‘19 Years And Counting – Up-date 20 Years Ago’

‘19 Years And Counting – Up-date 20 Years Ago’
(11 Sep 2021)

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Dear Reader:

From a Facebook ‘Memories’ from two years ago, of an event 20 years ago. 

This is a long, extended narrative.  Please feel free to read parts at a time, return for more at another visit to read the resource references.


And the evidence continues to support my position, a position similar to hundreds of thousands (of millions ?) of others who prefer to question the Baby Bush narrative, rather than blindly accepting it. 

First.  I am not a denier. I am wiling to accept that something happened.  The problem is that the people and their entities who present their claims tell too many lies – The Big Lie – to hold even the smallest semblance of either honesty or reality.

Second.  I refuse to accept the Baby Bush narrative that eventually became the Amerikan narrative sufficient to convince people to go to wars against innocent Iraq and Afghanistan civilians, who knows how many other innocent civilians around the world.  I submit that the true perpetrators are Baby Bush, his criminal gang including the Saudi and the bin Laden families, the Republi-con Party, other hangers on.  And at least a hundred million Amerikans who gladly go along with the Big Lie to support their touched religious ideology.

In recent news, there are reports about the released ‘9 / 11’ Classified documents.  These documents are highly redacted – especially the information about the Saudi connections.  There was no simple coincidence that a dozen Saudis took in an American lifestyle against the strict doctrines of their Islamic ideology and attended American flight school out of simple curiosity, that they each merely happened to fly on the same planes armed with box cutters. 

Yep. We’ll not know during our lifetimes about the truths about the Saudi connections of ‘9 / 11’ with Baby Bush during these past decades.

Another simple example.  I was watching broadcast network news last evening.  They made no special claim to the videos that they presented, merely the same on-site footage that they repeatedly showed throughout these past two decades.  There again:

 – The Pentagon.  The damaged building is obvious, but there is no damage to the sides of the entry blast and its destruction.  There are no signs of airplane wings, no signs of luggage or passengers, no signs of a fireball from jet fuel as they showed of the World Trade Center.  Broadcast network news has shown what they say is ‘security footage’ of the impact – it appears to be a rocket (was it what is called a SCUD Missile?), not a jet airliner.

 – Pennsylvania.  Video footage shortly after impact shows only a crater; no aircraft, no evidence of passengers’ remains and luggage, no evidence of a jet fuel fireball as seen at the World Trade Center.  Yet news will show footage of other, actual airplane crashes, of debris scattered widely throughout the site.

We have seen several times during these past two decades when crazed religious extremists seized passenger airliners, disconnected the aircraft’s radar location devices, re-routed them, and simply ‘disappeared’ – perhaps landed somewhere in hostile nations, perhaps these crazed suicidal ideologues crashed somewhere remote.  Perhaps that, or any other reasoned possibility, is the true fate of those two planes.

There it was that morning – nothing would be left to coincidence.   It was the most shocking attack against sovereign America territory since The Philipines and Pearl Harbor.  Meanwhile, that day in September 2001 would be Baby Bush’s ‘showtime’ waiting for his close-up, Mr. DeMille.  Right on cue and in proper character, there was Baby Bush sitting quietly in his chair before a classroom of students and The Press.

Baby Bush repeatedly said so himself – he lamented that his father never was that ‘Wartime President’.  Baby Bush waited so long for this time, his time.  Now he would be that ‘Wartime President’.

FB_IMG_1631568908313Further, this would be Baby Bush’s personal fulfillment for his very own Military-Industrial-Government Complex piggy bank despite prior Presidents warning against it.  It was Baby Bush’s Harkin.  It was Cheney’s Halliburton.  It was abundance for each and every Neo-Con insider:  Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, Libby, the entire gang. 

‘Bush lied!  People died!’

Both the naive and the deliberate volunteers to Baby Bush’s War on Terror perished – Afghanistan, Iraq, wherever they were sent to conduct Extraordinary Rendition.  They died on behalf of the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rice-Powell et al war machine designed to make wealth and profits for themselves while they imposed Austerity upon the rest of the American population and, hey, impoverished the rest of the world.  Papa Bush rescued his Kuwait oil fields, Baby Bush rescued his Iraq oil fields – all is well with the world of the Wealth Class elite. 

Baby Bush soaked in that moment for several minutes with all his thoughts rummaging through his touched brain.  He already knew exactly what he needed to do and he would do it all for the Public’s consumption – he had to make his public display appear shocked, surprised – looking at anyone, looking at no one.  Secret Service did not need to remove him from his chair, Secret Service did not need to immediately whisk him away to safety.  He already knew exactly what was happening.

Remember.  It’s not up to me to prove my suspicions – my ‘Reasonable Doubt’.  The responsibility for Truth sets upon those in government authority telling their story, that each and every claim must be supported by evidence to prove their assertions beyond ‘Reasonable Doubt’, same as any Court of Law.  When one statement is false, then the jury is allowed to decide that all statements are false and to regard all testimony as perjury.

As with the harsh reality of Truth in historical events, the Truth of ‘9 / 11’ will not be known or revealed during any one of our lifetimes of we who are alive today.  Truth will be the responsibility of future historians and their history books.

My heart prays for the people who lost their loved ones in the events of ‘9 / 11’ and subsequent acts, people most denied Truth.

