trans child are all for butchering the Inter-sex infant and child to force us to conform to your CisHet anatomical ideal.

Lemme tell you personally for those who don’t know, I knew as far back as my memory goes – at least to age 3 – that I am a girl. I told my family that I am girl, I told my neighbourhood friends and my school-mates that I am a girl. My family told me that I am a girl:

– ‘Oh, Nickie! What a cute little girl!’

You said it – Kathy, Jack, Gail, Carole. Remember? Of course you do!

But family forced me to live as a ‘boy’. That meant that I grew up as a Transsexual child; that was during the 1950s and the 1960s.

How I wanted to Transition during childhood, to live and grow up as the girl who I am. My family opposed my efforts, my pleas at childhood Transition. There was no medical community for Trans children six decades ago; there should have been Trans medical care for we un-counted Trans children.

I began my adult Transition promptly at age 18. I did it right under everyone’s nose with none of your help; so subtle, so effective. I never looked back. No essential regrets. None!

The Transition care for today’s Trans children is quite limited, nothing as you purport to be – such as castrating a child of age 7. Having the perspective of a Trans child, I can tell you that current medical opportunities for Trans children today would have been quite welcomed by me.

That Transition care would have disclosed my Inter-sex condition.

But my family opposed my Transition.

Look to your left, to your right, to the front, to the behind. The mathematical statistic is that about 40% of LGBT and Trans are loyal Republi-con, vote straight-ticket Republi-con, voted enthusiastically for Drumpf, support every anti-Trans anti-LGBT agenda, will gladly vote again for Drumpf and Republi-cons.

They Gaslight you.

They lie to you.

And they will stab you in the back.



George Godwyn
(21 Oct 2018):

Something happened on Facebook awhile ago that I’ve never written about and only shared with a few people. I kept it to myself, mostly, because I didn’t want to upset the people in question, but I guess it’s time. (And for probably the first time I am going to put a content warning on a post, because this post probably requires one. So, here’s a CW for violence against trans people.)

For a long time I wondered about the understanding of gender on the far right, the Trump right. The bathroom controversy, in particular I thought bizarre. I can understand the basic conservatism and fear of new ideas, but the bathroom conflict seemed odd to me. It was extremely important in the minds of Trump supporters, even though it can’t possibly be a common problem in most of the areas these people live. The position on the right seemed precisely the opposite of what it should be. Why do you want someone presenting as a woman in every respect using the damn men’s room, or vice versa? Isn’t that going to be more socially outrageous, in most situations? I didn’t get it. So I decided to ask the Trump supporters.

I posted a picture of Buck Angel, a transgender adult film actor, in a few of large, sometimes huge (nearly half a million), Trump groups. The picture showed a very buff, ripped Mr. Angel from the waist up, shirtless, with a shaved head and sporting a Fu Manchu mustache. He is an extremely masculine looking guy. With the picture I included the question “This person has a vagina. Which bathroom should they use?”

I thought at least some of these people will realize how silly it would be to want this man to use the ladies room. How socially awkward and alarming that would be, in so many situations. Putting aside how dangerous it would be for the man, simply on the basis of the the
immediate, practical effect on the other diners in the given Applebee’s or wherever it was happening.

The post got hundreds of comments, finally thousands. Immediately. The Trump supporters had a very clear answer and they were adamant about it. Almost no one answered with “the men’s room”. A few said things like “if they’ve got a vagina, they use a woman’s room, if they
have a penis, they use the men’s room.” But the majority of the of the commenters had an answer I hadn’t considered at all. These people had worked out a very simple solution to the problem of transgender people and the norms revolving public restrooms.

They wanted transgender people to die.

They were quite explicit about it, very blunt. “They should die.” That simple. That concise. “They should die.”

Let me be entirely clear about this – they knew what they were saying, they knew exactly what they wanted. They didn’t want a trans man in the men’s room and they didn’t want a trans man in the woman’s room. They wanted the trans man to be dead.

Of course some of them were more loquacious than that. They had reasons they should die, preferred methods, they expressed their feelings about the fantasized the deaths, but death or something similar was the most common answer. “Stop being”, essentially. A lot of other people answered “they should stay home”, maintaining the status quo without having to deal with the problem while still allowing transgender people to, you know, live, but mostly death or some sort of violence was the preferred option. Comment after comment, they should die, fuck them, stay-at-home, don’t use the bathroom, I’ll kill them if I catch them in the bathroom with my daughter, they should die, they should die, they should die.

Oh, and in case That’s not plain enough, it wasn’t just death they were threatening. They were threatening anything they could think of. Torture, castration, humiliation, at adults and children alike. Any brutal, vicious insult or threat imaginable. I’ve watched these groups for
years, dozens of them. Anyone who watches the news, who’s seen our president make a speech, knows how mean, how grotesque, how petty and ugly these people can be. The things they say about Mexicans, Muslims, about women, gay people, immigrant children. Even if you haven’t been in one of these groups, it’s not hard to imagine. Jesus, our president publicly mocked a disabled man. But I still wasn’t prepared for the comments in this thread. Just sheer, stark, gut level hatred, unencumbered by the slightest empathy. Loathing. Disgust. Raw hate.

As much time as I’ve spent in these groups, examining these people, I didn’t think anything could shock me. I was wrong. Maybe it shouldn’t have, but it did.  There is not one single issue that brings the evil out in Trump supporters the way trans-people do, there is no class of people more loathed. More than anything else, gender self-determination symbolizes precisely the social progress that animates the Trump right. They despise it and the people who embody it. Understand this. This issue is central to these people on the right, there is nothing they feel more deeply about. The Trump right does not want a solution to the social problem of trans people and restroom use. They simply do not want trans
people to exist. That is what they want. What they demand. Nonexistence.

Today the New York Times reported that the Trump administration is now in the process of redefining the administrative understanding of gender as simply a matter of biology and nothing more. Gender would be determined solely and entirely by birth assignment – as male or female, immutable and unchangeable, a fact. They are already rolling back numerous civil rights guarantees instantiated in the Obama years, policies that allowed a significant portion of our nation to live their lives with some basic dignity and safety. Essentially the Department of Health and Human Services intends to define transgender people out of  existence.

This is happening now. Right now.

Like I said at the beginning, I never really talked about that little test I did in the Trump groups with Buck Angel’s picture much before this. I know so many trans people and I know how difficult it can be for them, sometimes, just to live their lives, what a scary place the world can be. I felt like it was all too awful, I didn’t want to scare people even more. I guess it probably wouldn’t come as a shock to most of my trans friends, it’s a reality they live every day, but I just didn’t want to pile on. But it’s too late for all that now.

I haven’t heard people talking about the Health and Human Services attack on trans rights all that much, so far, and I’m a little surprised, because we should all be clear about something. The changes they are making don’t mean a little inconvenience for a few trans people.
They mean death. It’s that simple. It’s going to mean withdrawal, seclusion, humiliation, violence and death.

