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‘One Kitties, Two Kitties, Three Kitties, Pretty Kitties’ (Part 1)

‘One Kitties, Two Kitties, Three Kitties, Pretty Kitties’ (Part 1)
(28 Jun 2021)

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Welcome, Dear Reader, to this draft as I try to create a diary of my memories of Mommy Stretch, Dora, Eagle, and Shadow.

– Sharon


9 May 21: Mother’s Day.

One item of my focus that day was on drafting a letter to my sister Kathy. Dunno that I so much as planned to actually send it or post it as a public expression, but mostly it was something that I was doing to clean my mind and organise my thoughts about issues at hand.

Also, that weekend, I was getting nostalgic about Slim through my memories triggered by the music of Michel Polnareff.

This song, ‘Âme Câline’, was my theme song for Slim:


That morning began routine. I watched , then transcribed some quotes from, the Sunday morning news interview shows. Next was the hour of old, original ‘Superman’ TV episodes followed by the Sunday binge of ‘The Untouchables’.

I was also composing an essay about my prior name, Nickie. I considered posting that to both my web-site and this Facebook page. It remains incomplete, as well as my draft about my lifetime of experiences in athletics as both Nick / male and Sharon / female.

I have notes about Jenner and makings of another essay to post to my online presence. Ugh! No celebrity Trans people of that useless ilk! Amazing that with all the hundreds of millions of Dollars at one’s disposal, and she comes through FFS looking more as a disaster.

Alana sent a sweet Mother’s Day message to me that morning. Funny how we ourselves would soon be mommies to newborn kitties.

Instead, my attention for the next six weeks would turn to the lives of three of the most cutest kitties in the world.

That must be my possessive Mommy Sharon speaking.


The first neighbourhood cat who friended me, I called her Goldie. She had bright golden hair. There must have been something inside her ear canal. A bug? Grass? There must have been an infection from whatever it was. She frequently shook her head; she would not allow me to touch her ears.

Then came another cat, Spunky. He was mostly dark, black, maybe some golden mix, but not too much. He regularly came to meet me when I arrived home in my car; he was cute watching him bounding through the neighbour’s yards. He sat patiently for me to open the door. He would jump inside car looking through whatever was new; that became a bad idea one day. I thought that Spunky left the car after I finished unloading it. Two days later, I went to use the car to do errands – Spunky was inside, frazzled at his experience. I learned to always check that he was outside the car before I closed the doors.

There was Precious. She was a lighter grey and golden.

Ghost was all grey, as in ‘grey ghost’.

Both Precious and Ghost loved to climb on me and sit on my shoulders – one at each side – whenever I sat outside on the back patio.

Boots is grey with white feet.

We had Lizzie and Patches, similar in appearance to Stretch.

There’s also Midnight who is almost all black, Spot is grey with a white spot on her front chest.

10 May 21:

Last night, Alana and I were sitting on the back patio. We thought that we heard the slight sounds of newborn kittens on Sunday night. We kept hearing mewing, but couldn’t find where it was; I looked around the patio for the source. Patio lighting was dark, I saw nothing Sunday night. We didn’t expect kittens to be right there.

I went outside to the back patio earlier this afternoon, likely some totally routine purpose lost in the eventualities as well as set out fresh food and water for the neighbourhood kitties.

I kept hearing kittens mewing, I again searched to locate the sound, looking for the source of the mewing.

A1B23341-B461-4B8E-8F0C-089749941BD4There was the answer – I discovered a kitten nursery. Mommy Stretch indeed had been pregnant. Stretch found a protected area for her kitties, she made her nursery on my back patio underneath a chair and surrounded by empty boxes, they are all lying on a plastic bag containing some paper towels. Her nursery was well hidden – there were her three newborn kittens whom she birthed on Mother’s Day. Three cute new babies, born probably Sunday night. The triplets are active, hopefully healthy.

One of the kitties started sucking on the plastic. Not good. I found a soft cotton towel to place underneath Mommy Stretch and her kitties, in place of the plastic bag. I am trying to move Mommy Stretch and her triplet kittens onto the towel where they will get comfy.