This was hardly Republi-cons’ first efforts at insurrection.  Nixon was expert with his CIA foreign insurgencies.  Nixon’s first acts of foreign Insurrection included Congo, Iran, Guatemala, his attempt to re-take Cuba – to name a few.  Nixon sought to impose Fascism wherever he intervened in other nations’ self-determination.

September 11th is also the date in 1973 when Nixon and his CIA overthrew Democratically-elected Salvador Allende of Chile and installed Fascist dictator Pinochet; then came Argentina and Brasil, and ‘Disappear’ your political ‘enemies’.  That’s one of those times when I remember where and when I heard that news.

   – Sharon


I fell asleep til about 4.30am this morning.  I came inside to watch some early network news commemorating ‘9 / 11’.  I watched a segment of people reading the names of those who died 20 years ago.  Then back to sleep til about 9am.

I wrote a narrative to update today’s Facebook ‘Memories’ of ‘9 / 11’ (see above).  I hit ‘Post’ at about 11am on Saturday, 9 Sep 21., but the ‘Memories’ up-date was not there on my Facebook page.

It appeared to my suspicions that Zuck was in the process of censoring my Memories post of ”9 / 11′.

Then I posted a second ‘Memories’ with minimal comment.

Will Suckerburg also censor this second post?
Suckerburg eventually held my ‘Memories’ update for about an hour.  Why?  What was the reason for Zuck’s delay?
Was it my comment about suspecting Zuck and his Algo-bots of censorship that restored my original ‘Memories’ to Facebook?
Zuck apparently sent it to his censorship hole, then released it. 
Thus, here I am posting my ‘Memories’ as an up-date to my original web-site post including today’s comments.  This will keep my writing beyond the clutches of censorship of Zuck and Company.  If Suckerburg sends me to his Facebook Jail, then that post will safely be here.
 – Sharon

I wrote this following composition and posted it to social media last year:


As you wake up this morning on the anniversary of the ‘9 / 11’ event, you can read my perspective about what happened.

I was still at home the morning of that day – 11 Sep 2001 – awake since 4am local time (7am NYC time).

I was routinely recording the morning TV news broadcast on my bedroom VCR.  I watched as the station switched to the emergency network news reporting caused by the event.  I watched events as they would unfold ‘live’ on the TV that morning.

My two VCRs (adding the VCR in the living room) recorded the TV coverage the entire time before I went to work, then while I was at work that day, that evening when I returned home from work, and continued that night. My VCRs were working overtime for the next few days.

I flipt through the channels for a variety of news coverage from one broadcaster to another and local stations versus national networks.

I saw it ‘live’ as the news station went from the mundane of routine early morning reporting to the news alert cut-in about the first plane crash.  Then I saw ‘live’ what appeared to be the second plane crash into the World Trade Center tower.  But was either crash an actual event that we saw?  Or was there an exaggeration presented to the TV audience?

I do not accept the common fable presented by Baby Bush.

We know that Baby Bush was itching for a reason to invade Iraq, overthrow Hussein, and steal their oil. Bush boasted earlier in 2001:

– ‘It’s all about the oil.  Saddam tried to kill my daddy.’

Don’t tell me that the Afghanistan Taliban concocted the entire ‘attack’.  That’s a bogus assertion.  Republi-cons have been tied to the Afghanistan Taliban since Reagan in 1980.  Reagan supported, financed, trained, armed Afghanistan Taliban.  Reagan declared 21 Mar 1983 as ‘Afghanistan Day’ to annually honour and support the Taliban and al Qaeda, his buddies.  Today there are complaints about Crooked Drumpf inviting the Taliban to Camp David.  Not one Republi-con complained when Reagan hosted their Taliban and al Qaeda cohorts to spend many days at Camp David during Reagan’s terms.

See my essay at my web-site about Reagan and his Taliban connections:


Reagan initially declared his Afghanistan Taliban honour in 1981; he made it legal in 1987 in the very midst of his presidency’s collapse under the weight of his ‘Iran-Contra’ scandal.  Reagan’s Taliban begat al Qaeda, whom he also trained, financed, and armed.  These are among other impeachable offences that should have been issued against Reagan, but partisan Republi-cons and feckless Democrats failed the American people.  The rest is history.

– ‘The Taliban are terrible people.  You do not sit down with them and expect anything good.  Taliban are thugs.  You can’t believe anything they say.’

– – Pat Robertson, R (his CBN TV ‘700 Club’ show, 11 Sep 2019)

Looks like Robertson disagrees with Reagan.  And Papa Bush.  And Baby Bush.  And Crooked Drumpf.  And Robertson’s own Republi-con Party.

Baby Bush had been using Powell as Bag Man delivering briefcases filled with millions of Dollars in cash to the Taliban Theocracy government of Afghanistan.  The latest was August 2001.

Powell would later be infamous for his presentation to the United Nations – showing a Baby Bush map of Iraq oil fields in preparation for their invasion.

Baby Bush’s name for the invasion was ‘Operation Iraq Liberation’ – OIL for those who need help.

Comparing the size of the World Trade Center towers to the size of the jet planes does not appear accurate to me.  Those passenger jets would be much larger than the planes shown to have hit the Towers.

The hole in the ground at Pennsylvania left no evidence of a plane crash – no debris, no luggage, no human remains.  How can that be?  That Jet Blue crash into the Florida marsh left remnants of the plane, the luggage, the human deceased.