Think about the Trump supporters I described, think about the thousands of comments I just told you about. Now think about the reinforcement this sort of decision makes for their worst instincts, think about a trans man, presenting as a man, being forced to use the ladies room in some Podunk, red state, Trump voting shithole.

Now how do you suppose that goes down with the rest of the folks having dinner? And how do you suppose the teenage trans boy using the ladies room goes down with the parents of the teenage girls at the high school? And how does that make the teenage trans boy feel? Or the teenage trans girl having to share a bathroom with the testosterone jacked 17-year-old jocks at the high school? And what do you suppose happens to the trans girl forced to onto a man’s prison block?

Humiliation, violence, rape, suicide, and murder. Death. Trans rights are a matter of life and death, in a very real, very palpable way. The definitions change, and people die. The rules change, and people die. The laws change, and people die. Immediately.

This is happening because the people in the White House get it. They know their base, and they know exactly what their base wants. They got it 100% right this time. They are defining transgender people out of existence because they know their base wants transgender people to be gone. Disappeared. Non-existent.

Trans rights, opposition to gender self-determination, hatred for trans people, as I’ve already described, are at the heart of the Trump phenomena. There is nothing that evokes the hatred and fear and violence on the right the way the simple existence of trans people does. It
is stomach turning to see, horrible in its blind ferocity, and I don’t know how the fuck my trans friends have the strength and poise to live every day in the face of that horror, that hatred, but they do. I suppose they have to, and that’s where the fight is now.

I don’t care who you are, I don’t care where you are in the political spectrum, I don’t care how fucking liberal or leftist you are, I don’t care how feminist you are, if you don’t support trans-rights, you are not on my fucking side. I don’t give a fuck about your bio–essentialist arguments, I don’t give a fuck about your history with men, I don’t care about your pissing eight year old or your bigot grandmother. Frankly, I don’t give a fuck about your traumatic sexual assault if it means you’re going to take it out on some fucking teenage girl who doesn’t want to have to use a bathroom with a bunch of frat boys and have the same fucking thing happen to her. Fuck you.

If you want to know where the battle lines are drawn most clearly and unmistakably, between decency and the dark, right now, in the United States, in 2018, it’s here. Trans rights are the battlefield and trans people, like it or not, are in the vanguard of that battle. They are the front-line in a fight they never asked for, every fucking day, every hour, every time they leave the fucking house.

There is no fight more important as this, now, today. There are no people so vulnerable, so marginalized and there should be no fucking doubt among anyone on the left, any liberal, any libertarian, about this.

The fight is here now, it’s happening. An entire marginalized community, federally defined out of existence and set up to be victimized by a segment of the population too fucking backwards and just plain, willfully dumb to bother to try and understand what the hell is going on in the world, or empathize with another fucking human being.

If we don’t stop this, people are going to die, killed for something they can’t change, for who they are in the deepest part of themselves. Not somewhere down the road, not in five years, but now. They’re going to start dying now.

We can’t let that happen. Those of us who still live in the modern world still own this culture and we need to do what we can to make sure it doesn’t. We cannot go back to the 1950s, we cannot watch more people die for their gender. We cannot let that happen. We can’t lose this battle.

This isn’t temporary, this isn’t going to go away tomorrow, the last two years is only the beginning. Gender self-determination will be the civil rights battle of the 21st century. If we have to fight this for the rest of our lives, we cannot allow these fuckers, this raw hate, to win.

So be shocked for a second, cry about it for a minute, and while you’re at it, maybe today is a good day to hug your trans friends, tell them you got their back. Because we do, a lot of us. America isn’t just Trump supporters. Remember that. For what it’s worth, some of us got your back.

Then get over it and get ready, because this is a fight and you’re in it. We all are, all of us, left, liberal, libertarian, right, if you’re a decent human being and you care about basic human rights, you’re in it up to your ass and the water is rising fast.

Hatred is a powerful emotion and it is temporarily ascendant, but hate can’t beat the future, and that future is an America, a world, where every single trans person lives their life safely and with the same dignity any other human being enjoys, because ultimately, as badly as they want to, they just can’t turn back the clock. Not when so many of us stand in their way, not with so many lives on the line. They just can’t.

And that really is immutable, unchangeable. That really is a fact.



My epilogue:

Of course Crooked Drumpf, Republi-cons, Christian Con-servatives, Amerikan Evangelical Taliban want us dead.

They are NAZIs who adore Hitler and all things NAZI.

They are following Hitler’s Three Stages to Genocide:

– you have no rights
– you have no rights to live among us
– you have no rights to live.

Murder proves that Crooked Drumpf is at Stage Three.

Not bad for doing less in two years work when Hitler needed a decade.

– Sharon



George Godwyn
(15 Oct 2018):

A serial perjurer and almost certain sexual assailant now sits on the bench of the Supreme Court of the United States of America and for the last two weeks my feed has been filled with liberals, Democrats, people on the left, bitching at each other about what’s necessary – whether we all need to vote harder or whether “getting angry” is the answer.

Sweethearts, the country has concentration camps for children, all three branches of government are under the firm control of a goddamn white nationalist party, and Donald fucking Trump is the fucking President. Anyone who ain’t angry already isn’t going to get there because your Facebook post is telling them to, and it’s not going to get them to vote, either.

In order to start winning, in order to stop the oncoming wave of authoritarianism, you are going to need to attract some new voters, and that’s pretty difficult because the Democratic party fucking sucks. It just fucking sucks.

You have managed to take what should be a party of liberal values and turn it into a bunch of hectoring neighborhood snitches. What should be a party of modern, forward thinking, cosmopolitans is instead a party of economically ignorant luddites bitching about self checkouts.

And, some fucking how, you have managed to make opposition to drug prohibition and support for sexual and gender self-determination seem drab and tendentious and exclusionary and assaultive. How the fuck you manage to make sex and getting high seem like a fucking drag is beyond me, but goddamn if you haven’t. In 2016, the party of dope and fucking managed to shed 18 to 29 year old voters to the party of Donald Trump and Mike fucking Pence. Think about that. Look at a picture of Mike Pence, imagine him calling his wife/helpmeet “mother” and let that soak in good. The pro-gay sex and drug party is losing fucking teenagers against that.

Donald Trump is the leader of a new Republican party, a comprehensively anti-free market party of openly racist and vulgar authoritarian trolls, and the Democrats are still fighting the ghosts of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher and fucking dufuses like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney and then doing a fucking spit take every time Donald Trump goes off script, a script he wasn’t reading from in the first damn place. The Democratic Party is fighting last year’s battle against tomorrow’s opponent

Wait, did I say last year? Add a century or two and you’d probably be closer to the mark. You’ve become a party of gross centrist warmongers like Hillary and sad old class war nuts like Bernie Sanders, trying to peddle 19th-century economics in a 21st-century political landscape.
Because yeah, in 2018 we all fucking think too many brands of antiperspirant is the kind of problem that needs dealing with. People hate choice and convenience nowadays. You’re dead on, gramps.

