‘Music Saturday – ‘Reminding Me Of Home’’


‘Music Saturday – ‘Reminding Me Of Home’’
(26 Dec 2020)

(2019 06 09) Slimand Me (Thassos -February 1973) 50091091_2252905174984063_633501676090687488_n*

Dear Reader:

Memories at the end of this year reminding me of past years – ‘Reminding me of home.’

It’s now Saturday morning at the United States of America.

Saturday Music time.  Taking time from my posts about politics and Transsexual / Inter-sex issues.  Almost.

Criminals ransacked and burglarised my home several years ago.  Among the losses – they either destroyed or stole nearly all my records – 45s, LPs, 78s.  These selections were among my losses.

‘Thank You’ to you at your YouTube channel for sharing the music, providing the opportunity for me to share these with my social media friends.

Many of these were 45rpm records or LP albums that I bought at V&D Department Store at den Haag, Nederlands.  Be careful how you say that store’s name – ‘vah und dah’, not ‘vah dah’ (as in ‘VD’), otherwise you might be going to the clinic.


Allow me to begin.

From years long ago was this sweet Marmalade song.  I have perhaps a curiously odd specific memory listening to this song on my record player while Slim was barking in the distant background.  A very emotional memory, at that.




(‘You will stay forever in my life.’)


Here’s the flip side song:

‘Ballad of Cherry Flavar’


(‘Bonnie girl.’)


’You dance like a girl.’ said my teen cousins as I danced to their records.



(‘See ya later, alligator.  Be the villain.’)


This was one of the flip-side songs on the ‘super maxi single’ ep.




This was the third song from the ‘super maxi single’ ep.

‘Just One Woman’



I played this 45rpm on my record player the most during 1973 and 1974 – it’s a message of life and friendship echoing in my essence.  I cry with emotions when I hear it again today, now with nearly five more decades of memories.

The New Seekers




One of my school-mates at Dasohori was named Angelina.  I liked her very much; I wanted to be her friend, but she didn’t like me.  I found her on Facebook recently, I tried to rekindle a friendship, but she still doesn’t like me.  Her sister is on my social media ‘Friends’ list.  Maybe she’ll tell Angelina?

‘Mystic Queen’



Followers of my ‘Rock Club Rising’ TV show read in the credits that my production was listed as ‘A Shocking Blue Creation’.  I bought the 45rpm single with these two following songs.

Shocking Blue

‘Rock In The Sea’



‘Broken Heart’



Thank you to YouTube artist DJ Ollywood who created this extended version:

‘Railroad Man’



This was their big charting song throughout Europe in early 1973.  I obtained an edition of the Radio Caroline music magazine from the records section at the den Haag V and D Department store.  Radio Caroline listed this song at the top of their charts.  Years later (April 1978) I submitted this as a song request to BBC World Service’s ‘Sarah Ward – In The Morning’ request show with the dedication ‘to Sharon from Nick’.  My father intercepted the postal card from BBC alerting me to their selection of my request; he demanded that I tell him who is Sharon.

’Eve And The Apple’



Anyone who bought this band’s records can probably still smell their scratch-and-sniff album covers.


Quite a song title and lyrics for 1972.

‘Go All The Way’



‘With You In My Life’



Eh oui voilà!  I first heard this song on VOA France in early 1973.

‘I Wanna Be With You’



Probably, people think of her as most famous for writing the Woodstock theme song.

Joni Mitchell

‘Circle Game’


Bonus #1:

‘Song for Sharon’


Bonus #2:

Neil Young

’Sugar Mountain’


(Kapung Khaf to Alana.)


This cover version was popular when I lived at Greece.  It got quite a lot of air-play.

Buffy Sainte-Marie

‘Circle Game’



It was approximately one year ago (20 Dec 2019) when news came of her passing.

Claudine Longet

‘Hello Hello’



Another message of life.

‘Sunrise Sunset’



‘The Look Of Love’



‘Until It’s Time For You To Go’



’A Man And A Woman’



Her Lynsey De Paul cover.

‘Sugar Me’


(1972 12 00) Dad - Kathy - Nick (Vienna)*

Lynsey De Paul

I first heard this song at a Vienna coffee house where my father, my sister Kathy, and I sipped warm mulled wine (December 1972).  I just HAD to have this song, I did get it while we were still there at Vienna.  It got heavy radio airplay during that time.

‘Sugar Me’



‘Won’t Somebody Dance With Me’



’Doctor Doctor’




Another ethereal concept song for Hippies or Wiccans sitting in a circle passing the joint – ‘reminding me of home’.

‘Lady Eleanor‘



‘Nothing But The Marvelous Is Beautiful’



Thank you to the Resources who contribute to this post, who make this web-site possible.  Acknowledgement and credit goes to those who create their social media content, essays, and images.  Enjoy the current collection of news reports, meme images, and graphics appearing throughout this web-site.

Additional Resources:

Radio Caroline:

🎶 ‘From London, ‘In the Morning’, Sarah Ward’ 🇬🇧


Dear Reader:

Thank you for joining me on this emotional ‘Memories’.

Thank you for visiting this post today.  I hope that this was positive information for you.

Please return for the next episode.

 – Sharon

*(1970 06 00) Slim at Crater Lake (sitting) 62108991_353447288645822_7445126293500198912_n


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