I then put fruit packing inserts around the back and sides of her nursery to keep the kitties inside.

C4C4FB70-A8DA-48E4-9AA5-BEA63799F674Alana and I looked on Stretch with care for her and her kitties.

I bought kitten food to add to Stretch’s diet, to help improve her mommy’s milk to her babies and to feed to Dora, Eagle, and Shadow when the time came for them to eat from the dish.

I went to check on mommy kitty and baby kitties. I set food and water special for Mommy Stretch. I hoped that she would see or smell the food to go to it.

I hand-fed food to Stretch this afternoon. She was really hungry! I let the crunchies get moist in water so that she got nutrition and water. I left the food and water near her. She’s glad to be getting nourishment to help make milk to feed her little ones.

I would come to learn the personalities of each kitty.

– Dora is named because he is adventurous, eager to explore.

– Eagle was gentle. He was probably the ‘runt of the litter’. I cheered him on as he kept up with his brothers.

– Shadow was good to also explore his environment, he was equally content to find a comfortable place to snooze.

03D363CB-1F94-4722-A776-F626C46EE4FFStretch is a mix of colors – light black with patches of orange gold. So far, the triplets are one black and two tan. I learned to discern between Dora and Eagle with their similar tan appearance – Dora is more an even light tan. Eagle is more a darker tan, dark tan streaked with light tan along his back. Dunno how those colors will remain.


Stretch is amongst the neighbourhood kitties who found solace at my back yard. She is very friendly. She enjoys our human companionship. She enjoys eating the dinner we set out for her and the other cats each night.

Stretch appeared fat for a few weeks. My Bestie Alana and I lovingly called her ‘chubby’. I don’t know that pregnancy was on the high end of my list before that Sunday.

11 May 21:

Alana and I checked on Mommy Stretch and baby kitties before making a run to Goodwill for Senior Day Tuesday.

Mommy Stretch is eating what I hand-feed to her and drinking fresh water what I set for her. I hope that she sees or smells the food to go to it on her own when Alana and I are not here.

Stretch knows that she can get out and exercise in the back yard and on the patio.

She can get to her food and water on her own.

I need to make milk for them – I have powdered milk. NO! Ildi warned me to never feed cow’s milk to kittens. She tells me to read her reference. Do NOT feed cow’s milk to kittens!

13 May 21:

I came outside to check on Mommy Stretch and kitties. Stretch met me when I came outside. She was getting exercise.

All are well. Mommy Stretch is busy.

I moved the fan away and she went back to her babies.

I put a piece of fruit box insert to the side where Stretch can leave.

One of the tan kitties (probably Dora) tried to get out that way.

The black kitty (to be named Shadow) tried to walk out the front. Stretch was quick to grab the kitty and bring it back to her.

14 May 21:

Mommy Stretch is taking good care of her kitties. She was getting exercise when I went outside to set out fresh food and water for her.

15 May 21:

I checked on the nursery and say nighty night to Mama Stretch and her Stretchlettes.

16 May 21 (6pm):

It’s time to check on Stretch and her triplets.

I make my daily check on Mommy Stretch and her kitties.

17 May 21 (3am):

Yep. Stretch seems to know that she can get up, walk around. She isn’t required to be confined to her nursery.

She will sit with Alana or me when we check on them.


Mommy Stretch ate dinner that I set for her at her nursery.

I set out two plates for anyone else who came. We got Lizzie, Spot, Midnight.

I later heard some noises behind me.

Stretch was coming to me, trying to get my attention. I don’t know.

Kitties look okay. Mommy Stretch will lie down with them.

I moved the food.

I saw what was happening.

Stretch was by me. I tried to show her where I moved the food dishes.

I saw Lizzie eating crunchies. Well, so did Stretch. Stretch attacked Lizzie and chased her throughout the yard and alley – I could hear it.

I’m sad for Lizzie. That’s why she doesn’t come around here – she is afraid of Stretch.