If these Afghan Taliban ‘terrorists’ really wanted to create ‘terror’, then they would have waited a couple more hours for maximum ‘terror’ value – to do this at 10am or 11am NYC time when those World Trade Center towers would have been packed with 30.000 people each, not during the 8am hour when there were barely 5.000 people present at both towers.  The New York City metropolitan business day begins about 10am.  That 8am time when this happened was when only a relatively small number of early bird people were at work, the majority of New Yorkers were still at home in bed or beginning their commute to work.

– ‘The towers, rather than falling over, collapsed.’

– – Pat Robertson, R (his CBN TV ‘700 Club’ show, 11 Sep 2019)

I produced a film about the demolition of Salt Lake City’s Hotel Newhouse in 1983.  I was the last civilian on the scene within the perimeter before the demolition.  I watched the demolition.  I filmed the demolition.  High rise and skyscraper demolition occur in an orderly, not random, collapse.  The World Trade Center towers collapsed orderly.  This tells me that something was set in those Towers – charges to effect the orderly collapse.  I’m not alone, professionals have established far more than I have any expertise to describe here.

Then we know that no commercial passenger airliner crashed into the Pentagon.  There was damage to the building, for certain.  But there were no damages at the sides of the entry – damage that should be evident by the wings of that aircraft.  There would have been wings ripped off the fuselage, jet fuel, an explosive ball of jet fuel same as what the fable tells us that happened at the World Trade Center towers.  But there was no ball of jet fuel, no explosion.  There are no wings lying on the ground.  See that WSB TV montage – six rows down, left picture – the Pentagon shows the absence of lateral damage, absence of jet fuel explosion that should have been caused by the wings ripped off of a jetliner.

As for the hijackers.  At least 11 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi, there were no Afghani hijackers.  Why did Baby Bush not invade Saudi Arabia?  The Bush family and the Saudi family are old family friends and oil business pardners from the 1920s.  Of course, the Bush family is also tied to the bin Laden family as well.

– ‘It’s terror.  Somebody destroyed a couple buildings.’

– – Pat Robertson, R (his CBN TV ‘700 Club’ show, 11 Sep 2019)

The defining Element of Fascism is ‘Terror upon the population’.  This entire United States ‘War on Terror’ has been a boon to the Military-Industrial-Government Complex. War profiteering is at its greatest.  Cheney’s Halliburton has grown to a multi-billion Dollar pot o’ gold money-making machine.  Politically, this created a definitive shift to Fascism in Amerika.  Baby Bush and his War Hawk administration declared martial laws.  Our local police are armed and operated as a military unit, not as a civilian government agency; suspects are treated as ‘terrorists’.  Baby Bush’s Patriot Acts is a testament to the honour of Hitler’s Enabling Acts.

– ‘The dust was said to be safe.  Instead, it contains thousands of toxins.’

– – Pat Robertson, R (his CBN TV ‘700 Club’ show, 11 Sep 2019)

Remember when Republi-con Mayor Smoochie Giuliani assured all those First Responders working at Ground Zero?  Of course, Mayor Smoochie wore his face mask.  Meanwhile, he guaranteed that the air was safe, the debris was not hazardous.  We all knew better.  Instead, the air and debris contained those ‘thousands of toxins’.  First Responders, local employees, nearby residents, school children are riddled with disease and illness caused by those ‘thousands of toxins’.  Meanwhile, Congressional Republi-cons and Crooked Drumpf staunchly oppose medical care and compensation for the hundreds of thousands (dare I say millions) of citizens and residents and visitors and tourists, all whose health was destroyed by this event.

As with any event, those of us with skepticism are not required to present every minutiae of facts to dispute that common narrative, but only to cast legitimate reasonable doubt to that common narrative.  In the method as I studied and wrote about the Kennedy / Oswald assassinations, here I presented that reasoned doubt about that ‘9 / 11’ fable.

The events of ‘9 / 11’ and the respect for the loss of life are tainted by the lies of this common narrative.

I am a skeptic about what actually happened and why.

It’s interesting how Pat Robertson, staunch Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalist, loyal Republi-con, admirer of Crooked Drumpf, makes my case.

There are people who find solace in the religion of their choice.  Then there are crtain elements of religion that is obviously fraught with hate, bigotry, prejudice.

Here at Arizona, a Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalist went on a shooting spree days after the ‘9 / 11’ event.  He targeted anyone who did not appear ‘Amerikan’, he sought to kill Moslems.  Instead, he murdered Sikhs because the men wore their turban.  Those Sikh men were minding their own lives, conducting business among the community.

I’m not blind.  I read about Moslem Theocrats and Sikh separatists attacking and killing people of other religions

Here at my nation, I fear White Right-wing Republi-con Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalists and White supremacists and kluxers and Amerikan NAZIs far more than I fear Moslems, or Sikhs, or Atheists.  The former are actively committing murder here, are working to destroy Constitutional Rights for everyone but themselves while Crooked Drumpf calls them ‘fine people’.


The ‘9 / 11’ images:


A montage of images from WSB TV station’s videos.

Six rows down, left side:  clean damage to the Pentagon, no lateral destruction where wings were supposed to have been ripped off the fuselage and jet fuel exploded.  (Tap image to enlarge.)


A montage of images from WSB TV station’s videos.

