‘Election Day:  2020 (Post Script)’


‘Election Day:  2020 (Post Script)’
(5 Nov 2020)

(2019 06 09) Slimand Me (Thassos -February 1973) 50091091_2252905174984063_633501676090687488_n*

Dear Reader:

I posted this composition to my social media yesterday.

I want to make this timely, so I copy it here for you who check in at this web-site.

I shall post up-dates as they happen til I prepare a new essay when this comes to a conclusion in another couple days.


(2020 11 03) Armed versus dangerous 123138039_3484751641561134_6966549260866462458_nHere are early post-Election quotes.

Cautious optimism today.

Unfortunately, we had no Blue Wave.

Republi-cons added to the House of Representatives and retained the Senate. Moscow McConnell’s obstructionism means trouble for Biden, same as for Obama.

Let’s hope Biden doesn’t fawn for Republi-con fancy. Submission to Republi-cons failed for Obama.

At one time earlier this morning, CBS News reported Biden had seven million more Popular Votes than Crooked Drumpf. It was at a time when the reporters were suggesting that Crooked Drumpf had a better likelihood of winning than Biden. CBS News commentary was scathing how – again – a Presidential candidate could receive more Popular Votes yet lose the Election.

This afternoon, NBC reported that Biden had more than three million Popular Votes than Crooked Drumpf.

Bear in mind, the Crooked Drumpf talk-o-sphereof Right-wing, Republi-cons, and Christian Con-servatives had been bragging since last year that Drumpf would win the Electoral College by a landslside but lose the Popular Vote by at least five million.


‘We’re gonna have to be patient until the hard work tallying votes is finished. It ain’t over til every vote is counted, til every ballot is counted.

– Joe Biden, D (speech; BBC News, 4 Nov 2020)


(2020 11 03) Drink the Drumpf Koolaid 122988478_955782381492056_8784024023719715942_n‘A very sad group of people are trying to dis-enfranchise that group of people. We did win this Election. Our goal is to insure integrity for the good of this nation. This is a major fraud on OUR nation. We want the Law to be used in a proper manner. We will be going to the Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop. We don’t want THEM to find any ballots at four o’clock in the morning. It’s a sad moment, a very sad moment. We already won this.

– Drumpf, R-Drumpf (speech; CBS News, 4 Nov 2020)


‘Drumpf declares a fraud is being perpetrated against the nation. Drumpf declares that the Democrats are trying to steal this Election. That is not true! Drumpf is being misleading. Drumpf declares victory. But he is not ahead. Drumpf prepared to launch a legal battle. Drumpf is flat out wrong! People are concerned. There could be trouble. ‘

‘Michigan is going to go to Biden’s column. We’ve got to respect the voters in this Election. ‘

‘The integrity of this Election is most important. Every vote should be counted, will be counted. ‘

‘Drumpf is undermining our system. ‘

‘Drumpf planted the seed that this Election is stolen from him. ‘

‘There is fear in the Republi-con Party. ‘

Drumpf tells a false narrative that his people believe. ‘

(2020 11 04) USPS delivery percentages for Election Day 123647047_10164396526015094_145347587747515050_n‘Drumpf castrating the facts of the Election results tonight falsely claiming that he won the Election. Drumpf is dis-enfranchising millions of voters whose ballots have not been counted sadly because of the raging Coronavirus pandemic and Drumpf’s failures to contain Coronavirus. There has been a massive vote-by-mail operation, those votes have not been counted. We at CBS News will not dis-enfranchise the millions of voters. ‘

‘What Drumpf says bears no resemblance to the truth. The votes being counted are votes on Election Day. Drumpf as the steward of the American Electoral System is undermining the American Electoral System while the count is going on. ‘

‘Drumpf said a lot of things untrue. ‘

‘WE can NOT dis-enfranchise the voters. ‘

‘It’s disturbing. Drumpf sends a message to his supporters that if the Election is not in his favour. He planted the seed that this Election was stolen from him. Drumpf did a dangerous thing. ‘

‘Drumpf has no legal grounds. What Drumpf says is false. There’s tens of millions of ballots. Voting is not still going on. These are all ballots that were cast already by the Laws of the State, cast by the deadline. This process is still going on. Drumpf is arguing to stop counting ballots that were validly cast in time. ‘