I put the box fan in front of Stretch’s nursery for protection from other cats or critters.

18 May 21:

I finally woke up about 10.30am.

I’m outside with Mommy Stretch and her kitties.

Alana and I shall meet and do errands, browse Goodwill for Senior Day discounts, Home Depot, and a pet store (to get de-worm meds for kitties, or whatever we need for them).

19 May 21:

I take more pictures of Mommy Stretch and her kitties.

20 May 21:

Mommy Stretch is doing well. I left dinner with Stretch, she ate her dinner.

Spot came to look at the babies.

I had to put a cardboard sheet to block the front. One of the babies knows how to climb (Dora). Alana says that the little one got in trouble with grandma Sharon for trying to leave the nursery.

I check Mommy Stretch and her kitties at the end of each day. I need to be certain that there are no ants attracted to Stretch’s food.

21 May 21:

I did not install the LED string lights. The patio remains a little dark at night with only one string of LED lights. I’ll do it tomorrow.

I fed Mommy Stretch, checked on the kitties, and set out fresh food and water for the other kitties.

23 May 21:

I tried to nap during the morning and afternoon, but couldn’t.

I came outside late afternoon to watch the kittens and Mommy Stretch.

Other kitties came for dinner.

Alana and I install the second string of LED lights. The lights look nice. They add more, well, light. Better to see the nursery kitties.

24 May 21:

I took more pictures of Mommy Stretch and her kitties.

I set out more of the beef fat for Stretch earlier. She ate that.

I set out fresh water and dinner for the other kitties. I saw Midnight today.


Alana says that the cats seem to like chicken and beef, not pork.

Later, as the day became evening, the evening became night, Alana and I made one last check on Mommy Stretch and her kitties. We say ‘nighty night’ to the kitties.

26 May 21:

Lunar Eclipse this early morning. I stayed up most all night and morning to watch, needed to crash all day.

I go outside at 5pm to check on kitties. I set out fresh water and food.

Alana and I sit on the back patio and watch the kitties.

27 May 21:

I checked on our nursery – Mommy Stretch and kitties – before Alana and I do errands.

28 May (12 noon):

I have been dozing on and off this morning.

I have no particular plans for this weekend. Sleep is all.

Definitely need to sit with Stretch and her kitties. Keep their nursery clean. Bring fresh water and food. I bought a kitten chow mix for the kitties. I have been serving some of it to Stretch so that the special nutrition get to her kitties through her milk.

I dip my finger into the kitty food gravy and try to touch my finger to a kitten’s mouth to teach that this is food. They don’t understand it yet. I read from a cat web-site that kitties will begin eating on their own at three weeks – that’s this weekend.


Where do I find these kitties? Several neighbourhood cats come here to my home. Some are friendly, some come to only eat the food that I set out for them.

Stretch was not friendly at first. I suspect that she may have been a house cat but fled from an abusive human. She gradually came to understand that I am a good human. That is why I feel good that she was comfortable having her kitties here.


3428055A-4C95-4AE0-A1CE-FC657BB47453Mommy Stretch and her kitties keep me busy. Kitties get restless, they want to explore. I then used a cardboard box to make into a nursery box. The nursery box will keep the kittens contained for a short while. The sides of the box don’t completely contain the rambunctious kitties, but helps. One kitty (Dora, the Explorer) knows how to climb out of the nursery box already.

Mommy Stretch is a good mommy cat. She watches her kitties. She knows each one, she counts each kitty to be certain that everyone is there – one kitty, two kitties, three kitties.

506025C9-3C16-4B32-93FE-86514C763662Mommy Stretch knows what to do to keep her kitties inside the box. She also knows how to bring back a kitty if one wanders outside the nursery box, she knows how to grab her kitties by their scruff.

Kittens are almost three weeks old. Not yet ready to eat on their own.

The temperature is getting hot – exceeding 100F. I turn on a fan to help circulate air around the nursery. Stretch likes the breeze.


I went out back, I spent time with Stretch and her kitties.

Kitties are fed.

Mommy and babies are doing well.