I’m a fucking anarchist, so I probably come at this from a different perspective than a lot of my Democrat friends, but I am firmly on the left and I am for practical purposes at least half a Democrat, at this point. I also talk to a lot of people who are not Democrats, but who want
to be, people who don’t vote, but probably would if they were given a reason.

If the Democratic Party didn’t suck so hard.

So here’s my two fucking cents. Maybe it’s time to stop shaming people every time they make use of some new technology that make their lives better, because there are going to be more new technologies and you are not going to win that battle. Dude, I don’t care how much Jeff Bezos is worth, he’s delivering everything to my door within a day or two of me wanting it. Tax him or don’t, stop making everyone feel shitty about their Amazon prime and their Facebook and their iPad.

And maybe it’s time to stop fucking turning a blind eye to your candidates when they happily, laughingly, continue the war you were all so fucking enraged about when someone else was doing it. Jesus Christ, can you find an actual goddamn antiwar Democrat rattling around at the bottom of a drawer somewhere? At least someone without the naked bloodlust of Hillary?

Maybe it’s time to stop allowing the loudest, most lunatic-sounding assholes to define both the parameters of the discourse and your ideological vanguard. Difficult, complex, life-changing concepts are not best explained by shaming people for not immediately understanding them after reading one tweet. Joe fucking Sixpack does not need an enraged 19-year-old undergrad shouting the difference between demisexual and ambisexual in his face no matter how valid the ideas are. As a gender queer disabled bisexual, I’ll let you in on a fucking secret – sometimes oppressed minorities are fucking wrong and sometimes it’s okay to tell them so. And sometimes they’re just jerks. You should tell them that, too.

Maybe stop the silly, anachronistic fucking class war shit. Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to, at this point? The Republicans are not the rich person’s party anymore, they are a white, ethno-nationalist, populist, fucking working-class white man’s party. You don’t need guillotine rhetoric to sell America on universal healthcare and a robust social safety net. Almost everyone wants that stuff, even the people who say they don’t, and it ain’t the fucking rich stopping it, anymore. 46% of union households voted for Trump in 2016. If you think class war is going to win this, you’re fucking delusional.

Maybe you could stop babbling about Neoliberalism. Trump ISN’T FUCKING NEOLIBERAL. He’s got fucking ZERO to do with neoliberalism, and it doesn’t matter anyway, because that fucking ship has sailed and it’s halfway around the damn world unloading $200 laptops and
LaCroix. “Free” global markets are simply not the big, scary problem you thought they were, anymore, guys, and you sound fucking ridiculous complaining about that shit to a world where poverty just dropped to 9% for the first time in the history of the universe. Jesus Christ, you probably just got through having fucking cybersex with a dude in the Philippines over messenger on your Android. The battle is over. Let it fucking go.

And, for fuck sake, learn how to make gay marriage and sodomy and weed sound fun again. Jesus fucking Christ, it really shouldn’t be difficult. At least fucking that, for God sake.

Trumpism isn’t conservatism, it isn’t neoconservatism, it sure as fuck isn’t libertarianism. It isn’t neoliberalism, and it isn’t the scion of neoliberalism. It’s a reaction against neoliberalism, and more, against the entire liberal order of the mid-late 20th century. If there are continuities,
the disjunctions are far, far broader and more profound. It is radical, populist, authoritarian, white supremacism of a sort we have not seen in this country, at this level, in our lifetimes. We’ve seen nothing even close to this, and watching the left flop around looking for the people and weapons and vocabulary to fight this battle where it needs to be fought is becoming increasingly distressing and frankly embarrassing. You don’t combat that by talking about eating the rich, however warm it makes you feel to larp as a radical from your easy chair, occasionally. Fucking rich people vote, too. They vote Dem quite a bit, as it turns out.

You beat fear and authoritarianism with positivity and optimism and freedom, not hypersensitivity and tariffs and future shock and war. If the left, progressives, liberals, and Democrats (and actual libertarians, for that matter) cannot recognize this and get their shit together, if they can’t drop the useless old 20th century arguments and resentments and paradigms no matter how comfy they are and deal with the enemy in front of them instead of obsessing about the ones behind, we are going to be in serious fucking trouble.

And for fuck sake, enough with the sputtering incredulity every time Trump or his cronies or his supporters achieve some new outrage. You’re not bitching about Mitt Romney anymore. This is the world we live in, now. You’re going to have to accept that fact and understand that
fact before you can do anything about it.


My epilogue:

This is what I call ‘Republi-con Lite’ – Democrats who are misguided to think that:

– ‘Gee, if we only act like Republi-cons, then more Republi-cons will vote for us.’

That has been Democratic Party failed strategy since the 1990s. Why would any self-respecting Republi-con vote for a fake Republi-con when they can vote for a real Republi-con!

Look at the Clinton presidency. He is as much a Republi-con as Papa Bush, maybe more so.

No wonder I became a Green in 1982. Yes, I did vote for both Mondale and Dukakis. They were the last Democratic Party presidential candidates for whom I voted til Clinton in 2016.

– Sharon


No longer “ANONYMOUS”…


Concluding paragraphs of Miles Taylor’s ‘Medium’ article:

Trump has been exactly what we conservatives always said government should NOT be: expansive, wasteful, arbitrary, unpredictable, and prone to abuses of power. Worse still, as I’ve noted previously, he’s waged an all-out assault on reason, preferring to enthrone emotion and impulse in the seat of government. The consequences have been calamitous, and if given four more years, he will push the limits of his power further than the “high crimes and misdemeanors” for which he was already impeached.

Trust me. We spent years trying to ameliorate Trump’s poor decisions (often unsuccessfully), many of which will be back with a vengeance in a second term. Recall, this is the man who told us, “When somebody’s president of the United States, the authority is total.” I believe more than ever that Trump unbound will mean a nation undone — a continued downward slide into social acrimony, with the United States fading into the background of a world stage it once commanded, to say nothing of the damage to our democratic institutions.

I was wrong, however, about one major assertion in my original op-ed. The country cannot rely on well-intentioned, unelected bureaucrats around the President to steer him toward what’s right. He has purged most of them anyway. Nor can they rely on Congress to deliver us
from Trump’s wayward whims. The people themselves are the ultimate check on the nation’s chief executive. We alone must determine whether his behavior warrants continuance in office, and we face a momentous decision, as our choice about Trump’s future will affect our future for years to come. With that in mind, he doesn’t deserve a second term in office, and we don’t deserve to live through it.

