‘Lesbian Visibility Day – 2021’

‘Lesbian Visibility Day – 2021’
(26 Apr 2021)

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Hitler included Trans and LGBTI amongst his targets for his Final Solution, along with Jews, Roma, Communists, Socialists, Unionists, Twins, and the Disabled.

Remember Hitler’s Three Stages to Genocide:

– You have no Rights
– You have no Rights to live amongst us
– You have no Rights to live.

The German medical studies regarding Trans people was amongst the first of NAZI book burning.

– ‘When they burn books, they will burn people!’

And, thus, Hitler sent Trans and LGBTI people to their deaths.

Zuck sent me to his Facebook Jail for posting a well-known photograph of that book burning event in my effort to condemn NAZI book burnings.

To see more, type this into your Internet search:

– (meme – nazi book burning of trans books).

You will read innumerable accounts of NAZI Genocide against Trans and LGBTI people.

Republi-con Drumpfian Trans and LGBTI minions comprise of statistically as many as 40% of Our Community. They are addled enough to think that they are immune from the ravages. Nope. They are too touched to comprehend, that’s what makes them more dangerous.

Niehmoller had it quite accurate. Sooner or later, Hitler (Crooked Drumpf) will come for you when there is no one else remaining to support you.

Yep. Crooked Drumpf is to America as Hitler is to Germany.

At least Germans eventually criminalised Hitler and NAZI.

America seems to embrace its version.  Crooked Drumpf, Republi-cons, Christian Con-servatives pushing their anti-LGBTI legislation amounts to Genocide.


Additional Resources:




United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
(10 Apr 21)

From the seat of a Parisian cinema, world-renowned German physician and sex researcher Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld watched his life’s work go up in flames in a newsreel of the Nazi book burnings.

As part of the book burnings in May 1933, Nazi Storm Troopers led a group of approximately 100 German university students, accompanied by a marching band, to Hirschfeld’s Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin. They stormed and looted the institute’s library, carting away thousands of books.

Hirschfeld was a socialist, feminist, Jewish man and pioneer gay rights advocate who assembled an unprecedented collection of books and other writings that formed the core of the library at the Institute for Sexual Research. The Institute for Sexual Research was founded in 1919 as the first organization with the aim of supporting the scientific research of human sexuality. It employed more than 40 scientists, academics, and community organizers and provided counseling, healthcare, and sex education. The institute and Hirschfeld’s work were especially important for what we would today call the LGBTQ+ community. Hirschfeld had long been an important figure in this community in Germany. Since the late 19th century, he had advocated for the decriminalization of homosexuality. He also worked with the Berlin police to issue passes to protect some trans people from police harassment.

In an effort to “purify” German society and destroy “un-German” literature, the university students who broke into Hirschfeld’s library vandalized the institute and confiscated “un-German” books and journals. Nazis also seized and destroyed research files, photographs, and artifacts as well as lists of names and addresses of people who received services at the institute. The books from Hirschfeld’s library were some of the tens of thousands of books destroyed in the Berlin book burning on May 10, 1933.

In 1934, Hirschfeld’s German citizenship was revoked. He remained in France, where he painstakingly attempted to rebuild his institute. There, he died on his 67th birthday in 1935.


When the students attacked his institute on May 6th, at least one of the trans women who lived there in the dormitories was murdered by the students (her name was Dora Richter). After the Nazis destroyed the building, it was turned into “the institute of studies” which is where the Nazi leaders addressed “the Jewish question and racial hygiene.” The building that used to be where LGBTQ+ residents of Berlin could spend time hanging out, attending classes or lectures, seeing doctors for medical care, or where many trans women actually lived and worked was turned into the laboratory of Arthur Grutt, the doctor who engaged in forced sterilizations in order to keep hereditary diseases being passed on.

The idea that every Dr. Hirschfeld worked for was turned into that is just disgusting. He, and his partner, Karl Guise, both died as German exiles. It’s just absolutely heartbreaking.


Why police single out Trans people for violence.



From June 2020: Police shot and killed Trans people that year.



Louisville, Kentucky, cops beat a BLM protester on camera and surrounded by witnesses. The cop beats the Black man because he knows that he can get away with committing assault.

Hitler’s Stage Three: You have no Rights to live.



Anti-Trans hate Bills are all being written using model legislation. One group in particular, along with their allies, is supplying this hateful fuel.

The Alliance Defending Freedom encourages violence against Trans people through their deliberate campaign of lies, by politicising Trans people, promoting legislation in at least 20 states with Con-servative politicians designed to remove support, encouraging intolerance, and forcing Trans people into the closet.