Back to sleep for all of us.

29 May 21:

531A7FA9-AE23-4E2E-9EE7-F26EA28E5E15Kitties are rambunctious. They are climbing the nursery box.

I saw what was happening to Eagle (that’s his name). His left eye has too much mucus. It was sealing his eye shut. I used water to gently wash away the mucus. Suddenly he went from lethargic to energised now that he can see.

I wet my finger with water and put my wet finger to each kitty’s mouth. Both Dora and the black kitty (Alana will later name him Shadow) got the concept and licked the water. Eagle will need to learn.

Spot was here watching the kitties when I came outside, but she ran away when I sat down by the nursery box.

My Bestie Alana and I went outside Saturday and did not see Stretch.

I tapped the dinner plates to summon the cats for dinner, still no Stretch.

I have a strong worry.

I don’t see Stretch anywhere.

She is usually here at the patio, especially coming here when I come outside.

By tonight (Saturday), Alana and I begin to know why kittens were anxious and fearful all day – Mommy Stretch abandoned her kitties.

30 May 21:

This past week has been busy.

Mommy Stretch abandoned her three kittens last week.

I’ve been mommy. Bottle feed the kittens. Get the kitties to pee and to poop. Bring the kitties inside my home each night. Sleepless days and nights caring for the kitties.

Dunno what will be their future without their mommy.

Ildi, my Friend from Baan Siri, told me that I should go to a pet store today and ask what to do.

I need to go.

I found a PetSmart on Camelback Road. PetSmart will be open til 7pm today.

Gonna go to the bathroom, take a rinse on the patio, and head to PetSmart.

Kitties will stay inside. Grandma Alana will stay home with kitties, at least they won’t be alone. Her hands are full – more fun with a box full of kitties.

I’ll leave the kitties and their food where Alana can get to them.

Shadow ate a few eye dropppers of gravy.

Even Eagle took one.

Dora doesn’t want to eat yet.

Spot is here on the patio, but no Stretch.


It’s slightly after 12 noon.

I went to PetSmart to buy some kitties supplies on Sunday.

As I walked from the bus stop, I realised which PetSmart this is. It’s by Fry’s and Best Buy.

I’ll start looking for something for kitties.

Meanwhile, at home with Grandma Alana, Dora has been asleep on her lap a long time. Shadow cried and cried, finally just settled down with Eagle. Everyone is listening to some New Age music, Alana thinks that it’s helping.


The time is 1pm. I’m at the Highland / 16th Street bus stop. Free WiFi. I send a text to Alana – I’ll be home soon.

Grandma Alana and kitties nodded off – three precious babies asleep on Grandma Alana’s lap.

I arrived home at 2pm. I’m hot. Gotta do a patio shower to cool down, and take a nap.

I woke up at 7pm.

I’ll take the kitties outside for fresh air and more dinner.

31 May 21 (Monday afternoon, 5pm):

I am inside for the day. Other than when I went to the bathroom a few hours ago, kitties have been outside their nursery box and exploring my bed and surroundings. Kitties don’t like being inside their nursery box.

Alana is not sure that she’d want them on her bed now that their plumbing is functioning. So far, Alana, no leaks.

Alana had another good thought – the kitties would like a plastic crate better than their cardboard box. They could see out the plastic crate and get airflow thru it

Yes. We can try that. There are spare plastic crates outside. I really need to go outside and get kitties more food.

1 Jun 21 (midnight):

Shadow woke up, fussing. I brought him out. He ate several gulps of formula.

I applied some of the saline water to Eagle’s eye. It washed off the mucus. He can see!

I thought that kitties and I were settled for the night. I heard a loud mewing. Shadow is hungry for a late night snack.

91851D09-F673-46E9-813A-E8A86CE41B34My concern is if anyone climbs out of their nursery box. I need to be aware of this; I need to count the kitties – one kitties, two kitties, three kitties. I make certain that everyone is inside their nursery box any time I wake up to go to the bathroom.

Good news! Shadow peed on the cardboard.