Removing Trump will not be the end of our woes, unfortunately. While on the road visiting swing states for the past month, it’s become clear to me how far apart Americans have grown from one another. We’ve perpetuated the seemingly endless hostility stoked by this divisive
President, so if we really want to restore vibrance to our civic life, the change must begin with each of us, not just with the occupant of the Oval Office. Fortunately, past generations have lit the way toward national reconciliation in even harder times.

On the brink of a civil war that literally split our nation in two, Abraham Lincoln called on the people not to lose sight of one other. He said in his Inaugural Address:

We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.

Heed Lincoln’s words. We must return to our founding principles. We must rediscover our better angels. And we must reconcile with each other, repairing the bonds of affection that make us fellow Americans.

Miles Taylor
October 2020


In the news.



Laura Casey
(19 Oct 2018):

Jamal Khashoggi was strapped to a table and dismembered alive by Saudi Arabian henchmen on October 2. His blood curdling screams were broadcast to the outside world on his Apple Watch for the seven minutes it took to kill him.

The next day, on October 3, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley privately drafted her resignation letter. (Thank you, Paula Cobia). Six days later, on October 9, she submitted it to a stunned public. No plausible explanation was offered for her sudden

It was not until October 11, over a week after the brutal killing, that the world began to even learn what happened to Khashoggi.

It would take almost another full week after that for details of the gruesome ambush to publicly emerge.

What is clear, is that the American government certainly knew of Khashoggi’s killing before we knew, and most certainly in advance of the murder itself. Yet the past two weeks have seen nothing less than an absurd, obsequious public cover up from the president of the United
States himself and top cabinet members for this gruesome ambush by the Saudi Arabian government of somebody Trump was certainly familiar with.

Pat Robertson of the Evangelical community has told his flock all the Trump talking points. That this man’s life and extrajudicial torture and assassination should not matter to us, because $100 billion is on the table in weaponry that the Saudis need to kill the Yemeni people with, and, as seems to be the new reality in Gotham, who could possibly know the truth anyway?

The worst part of what is happening is not Donald Trump. It is trying to understand the millions of people enabling this. The people who will send the same people back to let this continue while screaming about tyranny and the swamp and claiming some Orwellian moral high ground.

I never thought a party could take a trillion dollars from the treasury for their wealthiest donors, steal Internet privacy as the new electronic gold, end net neutrality, blame the massive deficit not on their tax heist but on your Social Security and Medicare then promise to slash those if re-elected, sell junk insurance plans to tens of millions and seek to take away insurance from tens of millions of others, imprison children literally grabbed from parents who are then deported with NO MEANS of reunification, put a man on the supreme court sexual assault
allegations be damned, and cover up a brutal murder for a dictatorial regime for no proffered reason except to allow that dictatorial regime to continue genocide in Yemen using the weapons we were selling them.

Every day is a new lowest day in America.

Today is no different.

It is difficult wondering what the bottom might be.


Crooked Drumpf the ‘Law and Order President’?

Crooked Drumpf recently boasted that he had a hand in the assassination of Kashogi. That’s your President – killing a member of The Press who reports in opposition to Crooked Drumpf’s Fascism and that of the Saudi royal family.

Here is another killing.


Trump Celebrates Apparent Extrajudicial Killing by U.S. Marshals Carrying Out His Orders

OCT 16, 2020

Ahead of Thursday’s dueling town hall events, President Trump rallied some 2,000 supporters in Greenville, North Carolina, where people packed shoulder to shoulder and few wore masks. In a shocking moment, Trump appeared to admit that he ordered U.S. Marshals to carry out the extrajudicial killing of anti-fascist activist Michael Reinoehl in Washington state on September 3.

President Donald Trump: “We sent in the U.S. Marshals. Took 15 minutes. It was over. Fifteen minutes, it was over. We got him. They knew who he was. They didn’t want to arrest him. And 15 minutes, that ended.”

Last month Trump bragged about Reinoehl’s killing in an interview with Fox News, saying, “There has to be retribution.” Reinoehl was believed to have killed a far-right protester.

Donald Trump
Police Brutality


To whom does Drumpf owe $400 million? Saudis? Putin?

Drumpf refuses to condemn White supremists, Amerikan NAZIs, kluxers.


Part 1: Jeremy Scahill: Trump Has Embraced White Supremacists & Emboldened Police to Act Outside the Law
Part 2: Jeremy Scahill: Trump’s Xenophobia Is Horrific, But U.S. Immigration Policy Has Always Been Racist
Part 3: Jeremy Scahill: “Trump Is Not the Root of the Problem, He Is a Product of American Imperial History”
Part 4: Jeremy Scahill on Trump’s “Homicidal” Pandemic Response & What’s at Stake in November Election

Christian Con-servative Evangelicals justify the un-justifiable.

Black or White – cops respond differently to Black men protesting and carrying loaded assault weapons versus White men protesting and carrying loaded assault weapons.



Postal Service awards $5 million contract to Postmaster DeJoy’s former company, XPO

OCTOBER 24, 2020 / 9:31 AM / MONEYWATCH

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s former company landed a $5 million highway-shipping contract last month with the United States Postal Service.

DeJoy continues to own a multimillion-dollar stake in XPO Logistics as of early October. The $5 million deal is the first regular contract for a postal route that XPO Logistics has signed with the USPS in more than a year. XPO’s last highway contract with the USPS was in December and was temporary. The one before that was signed in July 2019.

XPO’s contract — to move mail for the next 18 months between Norfolk, Virginia, and Evansville, Indiana — has not been previously reported. The contract was negotiated in August and disclosed in mid-October as part of a quarterly update to a database of USPS suppliers.

The Postal Service will pay XPO $3.3 million annually to manage its route between the two cities, which are roughly 700 miles apart. The USPS database shows the contract has one of the highest annual rates out of more than 1,600 contracts the Postal Service initiated with outside firms in its most recent quarter, which is the first full quarter DeJoy has served as head of the agency.

DeJoy was a top executive of XPO before he left its board in 2018. He had joined XPO after selling it the company he founded, New Breed Logistics, in a 2014 deal valued at $615 million.

XPO still pays DeJoy about $2.3 million a year in rent and expenses for 220,000 square feet of office space he controls in his home state of North Carolina. XPO’s lease agreements for DeJoy’s properties run through 2025.

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Stake in XPO valued as high as $75 million

Publicly traded XPO reported about $16 billion in revenue last year and some 50,000 corporate customers for its various logistics and supply chain services. DeJoy’s personal stake in the company was worth as much as $75 million earlier this year, according to DeJoy’s latest
financial disclosure filed in June.

DeJoy donated $1.2 million to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and has been a controversial figure since starting the top position at the post office in June. House Democrats held a hearing in August in which they grilled the new postmaster about operational and labor changes he
made in his first months on the job. Those changes, they argued, had slowed deliveries and hurt the dependability of the USPS just as millions of Americans were turning to it to deliver their mail-in Election Day votes during a pandemic.