Transcript of voice messages from passengers of the doomed passenger planes, air traffic controllers, operators.  Pawns in a greater act of ‘Terrorism’ by the Amerikan government.  (Tap image to enlarge.)


A montage of images from WSB TV station’s videos.

Note the relative size of the aircraft versus the World Trade Center towers.  The plane appears large in some views, miniature in other views.  (Tap image to enlarge.)


War Criminals:

– Rumsfeld, Bush, and Cheney.


Homegrown Amerikan NAZIs, White supremacists, kluxers, Christian Con-servatives are today’s domestic terrorist.


Once the Grifter, always the Grifter.


Crooked Drumpf’s sacrilege claims in the wake of the demolition of the World Trade Center towers.  He expressed no concern for the loss of life, the families devastated by the destruction.  Nope.  Crooked Drumpf boasted that his skyscraper was the tallest building in New York City with the collapse of the World Trade Center towers.




Another year passed, another year for me to assess what happened, to determine the potential level of importance and applicability of any new information.

My perspective remains as a skeptic to the standard, spoon-fed story-line.  The bottom line does not changed my conclusions – Baby Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, and their Republi-con gang of Amerikan Fascists decided that they needed any excuse to foment terror upon the citizenry.  The public bought exactly what fairy tale that Baby Bush was selling – hook, line, and sinker.

Baby Bush was not the first Fascist Amerikan President.  That honour goes to Coolidge.  It was Hoover, during Coolidge’s Presidency, who met with Mussolini during the mid-1920s to establish their alliance between the  Republi-con Party and Mussolini’s Fascist Party.

Hoover campaigned for President on that infamous Fascist slogan:

– ‘A chicken in every pot.’

Why do you think that the Republi-con Party and its members opposed America’s entry into WW2 against Hitler and Mussolini?  Republi-cons supported the NAZI and Fascist regimes, they strenuously opposed the USSR’s Communism of that time.

Look at every Republi-con President since the 1920s, every Republi-con Congress since the 1920s – Fascism at its core, growing stronger at each new administration, each new term.

Look at Crooked Drumpf.  He is the beneficiary of Baby Bush’s militarisation of the civilian police.  Tanks, armour, rocket launchers, tear gas, and all manner of gear used for war now flourishes as standard issue to your local Blue Line Fascist thuggery.  Look at whom Crooked Drumpf targets – Black Lives Matter, Anti-Fa, 99%-ers, etc. – We the People.  These Drumpfian and Deplorable Fascist armed vigilantes disguise themselves, they go around infiltrating peaceful protests, they loot and destroy property, they commit assault and murder – all with the blessings and impunity of their political cohorts.  Meanwhile, these Drumpfian Fascist police assault and murder the peaceful protestors with no consequences for their crimes.

And know that you did this – each and every one of you who vote Republi-con, voted for Crooked Drumpf, will again vote Republi-con and for Crooked Drumpf.

– Sharon


Additional Resources:

(As if you need me to refer you to other source material after all these years!)


From last year (2019):





For this year (2020):

Brian Sweeney’s last voicemail on ‘9 / 11’.



Crooked Drumpf skimmed from the ‘9 / 11’ relief fund.



Jon Stewart speaks to Congress about relief for First Responders.



This is Drumpf’s Amerika.




The 6 Weirdest Things We’ve Learned Since 9/11
David Wong
September 11, 2013

Hey, guys — I’m starting to think we overreacted to the terrorism thing.

It hit me last year as I was standing in the naked airport scanner again, listening to the faint gasps and then applause from the monitoring booth, and realized that I wouldn’t put up with that hassle to ward off the threat of, say, lightning. You know, like if scientists had figured out that you could reduce the already miniscule chance of being struck by merely standing outside and showing God your dick.

Anyway, that made me look back at the lessons we’ve learned in the 12 years since the 9/11 attacks, and I’ve got to say, it’s not encouraging.  For instance, we found out that …

Terrorism Totally Works!


For this year (2021):


Heather Cox Richardson
September 11, 2021 ·

September 11, 2021 (Saturday)

But even in 2001, that America was under siege by those who distrusted the same democracy today’s events commemorated. Those people, concentrated in the Republican Party, worried that permitting all Americans to have a say in their government would lead to “socialism”: minorities and women would demand government programs paid for with tax dollars collected from hardworking people—usually, white men. They wanted to slash taxes and government regulations, giving individuals the “freedom” to do as they wished.

In 1986, they had begun to talk about purifying the vote; when the Democrats in 1993 passed the so-called Motor Voter law permitting people to register to vote at certain government offices, they claimed that Democrats were buying votes. The next year, Republicans began to claim that Democrats won elections through fraud, and in 1998, the Florida legislature passed a voter ID law that led to a purge of as many as 100,000 voters from the system before the election of 2000, resulting in what the United States Commission on Civil Rights called “an extraordinarily high and inexcusable level of disenfranchisement,” particularly of African American voters.

It was that election that put George W. Bush in the White House, despite his losing the popular vote to Democrat Al Gore by more than a half a million votes.

Bush had run on the promise he would be “a uniter, not a divider,” but as soon as he took office, he advanced the worldview of those who distrusted democracy. He slashed government programs and in June pushed a $1.3 trillion cut through Congress. These measures increased the deficit without spurring the economy, and voters were beginning to sour on a presidency that had been precarious since its controversial beginnings.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, hours before the planes hit the Twin Towers, a New York Times editorial announced: “There is a whiff of panic in the air.”