Shadow insists that he sleep outside his nursery box. I’m reluctant. I’ll place him on me and put my arms around him to feel if he tries to go anywhere. He must miss his Mommy Stretch.

Guess what else Shadow just did? I’ll have to wait til later to clean up.

But Shadow refuses to sleep inside his nursery box. He’s now insisting to sleep cuddled beside me. No, I need to move him back to lie down on me so that I can put my arms around him to alert me when he moves.

He fell asleep a short time ago. I put him into his nursery box. He continued sleeping for only a few minutes, then began climbing the box to get out.

Another short time later and Shadow is fast asleep now.

1 Jun 21 (Tuesday afternoon):

Kitties have been sleeping on me since this morning; I can’t move much. Shadow is purring.

I keep feeding them when they are hungry.

I think that I am discerning each of their individual mews. Shadow is high pitch. Dora has a gurgle. Eagle is low pitch.

Kitties refuse to stay inside their nursery box.

I’m going to take the kitties outside now (4pm).

This is not easy trying to put kitties to someplace safe as I try to position myself. They all three go from chaos demanding food, to squirming for a nap location, to dozing.

2 Jun 21:

One of the kitties peed on the cardboard. Yay!

They all wanted more snack.

Ildi told me to watch instructional YouTube videos to get kittens to poop and pee.

I think that I fell asleep after 5am. Maybe 6am?

We came outside about 9am. I tried to get kitties to poop. They pee okay.

Eagle pooped on his own.

Then Dora pooped.

Shadow still has not pooped.

Kitties have been napping.

I dozed for a few minutes.

I hosed the back patio with water several times to cool the area. The water dries fast. I’m not in a good position to do it again right now.

3 Jun 21:

I was planning to take the kitties outside in the early morning.

They ate breakfast. They peed.

I thought that I got them to sleep inside their nursery box long enough for me to go to the bathroom and then take them outside.


I was busy busy trying to keep feeding the kitties and refill their bottle. It got to be after 11am. I figured that there was no point that late. It was already hot outside.

Kitties settled down and I could take a nap – short ones anyway – this afternoon.

I try to keep their bottle full and ready. All three demand feeding at the same time. They drink a full bottle at one feeding now.

Dora is getting to be quite a tear and terror. He demands first feeding. He will scratch his brothers to get the bottle first – scratch their face and eyes. Maybe this is how Eagle and Shadow got their eye injuries; I notice how Dora has no eye injury.

Right now, Shadow is snoozing on my chest. He is regularly purring when he sleeps on my chest.

Can’t quite see the others to know which – one is sleeping between my legs and the other is wedged by my right side.

Today has been a lesson for me. I need to act quickly. Sometimes they all want to eat at the same time. Then it’s one at a time – one eats while the other two snooze.

Rare when all three sleep, and for long.

Kitties played round robin, moving from place to place.

Then they each wanted to eat.

I finished feeding everyone now, they are snoozing on me. Time to refill the bottle.


I am getting things ready to go outside with kitties (6pm).

I’ll try to work transitioning kitties to eat from a dish of moist biscuit ‘cookies’.

Kitties have all eaten tonight’s supper from the bottle.

Shadow peed on the cardboard.

Dora is now playing with a paper towel.

They are not as squirming now.

4 Jun 21 (3am):

The kittens’ nursery box is secure, but kitties don’t want to stay inside.

Kitties can sleep on me. They are asleep on my stomach.

I placed the cap with some gravy and moist biscuit ‘cookies’ inside their nursery box in case they get hungry and want to try to eat on their own.

(12 noon):

The kitties and I went outside for a few hours Friday morning.

Eagle tried to eat. He put his nose into the dish a few times.

Both Shadow and Dora still refuse to eat from the dish.

Kitties are getting sluggish, slow, no energy. I may need to give the bottle to them, if briefly.

Ildi insists that I take the kitties to a veterinarian. First, I need to find a few and ask for an appointment or exam. How will we ever get them there? We don’t have our own vehicle. Will the bus allow kitties?


There is no emergency or stand-by service.