Republicans have long said the sprawling Postal Service needs to be shrunk or privatized. The agency, though, is on track this year to generate nearly $5 billion in cash, its best performance since 2015, in large part because of its package delivery services for Amazon.com and
other growing online retailers.

Democrats also raised concerns in the August hearing about DeJoy’s ties to his former company and what they called potential conflicts of interest. In early September, the New York Times found that XPO’s revenue from the Postal Service had surged since June by $14 million, during just 10 weeks. The Postal Service’s inspector general opened an inquiry into DeJoy’s personal finances and his ties to XPO, as well as the changes he has made while at the post office.

The inspector general said in a report issued Wednesday that the widespread service changes DeJoy had implemented — nearly all of which have since been reversed following public criticisms — were responsible for a drop in the “timeliness and quality” of mail service this

DeJoy could not be reached for comment about the new contract, also known as an HCR, for highway contract route. DeJoy has indicated that he plans to sell his remaining shares in XPO, and got permission in early October from a government ethics office to do so. He was given a window to sell that ends in mid-December.

An XPO spokesperson told CBS MoneyWatch in a statement: “Public records show the U.S. Postal Service has awarded more than 1,600 HCR contracts since June 15 through the government’s open, competitive bidding process. XPO bid on several of those contracts, and was
awarded one. More than three dozen HCR contracts awarded to other companies during this timeframe are higher than XPO’s contract, according to these public records.”

In August, amid the congressional hearings, XPO put out a statement that said DeJoy no longer had any role at the company, and that its postal contracts make up a small portion of the company’s overall revenue. Whatever contracts it does have, the company said, were awarded based on merit and by “career USPS procurement officers.”

A spokesperson for USPS told CBS MoneyWatch that DeJoy has not been involved with any dealings or contracts related to XPO. “The Postal Service is confident that the office of inspector general’s ongoing review of this process will confirm the postmaster’s full compliance with
ethics laws and regulations,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

$3 billion patchwork of USPS highway contracts

The Postal Service maintains a spreadsheet of regular highway routes it has contracted to outside shippers on its website, which is updated quarterly. David Hendel, a partner at Washington, D.C., law firm Culhane Meadows, who specializes in government contracts, says the patchwork of highway contracts make up about $3 billion of the annual $12 billion the Postal Service doles out to outside contractors each year.

New Breed Logistics, the company that DeJoy ran and sold to XPO in 2014, has been a postal contractor for two decades. XPO generates most of its post office revenue from on-demand services, such as the $2.5 million it was paid in the past year to deliver Census Bureau forms, as well as $2.3 million in pandemic-related services.

The Postal Service’s highway service contracts have been growing in the past few years mostly due to the explosion in online retailing, observers told CBS MoneyWatch.

“I know, talking to leadership, that the demand for ground transport is up,” said John Sheehy, head of the National Star Route Mail Contractors Association. “They have been trying to rightsize some of it, but the amount of ground transportation going to contractors seems to have grown.”

First published on October 23, 2020 / 8:50 AM
© 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.



Billie Rene
(29 Oct 2020):


The U.S. Supreme Court issued two decisions Wednesday evening, declining to stop a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling and a North Carolina Board of Elections order that both extended the deadlines for mail-in ballots to be received in their states.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling allowed ballots postmarked by Election Day to still count if they are delivered by mail up to three days after the election. The order from the North Carolina Board of Elections and a state court extended the receipt deadline to Nov. 12.  Those extensions remain in effect. For now.

Though both decisions are clear temporary victories for voting rights advocates, the dissents in each case suggest an ominous possibility. At least three justices ― Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch ― are open to taking up the Pennsylvania case again and potentially throwing out any ballots that arrive within the three days after Nov. 3.

In the Pennsylvania case, Gorsuch and Thomas joined a dissenting statement written by Alito suggesting that they would overturn the state court’s ruling and potentially rehear the case and invalidate any votes received during the extended period. In the North Carolina case,
Gorsuch wrote a dissent joined by Alito calling the Board of Elections’ extension of the receipt deadline “egregious.”


My epilogue:

Postmaster DeJoy de-liberately de-stroyed those mail processing machines, removed mailboxes, ceased overtime work and extra new hire employees to de-lay mail de-livery knowing full well Drumpf’s Kangaroo Supreme Court is voting to de-ny ballots sent through the Post Office.


Collect every mail-in ballot. Open them, look for votes for Democratic Party candidates, hold them, then not postmark them til after Election Day.

No rush. Mail-in ballots will be floating through the DeJoy system for several months later. Oopsies!

Voting agencies have been reporting that early voting and early mail-in ballots are heavily Democratic, barely Republi-con. Drumpf needs to do something – anything – to remove those ballots from the counting.

Drumpf has always had the scheme to run the same con as Baby Bush – run to the Kangaroo Supreme Court and scream to cease all ballot counting on the Wednesday, the day after Election Day, that him losing the Election is un-Constitutional. Thus, all those expected Democratic votes will never be counted.



The fight to vote The fight to vote 

‘Just like propaganda’: the three men enabling Trump’s voter fraud lies
The hysteria over voter fraud has reached an alarming pitch – and this dangerous moment in US democracy wouldn’t be possible without the work of these men
by Sam Levine and Spenser Mestel

Main image: Armed with their misleading data, these men have influenced and shaped laws making it harder to vote. From left: Hans von Spakovsky, J Christian Adams & Kris Kobach Photograph: Eric Audras/Getty Images/Onoky/Reuters/AP

The fight to vote is supported by

Mon 26 Oct 2020 09.00 EDT Last modified on Mon 26 Oct 2020 12.06 EDT

One night in late February 2017, Hans von Spakovsky, a lawyer at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative thinktank in Washington DC, fired off an email.

The White House was creating a commission to investigate voter fraud, an issue von Spakovsky had long pursued. But he was concerned the Trump administration was considering Democrats and moderate Republicans for the panel, and “astonished” no one had bothered to consult with him or J Christian Adams, a friend and fellow conservative lawyer.

“There are only a handful of real experts on the conservative side on this issue and not a single one of them (including Christian and me) have been called other than Kris Kobach, secretary of state of Kansas. And we are told that some consider him too ‘controversial’ to be on the commission,” he wrote. “If they are picking mainstream Republican officials and/or academics to man this commission it will be an abject failure because there aren’t any that know anything about this or who have paid any attention to this issue over the years.”

The email eventually made its way to Jeff Sessions, then US attorney general. A few months later, Kobach, von Spakovsky and Adams were appointed to Donald Trump’s commission.

Armed with their misleading data, these men have influenced and shaped laws making it harder to vote.

It seemed inevitable. For years, all three men had used their positions both inside and outside of government to peddle the myth that American elections are vulnerable to fraud. Though this idea has been debunked repeatedly, and despite the ultimate failure of Trump’s commission, these men continued to promote the idea that widespread voter fraud justified stricter voting regulations.