And then the planes hit.

“In our grief and anger we have found our mission and our moment,” Bush said. America had seemed to drift since the Cold War had ended twelve years before, but now the country was in a new death struggle, against an even more implacable foe. To defeat the nation’s enemies, America must defend free enterprise and Christianity at all costs.

In the wake of the attacks, Bush’s popularity soared to 90 percent. He and his advisers saw that popularity as a mandate to change America, and the world, according to their own ideology. “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists,” he announced.

Immediately, the administration focused on strengthening business. It shored up the airline industry and, at the advice of oil industry executives, deregulated the oil industry and increased drilling. By the end of the year, Congress had appropriated more than $350 billion for the military and homeland security, but that money would not go to established state and local organizations; it would go to new federal programs run by administration loyalists. Bush’s proposed $2.13 trillion 2003 budget increased military spending by $48 billion while slashing highway funding, environmental initiatives, job training, and other domestic spending. It would throw the budget $401 billion in the red. Republicans attacked any opposition as an attack on “the homeland.”

The military response to the attacks also turned ideological quickly. As soon as he heard about the attacks, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld asked his aides to see if there was enough evidence to “hit” Iraqi president Saddam Hussein as well as al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. In fact, Saddam had not been involved in the attack on America: the al-Qaeda terrorists of 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates.

Rumsfeld was trying to fit the events of 911 into the worldview of the so-called neocons who had come together in 1997 to complain that President Bill Clinton’s foreign policy was “incoherent” and to demand that the U.S. take international preeminence in the wake of the Cold War. They demanded significantly increased defense spending and American-backed “regime change” in countries that did not have “political and economic freedom.” They wanted to see a world order “friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles.”

After 9/11, Bush launched rocket attacks on the Taliban government of Afghanistan that had provided a safe haven for al-Qaeda, successfully overthrowing it before the end of the year. But then the administration undertook to reorder the Middle East in America’s image. In 2002, it announced that the U.S. would no longer simply try to contain our enemies as President Harry S. Truman had planned, or to fund their opponents as President Ronald Reagan had done, but to strike nations suspected of planning attacks on the U.S. preemptively: the so-called Bush Doctrine. In 2003, after setting up a pro-American government in Afghanistan, the administration invaded Iraq.

By 2004, the administration was so deeply entrenched in its own ideology that a senior adviser to Bush told journalist Ron Suskind that people like him—Suskind—were in “the reality-based community”: they believed people could find solutions based on their observations and careful study of discernible reality. But, the aide continued, such a worldview was obsolete. “That’s not the way the world really works anymore.… We are an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

The 9/11 attacks enabled Republicans to tar those who questioned the administration’s economic or foreign policies as un-American: either socialists or traitors making the nation vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Surely, such people should not have a voice at the polls. Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression began to shut Democratic voices out of our government, aided by a series of Supreme Court decisions. In 2010, the court opened the floodgates of corporate money into our elections to sway voters; in 2013, it gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act; in 2021, it said that election laws that affected different groups of voters unevenly were not unconstitutional.

And now we grapple with the logical extension of that argument as a former Republican president claims he won the 2020 election because, all evidence to the contrary, Democratic votes were fraudulent.

Today, former president Bush called out the similarities between today’s domestic terrorists who attacked our Capitol to overthrow our government on January 6 and the terrorists of 9/11. “There is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home, “he said. “But in their disdain for pluralism, in their disregard for human life, in their determination to defile national symbols, they are children of the same foul spirit. And it is our continuing duty to confront them.”

In doing so, we can take guidance from the passengers on Flight 93, who demonstrated as profoundly as it is possible to do what confronting such an ideology means. While we cannot know for certain what happened on that plane on that fateful day, investigators believe that before the passengers of Flight 93 stormed the cockpit, throwing themselves between the terrorists and our government, and downed the plane, they all took a vote.



Privatization Is at Core of Facsism
Eric Zuesse
August 25, 2015

Privatizations are increasingly fashionable, such as in Greece, Ukraine, the U.S., and UK — and privatizations are a central feature of fascism. The core of fascism is the idea that there is some elite, whether ‘Aryan’ or ‘chosen by God,’ or otherwise, who should run things, and that everyone else exists in order to serve that elite. Inevitably, this official elite consists of the people whom the powers-that-be assign as constituting the owners of almost everything that’s valuable. Increasingly, things become those people’s private possession — even what was formerly a public asset becomes now private. Beaches become private. Schools become private. Natural resources become private. It’s not just the art that was stolen by the Nazis and privatized to them and/or shown at museums that they control, which becomes private; it’s whatever the elite want to have, and to control: it’s all now private. That’s the fascist ideal.

The legal system accommodates the legal owners, in any fascist nation, just as the legal system accommodates the legal owners in any nation at all. And, in fascism, the legal owners are the aristocracy, which are the people who have helped bring the system into being as it is now is. Typically, they are the aristocracy that already exists in the given nation, if it was formerly a democracy (aristocrats tend to hate democracy; so, they bring into being fascism to replace it), but they can also be a group that is partially new and that is also partially composed of merely the winning segment of the old aristocracy — the segment of the old aristocracy that had won the type of intra-aristocratic conflict that always exists, within any aristocracy. Whereas any aristocracy is always at war against the public, there are also competitions within any aristocracy to determine which aristocrats will be the dominant ones.