I make an appointment for Monday:

Your request has been sent to Animal Care Hospital of Phoenix. They will contact you shortly to confirm the date and time.

Patient Name: Eagle, Dora, Shadow (3 kittens)

Client Name: Sharon Nichols

Date and Time

– First Choice: 6/7/2021 at 10:00AM

– Second Choice: 6/7/2021 at 11:00AM


* Three kittens born 9 May 21. Abandoned by their mother this week. I bottle feed kitten food. They pee and poop okay. They are not taking food in a dish. I don’t know what to do. *

Use our app to manage your pet’s profile and records.



I’m inside now. It’s too hot outside.

I fed the bottle to all three kittens when I came inside.

I came back to my bedroom and found two poops. That’s good.

Kitties are inside, sleeping on their towel.

Eagle woke up.

Both Dora and Eagle are hungry for more, they want their bottle.

Eagle will be snoozing with her sisters.


Alana will go shopping for a kitty carrier today.

First stop – PetSmart. Nothing on the shelf. Do they have the other carrier ‘in the back’? Or else order it? Maybe PetSmart can deliver the pet crate to this Camelback store by tomorrow morning.

She’ll try Target on Camelback Road just east of 16th Street. Nothing.

Goodwill on Indian School / 16th Street? Nothing.

Struck out at Target also.

Maybe try Walmart also.

Alana got the carrier. We’ll use it to go to the vet tomorrow morning.

Alana also bought chocolate ice cream to celebrate the kitties going to the veterinarian tomorrow. Oh, yummy! I shall not refuse chocolate ice cream.


Dora had another drink.

All three kittens are napping and quiet.


Shadow woke up, just drank half the bottle.


The vet did not call. Or maybe I did not know that they called.

Eagle was sitting on my chest, snoozing. He woke up and wanted his bottle. Then he peed on me. I can’t move. Eagle is back to sleep.

Dora and Shadow are snoozing now.


Alana arrives home.

I have two kitties to wake up.

5 Jun 21:

(Continued on next post.)




30 May (7am):

Dora is quite active. Shadow, a little bit less.

Eagle has something happening to her left eye – excess mucus. It forces her left eye to close. I try to wash her eye with water, that will help temporarily. She gets sluggish when her eye closes from the mucus, then becomes active when she can see again. She is not too readily accepting me to clean her eye, she does not understand.

Bad news. I went to check on kitties and Stretch yesterday afternoon. Spot was near the nursery box, but no Stretch. Seems that Stretch and Spot were becoming friends, maybe that explains why Spot was usually nearby.

Spot went away when I looked inside the nursery box.

Oh, well, I thought. Stretch will be here soon. She has been so attentive.

Alana and I sat outside on the patio til after 1am this morning. Still no Stretch.

I tried to feed kitties. I used the kitten chow and made gravy, then used an eye dropper to feed the kitties. Dora and Midnight kinda got the idea, Eagle doesn’t get the concept, she wants mommy.

I brought the kitties inside. I put the nursery box next to me. I tried to feed the kitties. Midnight took a couple servings, neither Dora nor Eagle wanted anything.

31 May (3pm):

I went to PetSmart yesterday to buy kitten supplies. I bought a feeding bottle and eye wash.

Alana came to babysit the kitties while I was away.

The kitties are eating well. I use kitten chow and make gravy from it. I feed the gravy to the kitties. It contains kitten nutrients. Cat web-sites say to never feed cow milk to kittens.

Alana and I spent most of Sunday afternoon and evening til past 11pm sitting on the back patio allowing the kitties to roam.

They slept with me – they inside their nursery box.

All day today, they have been sitting with me in my bed, sitting on me.

I feed them when they are hungry. They let me know – they mew quite loudly.

They are sleeping now – cuddling on my leg.

The kittens are cute and seem to enjoy their surroundings. That’s good. It’s good you’re staying occupied.

1 Jun (11am):

The kitties were not wanting to sleep in their nursery box last night and this morning. They slept on me.

I feed them when they mew for their bottle.