“We’ve seen this going on for the last few decades,” said Richard Hasen, a law professor and election expert at the University of California, Irvine. “These ideas have moved from the fringes to the center of many Republican arguments about reasons for making it harder to

Now the myth of voter fraud is dominating the election. Trump has questioned the legitimacy of the vote, falsely suggesting it will be “rigged” against him and his campaign has floated using the idea of a fraudulent election as the basis for overriding the popular vote in key states, according to the Atlantic. Despite the pandemic, the president and his campaign have litigated to restrict mail-in voting and expand the use of poll watchers, citing the potential for tampering.

Guardian US newsletters for the 2020 election and beyond

State Republicans have followed suit. Texas’s governor, Greg Abbott, limited each county to only one place where voters could return their mail-in ballots. South Carolina Republicans successfully fought to preserve a witness requirement for absentee ballots. Alabama
Republicans have pointed to the potential for fraud to justify mail-in ballot restrictions. And in Wisconsin, a conservative group is urging the state supreme court to order the swift removal of more than 130,000 people from the voter rolls, citing the need to prevent fraud.

Von Spakovsky and Adams have been right in the mix. Von Spakovsky has quietly met and consulted with Republican election officials across the country, according to ProPublica. Adams has loudly hyped the dangers of voting by mail, earning Trump’s attention.

The hysteria over voter fraud has reached an alarming pitch. And this dangerous moment in US democracy would not be possible without the work of these three men.



Denise Atkinson

There will not be an 1861-style civil war. The two sides are not fully geographically distinct; there is a lot of overlap. There may be spontaneous, 2017-style violence in the cities after President Trump’s re-election of course. But these will be localized, uncoordinated, and
short-lived. No one wants to sustain riots in November and December.

One side or the other will whine and talk about secession (like 2000 and 2004). But the talk will fizzle, like it always does.

After all, who is willing to pick up a rifle and die for Joe Biden? Nobody dug trenches or filled sandbags for Gore or for Kerry, or even for McCain for that matter.

No civil war is coming.



My reply to Denise Atkinson:

Dunno about what type of Americans will ‘die for Joe Biden’. Maybe because our side of the aisle is sane, seeking a reasoned path to the future.

But we do know for certain about the wack Republi-cons, Christian Con-servatives, Drumpfians, and Deplorables who have been guzzling their ‘Kimball Koolaid’ during the past four decades. They eagerly killed themselves then, are dowsing themselves now with Coronavirus to
prove their loyalty to a Drumpf false prophet. They are the ones Disconnected from Reality.


Things like this seem inciteful..



My insufferable two cents commentary and random thoughts.


Lemme get this straight.

Drumpf has a four decades history of stiffing his customers and contracts.

Drumpf has innumerable court cases and judgements against him that he refuses to pay.

Drumpf does not pay cities where he has his campaigns – millions of Dollars each time.

So how much of a Loser or Sucker are you for thinking that Drumpf will actually pay you for your bus service!


Drumpf is a prolific liar.

Of course, Drumpf’s claim that he had Coronavirus was a lie.

How could he be infected by a non-existent Coronavirus.

Nope. It was Drumpf playing into his Saviour narrative.

Both Lindsey Graham and Pat Robertson gush that Drumpf is ‘The Second Coming’. Pillow Guy Lindell blathered that Drumpf is ‘The Chosen One’.

Remember, Drumpf claimed that he was stricken by Coronavirus on a Friday, claimed that he was cured on the following Sunday. Drumpf is Risen. Drumpf IS god!

Problem is that virologists proved that there is no way that Drumpf could have incurred Coronavirus.

Drumpf lied. Again.

Only his Losers and Suckers are stoopid enough to believe.


This goes to you:

– Republi-cons
– Drumpfians
– Deplorables
– Trumpflakes
– Trumpverstehers.
– You of my family.
– You who were my ‘friends’.

I am as proud to be Liberal, Left, Progressive, Green, Democratic as you most certainly are proud of what it means for you to be a Right-wing Republi-con Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalist Fascist Amerikan Taliban Theocrat.

Show your vote.

I am a registered Green.

I can’t speak officially for the Green Party, but I do know that the Party here at Arizona referred their voters to vote Democratic long ago before the Primary Election.

I mention that because there are Republi-cons who are posing as a Green Party candidate on the Arizona ballot. They are deliberately trying to siphon votes from the Democratic Party candidates. BEWARE if your Arizona ballot contains any Green Party candidate name. Likely that they are NOT a Green Party candidate. Please verify.


So-called ‘non-partisan’ candidates can run their stealth campaign.

– Few voters pay attention to the rulings and temperament of judges.

– Few voters know how to vote with no direct personal experience with the court system to realise that it can destroy the innocent.

YES – they can and they do!

Research these stealth candidates. Find web-sites that report judicial conduct and mis-conduct.


I spent time volunteering my time at the Democratic Party Headquarters during 2018:

– affixing labels on mailing cards
– calling prospective voters.

Candidates for numerous elected positions came visit; they greeted each of us personally, they were helping, they were calling prospective voters.

If you received a reminder card, door hanger, or telephone call, then that might have been from one of the candidates, from one of my new friends, or maybe from me.

Then again, maybe not from one of us.

Beware who calls you! Every once in a while, I call a prospective voter who tells me that they have been called X number of times.

For example,

– one prospective voter had never been called before I called, yet they told me that they were just called 15 minutes earlier,

– another prospective voter told me that they had been called 15 times, yet their call history showed only three calls, two calls were six months ago.

My point.

Our computer screens document the call history of each prospective voter whom we call.

The voter rolls are public records. Anyone – including opposing partisans – can obtain these database files from the Arizona’s Secretary of State and cause havoc against their political.opponent.

Know that we who are calling to you from the Democratic Party are real people – not robo-calls. We call each prospective voter individually, we personally speak with each prospective voter one at a time.


As I was working at Democratic Party Headquarters’ telephone bank, I called Democratic Party prospective voters about the basics:

– reminding them to mail their ballot by the due date,

– bring their mail ballot to their polling station if they didn’t mail it,

– where and when to vote in person.

The rare call is an enthusiastic voter.

Many voters hang up when I introduce myself.

Likewise, I don’t get it.

Many yell at me with ‘Throw them all out!’ talk. Odd because the Republi-cons have been in charge of this mess.

– ‘I wish we could have obstructed more.’ Sen Mitch McConnell, R-Ky (speech, 16 Aug 10)

Many simply complain and tell me that they refuse to vote.

It is not my place or purpose to debate them. I say ‘Thank you’ and go to the next call.

But I would really like to know and comprehend what is happening, why the accusation, why the dis-information.

The way to overcome the Republi-con Party subterfuge is to be active, to participate in the process, to campaign for your candidate who will serve all America, not just their own Republi-con parochial constituency.