Any fascism is controlled by the nation’s aristocracy, and serves those people — not really the public, who receive nothing but propaganda from the aristocrats’ regime. Even in a dictatorship, not only in a democracy, the press or media are needed in order to sell the government’s policies to its public. If the press is privatized, it’s owned by members of the aristocracy. If the press is owned directly by the government, it still is propaganda. The great majority of the public have no way around propaganda. If aristocrats are in control, few people will even know that that’s the case.

Privatization thus replaces public, government-owned, assets, by privately owned assets, and so it transfers control from publicly elected (government) leaders (who are answerable to everyone at ballot-boxes), to private ones — to private stockholders who decide how those assets will be used — regardless of whether the asset happens to be schools, or hospitals, or land, or natural resources, or roads, or whatever. Anything can be privatized. Anything can be run by an elite, by an ‘owner.’ Fascism tries to maximize that: private ownership of what was formerly public property.

Consequently, the first group of privatizations occurred in the first fascist nation, Italy, in the 1920s; and the second group of privatizations occurred in the second fascist nation, Germany, in the 1930s. Privatizations started under Mussolini, and then were instituted under Hitler. That got the fascist ball rolling; and, after a few decades of hiatus in the wake of fascism’s embarrassing supposed defeat in WW II, it resurfaced and then surged yet again after 1970, when fascist forces in the global aristocracy, such as via the CIA, IMF, Bilderberg group, and Trilateral Commission, imposed the global reign of the world’s main private holders of bonds and of stocks: the world’s aristocrats are taking on an increasing percentage of what were previously public assets.

Privatizations, after starting in fascisms during the pre-WWII years, resumed again in the 1970s under the fascist Chilean leader Augusto Pinochet; and in the 1980s under the fascist British leader Margaret Thatcher (a passionate supporter of apartheid in South Africa) and also under the smiling fascist American leader Ronald Reagan (who followed the prior success of Richard Nixon’s «Southern Strategy» of White domination in the by-then resurgent-conservative U.S., and might even be said to have been America’s first fully fascist President); and in the 1990s under several fascist (formerly communist) leaders throughout the former Soviet Union, under the guidance of Harvard University’s fascist economics department, which transferred control from the former nomenklatura, to the new (Western-dependent) «oligarchs».

And, privatizations are now all the rage throughout the world, such as in today’s fascist United States, and today’s fascist United Kingdom.

Mussolini was the man-of-the-future, but — after Franklin Delano Roosevelt died, and finally Thatcher and Reagan and other ‘free-marketeers’ came into office — Mussolini’s «future» has increasingly become our own «now»: the Axis Powers’ ideology has actually been winning in the post-WW-II world. Only, this time, it’s called instead by such names as «libertarianism» or «neo-liberalism», no longer «fascism», so that only the true-believing fascists, the aristocrats, will even know that it’s actually fascism. It’s their Big Con. It’s their Big Lie. Just renaming fascism as «libertarianism» or «neo-liberalism», has fooled the masses to think that it’s pro-democratic. «Capitalism» has thus come to be re-defined to refer to only the aristocratically controlled form of capitalism: fascism. The ideological battle has thus apparently been won by a cheap terminological deceit. That’s all it takes for dictatorship to be able to win.

Fascism instead subordinates the public to the aristocracy, which is the natural tendency (because the «World’s Richest 0.7% Own 13.67 Times as Much as World’s Poorest 68.7%», and the «World’s Richest 80 People Own Same Amount as World’s Bottom 50%»).

Within recent decades, the international aristocracy, with America’s in the lead, has, in fact, set into motion a plan to privatize an emerging world government, so as to prevent it from being democratic: instead of socialist, this would be a fascist world government. Its origins can even be found in the writings by Mussolini himself. (If he might be said to have had a «Plan ‘B’», then this could have been his, and the plan’s ultimate adoption seems now to be only a matter of time. The present informal fascist system, via Bilderberg meetings etc., as was just summarized, would then operate only around the fringes of that more formal system, which would destroy national sovereignty and any trace of democracy, regarding many currently governmental matters, such as regulating the environment and product-safety. In a sense: virtually the whole world would then be a prison containing the public, and only aristocrats would have keys to unlock it, if and when and where they wish to let someone out into their tiny luxurious free world.)

Mussolini, incidentally, did not create fascism; he learnt it from his personal teacher, Vilfredo Pareto, who was one of the founders of the microeconomic theory that exists to this day and that is intrinsic to all cost/benefit analyses in capitalist economics. (It’s actually fascist economics, neither socialist nor communist economics. No microeconomic theory for a democracy — no socialist microeconomics — has yet been put forth, or else none has survived that was.) Aristocrats liked Pareto’s theory, so it became embodied in what’s called «welfare economics», which is designed to fit with his political theory, which is fascism. Pareto was even rightly called «the Karl Marx of fascism.» For example: According to Pareto, freeing a slave from his or her master would be wrong unless the master accepts it as part of a transaction in which the slave is being sold and the master is satisfied with the payment that is being offered in the transaction. If the master isn’t satisfied, then the transaction would be «inefficient», in the terminology of fascist microeconomic theory, which is the foundation of the existing type of capitalist economics — the type of economics that is being taught around the world.