I am hearing and learning their different mews. Each one is different.

Shadow is a high squeak.

Eagle is a lower mew.

Dora kinda strings out her mew.


I bought a bag of kitten chow at the Fry’s grocery store.

The instructions say that kitties can begin consuming this at three weeks old. Kitties were born 9 May (Mother’s Day). They are four weeks old.

I don’t directly feed the solid dry food to the kitties.

I add water to make gravy. I put the gravy into a baby bottle and feed the gravy to the kitties.

Gradually, the dry food fully absorbs the water and I can then mix everything together because it is all liquid.

Kitties eat whenever they are hungry.

2 Jun (2pm):

I wanted to bring the kitties outside early today. We came outside about 9.30am. The temperature was okay.

It’s 2pm and hot. The weather bunnies forecast today’s high at 105F.

4 Jun (11am):

The kitties and I went outside for a few hours.

Eagle tried to eat. She put her nose into the dish a few times.

Both Shadow and Dora still refuse to eat from the dish.

Kitties are getting sluggish, slow, no energy. I may need to give the bottle to them, if briefly.

I’m inside now. It’s too hot.

The kitten food is good beginning at three weeks old. Kitties are four weeks old, going on five weeks.

I fed two whole bottles of kitten food liquid to all three kittens. They are sleeping now.

I went away a few minutes from where they are, I came back to two poops and pee. That’s good.

I made an appointment with a veterinarian on Monday.morning.

7 Jun (8pm):

I was supposed to have an appointment with a veterinarian this morning. The vet refused to see the kitties.

It’s more of an issue about their appointment schedule application and not really the vet.

The vet did take a brief look at the kitties and told me that they all seem in reasonably good health.

Mommy Stretch has not been here since a week ago Saturday.

Stretch’s friend Spot wanders through my back yard each day. Maybe she is seeing that the kitties are in good shape.

Today, Spot actually sat and watched both Alana and I care for the three kittens.

I certainly can not keep any kitties. I have no wherewithal for them as a single elderly woman. Can’t afford them. I have no way to keep them inside as house cats. Someday soon, they will need to fend for themselves.

I am hoping that maybe someone through the veterinarian will adopt all three together. I really think all three must stay together.

Cute pictures of the light colored kitty. Bright pink pads on the bottom of the feet. Do the kitties need to be dewormed?
9 Jun (11am):

Sad news.

Eagle died early morning Tuesday.

The kitties and I came inside early early Tuesday morning (maybe 12 midnight or 1am.

Only Dora came out of the carrier. Both Shadow and Eagle stayed inside, same as night before.

Dora slept with me.

Dora frequently woke me to feed her. I fed her. Both Shadow and Eagle also ate well before we came inside the house.

I awoke about 9.30am. I brought Shadow from the carrier.

Next I looked inside. Eagle was still. I attempted to wake her. She did not move. I lifted her from the carrier – she was dead.

Do not know why she died, how she died.

Alana and I were crying all day.

We buried Eagle by a tree in the back yard.

Both Eagle and Dora are kinda tan.

Eagle was a little darker than Dora. Eagle had faint streaks of darker hair.

Eagle is the kitty looking at the dish of food.

There is a picture of all three in front of a box. Eagle is on the right side.

10 Jun (7pm)

Eagle, Dora, and Shadow snuggled together when they slept, now only Dora and Shadow. They probably comprehend that Eagle is gone, they do not understand why.

Dora, especially, and Shadow will express themselves. They paw my face – tapping gently, no claws.

I took them to the veterinarian for their first visit.

The vet examined them and assured me that these kitties are reasonably healthy and to return in a few weeks when they are eligible for vaccines and de-worm.

This has been a responsibility that I didn’t expect.

I can’t keep these kitties as pets, they will remain outdoor neighbourhood cats.

I want the best for them.

I told the vet that if someone wants kittens, they would need to take both together as a pair. They need to stay with each other.



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Never having been a mommy kitty, I browsed the Internet for web-sites to help care for kitties. I found this site most helpful.


Ildi offered this web-site for me.



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