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‘Today Is A ‘Coming Out’ Day’

*(1970 06 00) Slim at Crater Lake (sitting) 62108991_353447288645822_7445126293500198912_n

‘Today Is A ‘Coming Out’ Day’

(11 Oct 2019)


I am already ‘Out’.

Lemme share about my experiences.  Maybe someone is new here, hasn’t browsed this ‘Slim and Me’ web-site or social media.  Or maybe you are familiar to my life.  Either way, I’ll try to use a different angle to write about things this time.

I was Out since at least age 3.  Perhaps I did not use Transsexual for my self, but I did know about two people:

 – Uncle Frank (my mother’s younger brother) was in Transition from boy to girl (as my child’s mind perceived it) and 

 – Christine Jorgensen’s name came directed at me during times when my parents were shouting at me about what I was doing (though I don’t recall knowing why her name was mentioned when I was a child at that time ). 

I knew that I am a girl, same as my sister Kathy.  Family frequently referred to Kathy and me as ‘The Twins’.  My only childhood definition of twins at that age was two siblings born at the same time – two girls or two boys, not one of each.  Being called a twin of my sister didn’t help me differentiate from my sister, it brought me to identify same as her.

Oh, family was humoured by me.  I wore Kathy’s clothes and we painted our nails.  Or I put on my teen cousins’ make-up and nail polish during visits to their homes.  The family gushed:

 – ‘Oh, Nickie!  What a cute little girl!’(1927 xx xx) Abie's Irish Rose (book cover - green) 51p7kbWYLGL._SX346_BO1,204,203,200_

That name – Nickie.  Here’s probably the first time that I shall have described in my essays how that came.  On the one hand, I hated Nickie because family used it as part of their verbal abuse against me.  Yet I came to want to embrace it when another reality hit.  Our father acquired child custody of Kathy and me following our parents’ divorce; he took us out of Public School and put us into Catholic elementary school.  My name at home, among family, among play friends, officially at Public School was Nickie.  No more Nickie at Catholic school, the nuns would not allow Nickie, the nuns forced me to use Nickolas.  No more Nickie – a name I began observing used by girls, not boys.  I resented the loss, I resented adults and authority denying another element of my girlhood.

Curious, I might not have sought a different name during childhood if the nuns had allowed me to continue using Nickie.  Instead, in my retaliation against authority, I explored innumerable girl’s names throughout 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade.  I decided upon Sharon by late 3rd Grade.  I told my mother first.  It was one Saturday morning during visitation as she cooked breakfast; we had quite a row in the kitchen.  I’ve asked Kathy many times; I’m surprised that Kathy tells me that she didn’t hear us where she was in her bedroom.  Taking it further, I don’t know what would have happened with my decision to keep Sharon – me as namesake for the other Sharon – a few years later.  Or maybe I would not have needed to have made it permanent and changed my name as part of Transition.  Small moments develop into major consequences.

(1969 06 00) Mincemeat and Nick - Grambling Apartment 64597389_2088241518143369_2973098609945346048_nLikely I would have changed my last name in any situation.

Life got difficult as I grew up.  My father was beating me for my Feminine Protesting, my female inclinations, my wearing Kathy’s clothes by the time when I was of older elementary school and high school age.  The worst was February 1971.  My family murdered my Uncle Frank a few months earlier to put an end to his Transition – to be done with him, one way or another.  I feared that this fate was happening to me that Thursday evening.  Crazy thought – I made numerous past suicide attempts and there would be other attempts wanting to end my life in later years, but there that night, that time and place, I really wanted to live, at least survive, somehow.

My teen years were living on that proverbial razor’s edge.  My father and I moved to Greece for two years during my high school.  I promised to control my Feminine Protesting, to cease wearing female attire, to study well; my father allowed me to grow my hair, tried to end his beatings.

(1972 03 00) Slim and Nick at Anatolia CampusI got lucky after I graduated from high school.  Dear Ol’ Dad took his two-years contract to teach at Brasil; I stayed home.  I had a fortuitous encounter with Denise, my next mentor; I promptly began my adult Transition at her encouragement.  That uneasy truce began to crack when my father returned home.  He snooped in my bedroom and through my privacy:

 – he discovered my Library books about Transition – especially Christine Jorgensen’s biography and books about the psychology and the sociology of Transition,

 – he found my correspondences with Transition programs, miscellaneous postal letters with Sharon as the recipient.