America’s President Abraham Lincoln was one of the first people to advocate coherently for socialism. Whereas, to Pareto, property came first; to Lincoln, persons came first. To Pareto, property-rights were supreme. To Lincoln, human rights came first.

Lincoln was tragically shot by a conservative, and the political Party that he had helped to found (the Republican Party) was then quickly taken over by America’s aristocrats (and it, too, is described at that last link, making clear that Lincoln would have despised the Republican Party that followed after him; he would repudiate it).

Although the America of today is opposed to socialism, America’s two greatest Presidents, Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, were both socialists: they both placed human rights above any property rights; they both favored democratic capitalism. Unlike FDR, Lincoln existed before fascism did; so, in his era, the equivalent was feudalism, and he was determined to end that in the U.S. South — thus, the Civil War.

America did not become fascist until recent decades. At the end of an analysis of polling-data in 2012, I had concluded: «The danger of outright fascism coming soon in Washington is real – the culmination of Reagan’s rightward thrust. It’s shown not just in the polling data, but in each day’s news, especially when viewed in the light of history. Everyone should be made aware of it.» But now I would say: We are already there.

And the last U.S. President before Ronald Reagan, which was Jimmy Carter, has recently said, in a startling outburst of honesty, reflecting upon what has happened to the United States after he left office:

“Now it’s just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or being elected president. And the same thing applies to governors, and U.S. Senators and congress members. So, now we’ve just seen a subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors, who want and expect, and sometimes get, favors for themselves after the election is over.”

He just described fascism: the privatization of the government itself.

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Privatization is at the Core of Fascism
Jan 28, 2019

Privatizations are increasingly fashionable, such as in Greece, Ukraine, the U.S., and UK — and privatizations are a central feature of fascism.
Eric Zuesse

Privatizations, after starting in fascisms during the pre-WWII years, resumed again in the 1970s under the fascist Chilean leader Augusto Pinochet; and in the 1980s under the fascist British leader Margaret Thatcher (a passionate supporter of apartheid in South Africa) and also under the smiling fascist American leader Ronald Reagan (who followed the prior success of Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” of White domination in the by-then resurgent-conservative U.S., and might even be said to have been America’s first fully fascist President); and in the 1990s under several fascist (formerly communist) leaders throughout the former Soviet Union, under the guidance of Harvard University’s fascist economics department, which transferred control from the former nomenklatura, to the new (Western-dependent) “oligarchs,” all under the virtual guidance of its former head, Lawrence Summers, who then was serving as the World Bank President.

The opposite of democracy is dictatorship, which is fascism if of the capitalist type, and communism if of the socialist type.

And the last U.S. President before Ronald Reagan, which was Jimmy Carter, recently said, in a startling outburst of honesty, reflecting upon what has happened to the United States after he left office:

“Now it’s just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or being elected president. And the same thing applies to governors, and U.S. Senators and congress members. So, now we’ve just seen a subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors, who want and expect, and sometimes get, favors for themselves after the election is over.”

He described fascism: the privatization of the government itself.

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CBS News ’60 Minutes’.

I watched CBS ‘60 Minutes’ (12 Sep 21):  ‘9.11 the FDNY’.

They showed stories about the New York City firefighters who gave their bravest everything two decades ago.



Alan Browning
(11 Sep 21)

According to the Washington Post, “on the morning of Sept. 11, [Porter] Goss and [Bob] Graham were having breakfast with a Pakistani general named Mahmud Ahmed – the soon-to-be-sacked head of Pakistan’s intelligence service”.[43] On September 12 and 13, Lt. Gen. Mahmood met with United States Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, Senator Joseph Biden, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Secretary of State Colin Powell. An agreement on Pakistan’s collaboration in the new “war on terror” was negotiated between Mahmood and Armitage.[44][45][46][47]

Lt. Gen. Mehmood Ahmed then led a six-member delegation to the Afghan city of Kandahar in order to hold crisis talks with the Taliban leadership, supposedly in an attempt to persuade them to hand over Osama bin Laden.

In June 2001, a “high-placed member of a U.S. intelligence agency” told BBC reporter Greg Palast that “after the [2000] elections, the agencies were told to “back off” investigating the bin Ladens and Saudi royals”


Richard Romine
(11 Sep 21)

The Great Game and Defense of the Abuse Culture .

9/11 was a Godsend for the Cons. They had just stolen the 2000 election, their stock market scam was going great guns and Fox News was perception bending and dividing the nation like a boss. The Cold War was over and their guy Reagan was given credit for it even though the heavy lifting was done by others. The Republicans were in charge of both houses and the Presidency with “Howdy Doody” George Bush Jr. in office. The attacks of September 11th gave them the perfect cover for the beginnings of the cold civil war, we now see. The nearly 3000 dead gave Americans someone to be mad at and to look to punish someone. A million dead later and the wealth of America spent to fight futile, no-win wars were perfect to funnel trillions into the defense establishment and then siphon it off into their stock market. The “Great Game’ had begun in earnest! America was fighting a war, but not the one they thought they were. They thought in the purest of terms they were fighting for freedom, as those of the Republicans / Cons fought to take away the very freedoms, they saw themselves fighting for.