A man yells racist slurs at an American Olympic athlete, he threatens to attack her. People witnessing this assault do nothing to come to the aid of the athlete.

I know that feeling. I’ve been threatened and attacked at least twice since 2017. These events occurred with other people witnessing the assault – people who observed and did nothing to summon proper authority or to personally come to my aid.



Virginia twaddled for two years when this White cop assaulted an innocent Black man charged only with having an expired inspection sticker. Finally, Virginia did fire the White cop, but blathered that that White cop did nothing wrong, violated no Virginia cop regulations.

There is something incredibly wrong when a state says that a White cop is justified to attack a Black man for nothing more serious than an expired inspection sticker.

There is something incredibly wrong when a state hires a White supremist with a background in the military and known for using his military training to commit his racist violence against the citizens and residents of his state.

When a White cop can assault any citizen without fear of consequences or repercussions, then what’s to prevent White cops, or the greater State police authorities, from committing other more serious acts of violence, including murder, against any of their residents for any minor infraction! That is vigilantism committed by the State. That IS Fascism.



With Crooked Drumpf’s Racism comes Genocide of all groups targeted by their hate.


The Klu Klux Kaucus Will End in Tragedy

The America First movement rises again & it doesn’t take a dog to figure out what that whistle means

Thom Hartmann
2 hr ago
(17 Apr 21)

Well, now they’re just coming right out and saying it.

Several Southern Republican members of the House of Representatives have proposed a Klu Klux Kaucus that will adhere to “Anglo-Saxon” values and vigorously resist allowing any more people of color into America under any circumstances. They’re officially calling it the “America First Caucus.”

The original America First movement started in the autumn of 1940, with open support for Adolf Hitler, loudly promoting their fear that white people in America were subject to being “replaced” by people of color into the fabric of our country. Those engineering this Great Replacement, America Firsters believed, were wealthy, media-connected Jews.

It also openly opposed America doing anything to stop Adolf Hitler after his 1939 invasion of Poland, and was particularly against our engaging in any kind of military action against Germany’s leader.

At its peak, it had 800,000 members including future President Jerry Ford and future US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart. It was largely funded by the mind-bogglingly wealthy rightwing families who owned Sears Roebuck and the Chicago Tribune, the “billionaires” of their day.

The movement’s leader, Charles Lindbergh, addressed the “Jews will not replace us“ issue in one of his most famous America First speeches when he said of Jewish Americans, “Their greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio and our government.“

Small wonder that Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene and Arizona’s Paul Gosar, apologists for the traitors who attacked our republic on January 6th and fellow travelers with uber-racist Donald Trump, are the founding members of this new Kaucus.

In fact, they are quite proud of the racism. According to a document obtained by Punchbowl News, the Kaucus’ main aim is to “follow in President Trump’s footsteps, and potentially step on some toes and sacrifice sacred cows for the good of the American nation.”

State-by-state organizations haven’t been announced, but it won’t be all that difficult for them to set them up and enlist members: all they have to do is buy the mailing lists for the existing Klan and White Citizens Council organizations in each of the Southern states.

America‘s most horrific crimes and our deepest wounds have always involved race. The largest genocide in the history of the world is arguably the near-extermination of Native Americans by European invaders. The slave trade to this country turned the South into a violent ethnonationalist police state. It’s Black residents lived in a state of terror that persists in many ways to this day.

We are still, this time by political proxy, fighting the Civil War, our nation’s bloodiest and most destructive conflict.

Greene, Gosar and others who are promoting this new Kaucus may think they are just conducting the most recent in a long line of racist GOP publicity stunts designed to raise their Fox News media profile and double down on the millions they raise every month promoting division and fear.

But, they are also giving aid and comfort to the traitors who attacked our Capitol on January 6th and tried, for the second time in America‘s history, to end our democratic republican form of government.

They’re contributing to the regional and racial hatred and fear that have, in the past, done so much damage to our republic and destroyed so many lives.

We’ve seen politicians use cheap and rhetorical devices like this to promote hatred and division in other countries.

Without exception, it has ended in disaster.

America must learn the lessons of its past. If we fail to, as the old saying goes, we shall be doomed to repeat our most terrible mistakes.


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2 thoughts on “‘Lesbian Visibility Day – 2021’

  1. It is deeply saddening when religious people attempt to subjugate other humans like this. Hitler was wrong, Drumpf and his cronies were wrong as well. I pray these anti trans and anti lgbt bills getting placed in the south,get overturned. Americans have learned nothing from history…

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