Candidates are not perfect. They don’t cover every issue exactly as every voter wants. They have human flaws same as any voter. On whole, to me, it is mind-set and ideology:

– Liberals tend to be altruistic: ‘This should not happen, let’s work together to make it better’.

– Con-servatives tend to be selfish and fear-based: ‘I got mine, too bad for you’.

Monitor various social media pages, web-sites, talk format. You will see this difference played accordingly. Liberals will want to do more to benefit the population. Con-servatives will present fear, control, exclusion.

– ‘Fear precedes anger. I see real opportunities for us.’ Sen. John Cornyn, R (T-party Anti-Health Reform Campaign Rally speech, 6 Aug 09)

Public opinion surveys are confidential. As such, they require honesty in return. Information and data can’t be accurate when the respondents lie.

But those public opinion surveys fell short during the 2016 campaign. Right-wing Republi-con Christian Con-servative talk radio and TV told their audience to lie to the pollsters – tell the surveyor that they would vote Democratic, vote for Clinton.

The same happened for the 2018 campaign – Right-wing Republi-con Christian Con-servative talk were again instructing their audience to lie to the poll takers. We were not getting accurate results.

The same is happening for this Election 2020 campaign.


Ya wanna help the Democratic Party?

Check with Democratic Party Headquarters or various Democratic Party county and precinct offices. Check with specific candidate offices if you wish to work for one candidate. They can use all the help you and others are prepared to provide.

The Democratic Party can use your help.


Here are a list of important issues to be decided by the results of this election:

– Civil Rights,
– Health Care, – Peace,
– Economy,
– Fiscal Stability,
– Education,
– Environment,
– Foreign Policy,
– Transportation,
– Infrastructure,
– Workers’ Protections / Unionisation,
– Housing,
– Taxation,
– Gun Control,
– Universal Voting,
– Equitable Re-apportionment,
– Law and Order,
– Courts and Judicial Appointments, etc.


‘Term limits’ is a fabrication of Republi-con-ism. It is a con of Republi-con ‘Contract on Amerika’.

Republi-cons claim to preach ‘Term limits’, sign vows of ‘Term limits’, but do not comply with their own platform.

Republi-cons use ‘Term limits’ as nothing more than political talking points and dog whistle.

Republi-cons demand ‘Term limits’ only to apply to Democrats, never to Republi-cons.

– ‘Term limits are not all that popular with we Republi-cons.’. Senator Ben Sasse, R (ABC ‘The View’, 15 Oct 18).

Hey, Voter!

Ya really, REALLY want ‘Term limits’! Then vote. VOTE!

There are people who will tell you how ‘everyone’ is bad – ‘toss them all’ and start new.

From my experience, however, that person is invariably a loyal Republi-con:

– On the one hand, they really mean to vote out all the Democratic Party and replace them with Republi-con one-party rule.

– Then there are other equally loyalist Republi-cons who have no clue. They believe the lies of Republi-con talk radio and TV that tell them that Democrats are the majority party that must be voted out.

‘I’m a T-party supporter 100%. The voters have short memories. T-party Republicans are strong enough. It’s Darwinian Politics! One-Party-Rule all across the country!’ Lou Dobbs, R (talk show, 27 Sep 10)


Arizona joins the ranks.

The opportunity for Early Voting began a few weeks ago. Good news, you’d expect. Nope. Voting locations are few and dispersed. Hours were typically 9am to 5pm (if that much); hours at the Public Library, for example, were 11am to 7pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

There would be few to none extended or early voting on weekends – Saturday through Monday. Only option available is to vote on Election Day Tuesday.

Voting, as a ‘State’s right’, falls to each state’s legislature and governor. Arizona’s Republi-con legislature and governor refuse to appropriate sufficient funds to provide more voting days, longer voting hours, more voting locations.

What do you think?

I say that voting should be available at every government office – local, state, federal agencies – rather than limited to only polling stations.

If Nevada can install slot machines in public restrooms, then certainly MVD can place a few voting stations inside their waiting room.


Generic polls are pointless.


Look at each individual race.

The generic national count will mean little on individual races. Republi-cons hold that edge now and that edge will be productive for Republi-cons again this year.

– Republi-cons control the apportionment if federal Congressional districts and about 35 states’ legislative re-districting.

– Republi-cons Gerrymander.

– Republi-cons suppress voter registration.

– Republi-cons illegally purge voter rolls.

Republi-cons look to win additional seats to both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Republi-cons will have control for the next census and the next round of re-apportionment.

You can thank the statistical 40% of Our LGBT Community who are loyal Republi-con, voted for Drumpf, support the Drumpf platform and policies.

This did not happen in 2016. This happened because voters consistently voted Republi-con the past 10, 20, 30 years to create this Permanent Republi-con Majority – the collapse of the American Democratic system.

You who voted Republi-con in the past can take full credit for the present and the future:

– You voted for Republi-cons who Gerrymandered state and federal legislative districts.

– You voted for voter suppression.

– You voted for voter purges.

– You voted for election fraud.

You get what you deserve.

You reap what you sow.


Allow me to refer you elsewhere to my web-site for applicable essays that I wrote regarding election season 2016.

These were my predictions that I posted July 2016:

– (https://slimandme.wordpress.com/2016/07/22/republicans-part-3-the-2016-campaign-season/)

This was my essay assessing results of Election Day 2016 and presenting future prospects of the coming Drumpf ‘tyranny of the majority’ Republi-con rule:

– (https://slimandme.wordpress.com/2016/11/10/post-election-post-mortem-2016-campaign/)

Yikes! I was too prescient – before Election Day and after Election Day.

Here are additional essays discussing the immediate post-election environment:

– (https://slimandme.wordpress.com/2016/11/23/republicans-part-4-sore-winners-and-their-long-con/)

– (https://slimandme.wordpress.com/2016/12/10/republicans-part-5-trumps-transition/)


There is nothing Constitutionally that the Democratic Party could do.

Senate Republi-cons had the filibuster to obstruct as Moscow McConnell did during Obama’s administration.

– ‘I wish we could have obstructed more.’ Sen Mitch McConnell, R-Ky (speech, 16 Aug 10)

Now, without that filibuster, the current rules of the Senate provide for the tyranny of the majority with no regard for the Rights of the minority.

– ‘Why should Republicans take the blame? What we have now is the tyranny of the majority.’ Jeff Munger, R (KUAT TV ‘Arizona Illustrated’ candidate ‘debate’, 6 Jul 09)

That ‘filibuster’ that you suggest is not possible. Senate majority Republi-cons voted to limit debate. Again, there was nothing that all the Senate Democrats could do as the minority party.

This Republi-con overthrow of our American government did not happen in 2018. Nor 2016.

Nor during the 1990s when the Republi-con’s ‘Permanent Republi-con Majority’ and ‘Contract on Amerika’ initiatives began. Certainly, many of you voted for Republi-con Senators, Representatives, governors, state legislators, etc., who’ve held the legislative majorities since then.