It has always been a two-pronged cold civil war. During the Cold War against the Soviet Union, they were limited as to what they could do, because treason was something that could backfire against them. But with the breakup of the Soviet Union, all bets were off. The Cons (Rich Ultra Conservative Authoritarians) sought to impoverish the government, to drown it in a bathtub was the terminology used. That was done through the “Austerity Doctrine” and the takeover of institutions in order to wreck the government that had given them regulation and taxes. The Regressives (Racists, White and corporate supremacists, Dominionists Evangelicals), sought to defend the social and economic abuse system, in place to keep minorities and women under their thumb. With 9/11 it all came into place for them.

The birth of Fox News finished the perfect trap for America, against America. We were fighting to preserve American freedoms in Iraq and Afghanistan and they were fighting against them in America. As I said the perfect trap. As the faux success of the stock market invested the majority into its success by underpinning their retirement, that economic segregation soon replace institutionalized segregation, their plan was working beyond expectation. The 401k became the sharpest knife in the American back. To this day, most don’t understand how and what happened, how they were played for profits and power. Hidden beneath the “Yee-Haw” patriotism were the two prongs of the Cons economic assault and the Regressives social one on American society. It all has played out better than they could have hoped. We fell for it all hook line and sinker.

You could see the dark forces at work, almost immediately. To as quickly as they could destroy the unity generated from being attacked. Using the attack to further define patriotism as white and rich. Everybody else were just kind of “Mud People.” Maybe you might remember the Con’s trolls and how they were all military and patriotic, my favorite was “Eagle One”. In truth, they change their identities and causes as fast as they change their underwear, maybe faster.

But the saddest here are the real heroes, that gave so much, again and again, to fight what turned out to be little more than resource wars. They fought with, for the most part, the truest of intention, for what they saw as a defense of who and what they saw as America. But Halliburton and Lockheed, along with all the rest kept feeding the machine that made sure these young men and women had a reason to die for. While the real game by both Bin Laden and the Cons, Regressives was to destroy democracy, the soul of who we are. Have no doubt, Bin Laden won, not because he destroyed two buildings and killed a lot of Americans. But because he enabled the Cons to destroy the heart of America, while pretending to be patriots. So many and much wasted but to the Cons, it was worth it. They could hide what the right hand was doing with the forever wars. That is the real reason they fought so hard to keep them going.

So when 9/11 comes around every year, I too celebrate those that gave so much but cry for the fact they were wasted in the fight to destroy their own nation. And yet most see their service as gallant and it was, many giving the last full measure to save this nation and yet, wasted and misdirected in the cold civil war to save the abuse culture, destroy the democracy and freedoms they gave so much for, to protect.

RC Romin



Dana Booth
(13 Sep 21)

Political thoughts (9-13-21):

California needs to get out and vote because the man challenging Newsom makes Ted Cruz look sane and Rand Paul seem intelligent. Larry Elder REFUSED to say whether or not he would accept the election results on Tuesday.. This seems to be a growing practice by Republicans. Apparently if they LOSE an election they simply refuse to accept the fact voters rejected them. This is something Donald Trump taught the Republican Party. Honestly, this country needs to wakeup because Trump’s Republican Party has become a REAL threat to democracy. They’re a threat to everything American and need to be overwhelmingly defeated at all levels of government. 2022 is the year voters can eradicate this Party of treasonous fanatic.

This PARTY needs to lose and LOSE BIG in 2022…..

Dana L. Booth



Dana Booth
(12 Sep 21)

Political thoughts (9-12-21):

Are Republicans counting on voters BLAMING President Biden for the mounting COVID-related illnesses and subsequent deaths ?? Are they willing to watch as children get sick and die to further their political agendas ?? Is it because they don’t want to offend Donald Trump by following President Biden’s attempt to rid this country of a deadly virus ?? Are Republicans hoping the economy tanks so they can BLAME it on the president ?? Republicans appear to be playing to Trump supporters hoping to gain political favor and their votes in 2022. Why are they willing to chance their strategy BACKFIRES giving President Biden a BOOST at the polls ??

Republicans know the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court have been STACKED with Religious Extremists .. They’re hoping ALL the lawsuits they’re filing against President Biden will be heard by these fanatical justices. Republicans are on a mission with one simple goal and that’s to regain POWER at any cost while asserting their religious beliefs on America. Over the past few years it’s become apparent Republicans NO longer want a democracy. They’ve made it clear they’re ONLY interested in WEALTH, POWER and an ALL white populous .. A Global Pandemic provided Republicans a COMMON DENOMINATOR they could use against a Democratic president.. They’ve been angry since the election of a BLACK president and they’ve waited for their revenge. Unfortunately over 600,000+ Americans have died while the Republicans played politics for a POWER GRAB.. Honestly, things are going to get a lot worse between now and November 2022. America doesn’t need to fear the Taliban, they need to FEAR the Republican Party

Dana L. Booth



Where was Obama on ‘9 / 11’!

(Sorry, the people in this video are proof that Crooked Drumpf ‘loves the poorly educated’.)


Republi-cons continue their scheme for Crooked Drumpf to return to the Presidency no later than with the results of the 2022 Election. Republi-cons will install Crooked Drumpf to Speaker of the House of Representatives when they win back the House, will declare both Biden and Harris incompetent and remove them from office, leaving Crooked Drumpf next in the Line of Succession:

‘It’s gonna be a tsunami.  We can hold on to the next election.  The House is gonna flip.  The Senate is gonna flip.  Then the White House goes. ‘  Pat Robertson, R-Drumpf (his CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 8 Sep 21)

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