– CBS News (4 Nov 2020, 3am EST)


(2020 11 03) COVID 19 deaths 122876218_357956925429410_26858426421516334_n‘We’ve had elections with a pandemic, with an economic crisis, with a racial crisis, with a President like this. ‘

‘We saw Roosevelt and Lincoln unite the country during enormous crisis. Our greatest Presidents do that. It’s a sad moment when Drumpf says he questions the integrity of our Election based on no evidence whatsoever. Drumpf questions American Democracy. ‘

‘We gonna have a stalemate for quite some time. Uncertainty. Millions and millions of Americans are looking for pandemic relief, economic relief. ‘

‘Major economic relief legislation is stalled. We won’t know til January. ‘

‘Drumpf undermined faith in this Election. There’s a lot of votes to be counted. Drumpf says he’s going to the Supreme Court to stop the vote count. ‘

‘Drumpf found new voters to vote for him. There’s a major realignment. Drumpf broke the Republi-con Party. It’s the Drumpf Party. There is no Republi-con Party anymore. It’s Drumpf’s Republi-con Party. ‘

‘Drumpf will appoint more judges. Drumpf will expand the court with more judges to his liking. That will be his legacy. ‘

‘Democrats took a gamble with an established candidate. There’s a Gender Gap, women coming to the Democratic Party, men to the Drumpf Party, more Brown and Black men, the Patriarchy, Toxic Masculinity. ‘

‘Biden will lose because he wasn’t Progressive enough. The Republi-con Party is Drumpf’s Party. ‘

‘Biden leads in the Popular Vote. Democrats won seven of the last eight Popular Votes, but don’t hold the Presidency for 16 years. What does that say about the country? Will the country fully accept it? ‘

‘The Constitution works on the Electoral College. Difficult to change. Losing the Presidency by winning the Popular Vote will call into question our Democracy. This is baloney! This System of a Slave-holding founding doesn’t work. The majority should win. Deep in cynicism, deep in distrust. It is the System. ‘

‘Democrats win the Popular Vote but don’t have the Presidency for 16 of those years. ‘

‘Biden will win by seven or eight million votes. He could lose the Electoral College. There’s going to be serious questions in the aftermath of this. We’re divided on something in our Constitution. ‘

‘The issues impacting so many Americans – Coronavirus, Racism. Those issues would make people enthusiastic and the unpopularity of Drumpf that would make a Big Blue Wave, but we’re not seeing that. ‘

‘Some people see America in trouble with Coronavirus, they want more federal responce, more aid and assistance, more lockdown. Another group of people want stores to be open, they want their night life, less regulation. There are people worried about their lives mattering, Driving While Black, not being harassed. Another group want more Law and Order. ‘

– ABC News (4 Nov 2020, 3am EST)


(2020 11 03) Drumpf leaves his stain 123029635_795657424547325_7619162719630781792_n‘Drumpf threatens to have vote counts end tonight. Drumpf goes too far. Drumpf media outlets are reacting to what he says. ‘

‘Things lined up Biden’s way. ‘

‘Drumpf declared victory even though he has not officially won. He’s going to the Supreme Court to take this Election without the votes counted. This is a Constitutional crisis. Democracy is our bedrock. People around Drumpf are disturbed, nervous. ‘

‘Drumpf says he’s going to lose setting up this idea of fraud. What happens if he does win? ‘

‘Drumpf claiming he won States he has not won. There’s no evidence that Democrats are stealing this Election; Drumpf said it. He’s spreading misleading information. ‘

‘Markets don’t like uncertainty. Drumpf did not agree to a peaceful transfer of power. Markets want the Election smoothly. Markets are reacting to Drumpf not in a good way. ‘

‘Republi-cons gained 10 seats in the House of Representatives. ‘

‘Votes have to be counted. Be patient. There’s still a significant number of votes out there. It could be days before the Election is officially known. That’s the whole point. The voters have spoken. We have to wait a couple days. There’s more votes to count. We have to give Biden credit, they worked hard for all states. ‘