Or how about Reagan, who won two elections by landslides during the 1980s. Certainly, many of you voted for Reagan.

Nor with Nixon’s administration of the 1970s, but let’s start there for purposes of this Comment. Nixon won re-election by a landslide in 1972. Certainly, many of you voted for Nixon.

You are not able to come to the table with clean hands when you were amongst that electorate of the past who brought America to where we are now.


All our emotions are valid in these uncertain final days.

I have only negative expectations.

I’m a ‘Student of the Shoah’. I recognise too many similarities between the Holocaust and current events here at America. I have sleep time nightmares of being executed by my fellow citizens.

I’m not in any situation that I can leave this country.



Sharon Nichols
October 31, 2019 at 9:00 PM ·

To you of the Cis variety:

You treat me as a lesser caste, as a non-human, as non-existent.

Read this following narrative with my name in it. This is how you treat we of the Trans and LGBT Community.

To you of Our Community:

I obtained this Share from:


Olivia Hope Matteo
October 31, 2019 at 8:41 PM

I inserted my name.

Share this at your Facebook page. Insert your name.

Pass it on to the next person.

Let’s see how many of us can post this as a sign of our numbers.

Saw this on someone’s timeline and thought I’d do the same, for the people who just don’t seem to get what’s going on here.


Sharon doesn’t deserve equal protection under the law.

Sharon doesn’t deserve proper healthcare.

Sharon doesn’t know how science works.

If Sharon needs to use the bathroom in public, Sharon should just hold it and go home.

Sharon shouldn’t be allowed to get married.

If Sharon gets married, that’s the same thing as letting people marry animals.

Sharon is incapable of being a good parent.

People like Sharon can’t really understand love.

One hundred years ago, we would have shot people like Sharon in the street.

Sharon can’t be allowed to continue to exist because I think Sharon’s very existence keeps me from practicing my religion.


Every time you see an argument about LGBTQ people and all the things wrong with us, I want you to stick my name in there. Make it matter to you, if I matter to you. Better yet, put your own name in there. See how it feels. See what it’s like to be me.


Saw this on someone’s timeline and thought I’d do the same, for the people who just don’t seem to get what’s going on here.

Olivia doesn’t deserve equal protection under the law.

Olivia doesn’t deserve proper healthcare.

Olivia doesn’t know how science works.

If Olivia needs to use the bathroom in public, Olivia should just hold it and go home.

Olivia shouldn’t be allowed to get married.

If Olivia gets married, that’s the same thing as letting people marry animals.

Olivia is incapable of being a good parent.

People like Olivia can’t really understand love.

100 years ago, we would have shot people like Olivia in the street.

Olivia can’t be allowed to continue to exist because I think Olivia’s very existence keeps me from practicing my religion.

Every time you see an argument about LGBTQ people and all the things wrong with us, I want you to stick my name in there. Make it matter to you, if I matter to you. Better yet, put your own name in there. See how it feels. See what it’s like to be me.


Copied and pasted:

Many people don’t realize that it was still a felony to be gay in America less than 20 years ago. In 2003, a Supreme Court case struck down the remaining sodomy laws in 13 states after police in Texas raided the home of a gay man and dragged him and another man out in handcuffs. As horrific as that sounds, three members of the court voted that they saw nothing wrong with putting people in prison because they’re gay.

One of those justices is still on the court and just swore in Amy Coney Barrett at her request.

The person she’s described as her mentor and extremely close to her ideologically is the other justice who argued vehemently that Joseph and I and every gay person you know should remain felons.

If you don’t quite understand why your gay friends and family are terrified right now: that’s why.


Crooked Drumpf is poised with Coney annointed to his Kangaroo Supreme Court to make ACA ObamaCare a ‘memory’.

So, remember. You voted for this. You asked for it. You got it.


Republi-cons use sabotage to destroy ACA Obama-Care.

– They control state legislatures and governors who refuse to issue Expanded MedicAid.
– They eliminated the mandate.
– They raised the annual premium rates, the deductibles.
– They reduced or eliminated re-imbursement rates to health care providers.
– They issued coverage exclusions and denials because of pre-existing conditions.
– They are again cutting the public enrollment period and not even issuing Press Releases and PSAs to radio and TV.

In essence, Republi-cons have legislated cost increases, service disruptions, public information black-outs to create negative opinion from prospective patients, physicians, pharmacies, laboratories.

Curious. With all the Republi-con Party and Drumpf sabotage, news reports tell that ACA Obama-Care is doing well in public opinion. That’s one more reason why Republi-cons want to destroy ACA Obama-Care.

The 2019 ACA (Affordable Care Act) (Obama-Care) enrollment period has been shortened from 90 days to 45 days (1 Nov 18 – 15 Dec 2018) and the advertising budget to promote open enrollment has been slashed in an effort to sabotage the program.

You’re probably not seeing a lot of advertising (read: zero) about the enrollment window either on-line or TV.

Thank you.


Additional Resources:


Thank you to the resources who contribute to this page.

Please visit those references when I add them to these essays. The contributors work hard and tirelessly to bring about sense from the non-sense.






‘Con Man Blues’

Will Hoge



Crooked Drumpf incites Biden’s assassination.



Boogaloo Boys and White supremists, supported by Drumpf, wage domestic terrorism against America.



Sara Palin – the woman John McCain gave to America – whose politics gave Drumpf to America.

Sarah Palin uploaded this bizarre video message for Alaska’s Sen. Lisa Murkowski — and we just have so many questions

via NowThis Politics



Science is a good reason to not vote for Drumpf.



Crooked Drumof will be saying that he won even if he lost by saying voter fraud so it will go to the SCOTUS where he has a 6 to 3 majority in his favor.


Trump’s law and order message flops in new poll
SUN, NOV 1ST, 2020

Trump Is Planning To Declare Victory On Election Night Then Claim The Election Was Stolen

Trump has hatched a plan to declare victory if it looks like he is ahead on election night, then declare the election stolen if he loses.


The New Reconstruction

The United States has its best opportunity in 150 years to belatedly fulfill its promise as a multiracial democracy.




God’s lightning strikes Drumpf.




































































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One thought on “‘Election Day: 2020’

  1. I voted. Try as I might, to pick the candidate who is the most christlike. The one who will heal the sick, feed the hungry, welcome outsiders, and restore our faith in democracy.

    My mom and I had long talks about it. She voted one way, I voted the other. I am sorry, but Potus behavior is so unchristlike. Just horrible. My mom believed the lies told her by brainwashed conservative friends, even as her own daughter is struggling with her right to exist.

    I praying God will straighten out this mess. At the end of the day, I voted with my consciousness, for God, for liberty, and so did my mom. I not gonna lie. The future is uncertain and scary. They can take my rights. They can take my hormones. They can’t take my jesus. Can’t crush these wings.

    God bless you Sharon!💖💖💖

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