‘The complication is that Drumpf is President. The Judiciary is considerably different all the way up to the Supreme Court. There is less public confidence in the news media, the legitimacy of the vote count, and the process. There is an undermining of the legitimacy of American Democracy. It is normal to count absentee ballots. This is not contributing to confidence when not all the votes are counted. ‘

‘The chance of Democrats taking back control of the Senate is looking a lot slimmer now. ‘

‘Drumpf is going in with lawyers for a protracted legal battle. ‘

– NBC News (4 Nov 2020, 3am EST)


(2020 11 03) Drump the 60 Minutes snowflake 123050031_1479498778921910_5849315856209521392_n‘Drumpf claims he won. He says he’s going to the Supreme Court. Biden tells his voters to keep the faith. ‘

‘Drumpf says he secured a win even though millions of votes have yet to be counted. Drumpf claims fraud will rob him of triumph. ‘

‘The counting continues. It’s a tight race to the White House. It may take days for the results to be known. ‘

‘A highly divisive Presidential race is far from over. ‘

– BBC News (4 Nov 2020, 4am EST)


‘Drumpf will try to contest everything. The process is working. Election officials are doing their job. It’s taking time. Do places where there are re-counts even matter? Biden can lose those, but it doesn’t matter. He’s gonna get to 270 anyway. ‘

– CBS News (4 Nov 2020; 10.30am EST)


Update – 4 Nov 2020.

From NBC News (4 Nov 2020; 4.30pm EST):

NBC News calls their projection of Michigan to Biden. He has more than 1% lead that is getting greater.

Biden currently has more than 3 million more Popular Votes than Drumpf.

Biden now has 253 votes in the Electoral College.

NBC News projects that the Democratic Party will gain one seat in the Senate – they will have 48 Senators effective January 2021.


(2020 11 05) Latest results (264 to 214) 123466606_2898698080411808_9041484251377305650_nUpdate – 5 Nov 2020.

The latest Popular Vote count:

Biden – 71 million
Drumpf – 68 million.

– BBC News (5 Nov 2020)

CBS News is reporting this morning that Biden has the easiest path to victory. He requires only one state from the east or only both Nevada and Arizona. Whereas, Crooked Drumpf requires essentially every remaining state.

The worst case scenario continues to loom again. America is a failed nation with a failed election system with a failed Constitution if those effects allow Crooked Drumpf to also win his second term with less Popular Votes than Biden. The responsibility for such failure lays in your hands who vote Republi-con, vote for Republi-con obstructionism that blocks Amending our Constitution to install provisions to correct your disgrace.


Additional Resources:


11/05/2020 02:42 am ET Updated 4 hours ago

Eric Trump Busted For Fake Video Of Someone ‘Burning 80 Trump Ballots’
The City of Virginia Beach debunked the footage shared by Donald Trump’s son.

By Lee Moran

Eric Trump was busted on Wednesday for tweeting a fake viral video of what he claimed was someone burning dozens of ballots cast in favor of his father, President Donald Trump.

As the final result of the 2020 election remained undecided, the president’s son retweeted a video that purported to show a man torching 80 ballots for Trump in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Burning 80 Trump Ballots https://t.co/NGC2naMHhR

— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) November 4, 2020
The city of Virginia Beach, however, debunked Eric Trump’s post.

“Those were sample ballots,” the city responded to Trump on Twitter.

Those were sample ballots. Addressed this yesterday. https://t.co/yprxQ7Icqn.

— Virginia Beach (@CityofVaBeach) November 4, 2020
“A concerned citizen shared a video with us that ostensibly shows someone burning ballots,” the city said in a statement on its website. “They are NOT official ballots, they are sample ballots.”

Officials noted “the absence of the bar code markings that are on all official ballots” in a screenshot from the video.

“Fire investigators are looking into the illegal burning,” the city added.

The account that originally posted the clip has now been suspended.

Eric Trump, who late Wednesday falsely claimed that his father had already won Pennsylvania, has not deleted his own tweet.


Briana’s TV news video of DeJoy’s corruption – refusing to comply with a federal court to produce hundreds of thousands of un-delivered ballots.



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