He resumed beating me.  What was I to do?  This was the 1970s.  There was no such thing as Domestic Violence as a crime back then.  I could hardly call the police.  Report my father?  The devout leader of our Catholic parish?  The respected Principal of our elementary school?  Police would have arrested me as an abusive son.

What if police did arrest him, prosecute him, sentence him, incarcerate him?  What was I to do still financially dependent upon him?

I finally gained employment and lived on my own.

My Transition still was not to be discussed.  Or, at least, family spread gossip among themselves making me fair game while they prohibited me from sharing my experiences and progress with them, such as:

 – I yearned to share my Transition advances at Christmas dinner 1979 (that year was one of the most momentous to that time).  This had been the first time in several years that so many of us would be together at one time and place; I so much wanted to share my joy with my family as a family.   Family shut me down.  That gathering was to be the last time when our father, Kathy, and I were together in good cheer.  If I recall correctly, the next time would be when our father was dying a decade later.

 – I showed my Diethylstilbestrol pills to my mother several months later; she laughed at me, she countered that she didn’t consider them real, she blathered to me that they were a trick, that they were candy.(2019 06 08) Inter-sex Don't Need To be Fixed 62175802_335193497131221_9095511818230562816_n


Our Transition is not always a direct route.  My detour was when doctors diagnosed me Inter-sex (1982) and offered a surgery six months later.  The hospital psychologist was not supportive of my Transition, provided no guidance to me how to explain my Inter-sex to family.

 – My father came cross-country to visit me for Christmas 1982, he saw evidence of my exploratory hospitalisation, and asked for details; I did not know what to say.  My father snooped through my box of medical papers while I was at work.  Not once did he bother to talk with me; instead, he made his own conclusions (wrong as he was).

 – I travelled to visit Cousin Nancy from Texas a few weeks after my surgery.  I hoped that I could have figured things out enough to share with her and her family.  Nope, there was no good time to talk seriously.(1984 06 xx) Grandma Thonus and Me on Mom's Sofa

 – I later tried explaining Inter-sex to cousins Carole and Bev (1993).  I gave an audio cassette tape and diagrams to them, they were from Dr. Paul MacDonald’s Inter-sex lecture to the University of Arizona Medical School (1974).  I hoped that they would comprehend Dr. MacDonald’s explanation of Inter-sex.  They didn’t seem to grasp anything – Carole is a college graduate (I don’t know her degree), Bev is a Pharmacist.


It’s all well-worn history when I finally managed to achieve full-time in 1985.  I had one interim situation during May when I stayed with my father at the home where I once lived with him during my years as a teenager.  This visit was home base for me to seek and secure my own home before I made my final departure from Utah.  I seriously considered presenting as Sharon during that two weeks or so, but decided that I should wait til I had my own home if this visit went bad.

My father hoped that I still was going through a phase when he invited me to my birthday dinner that July.  Nope.  I already had been living full-time for more than a month, my apartment registration was Sharon, my neighbours (including Clint) knew me as Sharon, my college enrollment and ID was Sharon.  I could not possibly do anything other than what was long overdue. 

(1986 xx xx) Golden Acres - HomeI presented Sharon to my father that evening – permanently, once and for all, no more part-time, no more denying my self to please Dear Ol’ Dad.  The subsequent 18 months was rough – he wanted nothing to do with me, did not communicate with me.  He refused my goodwill offer at his birthday (January 1986).  He was facing his denials.  All my years since the time when I was a toddler apparently did not prepare my father for this inevitability.  I am empathetic.  His wife denied a son to him and now his adopted son denied his son to him.

Our relationship settled into another truce by late-1986 – my father and I came together when the Mets played and won the World Series.  My father was becoming at ease with me, was no longer reticent about being with me in public.  Soon, he would frequently drive to visit with me.  He would pick me up from work, he observed how my co-workers accepted me, he made no slip-ups to them about my past.  We would go grocery shopping together, dine out together.  We were making progress together.  Those were among what few good times we would have.  We had a tumultuous Thanksgiving Day 1988.  He died of cancer the next July.

(1992 02 xx) Amber's DrawingI had one brief visit with Grand-Aunt Lena, Grand-Uncle Vic, Uncle Jack, Uncle Artie, Cousin Amber at their home (1992).  I was on exhibit for them – Look!  It’s Baby Sharon, she walks, she talks, she drinks, she wets.  I felt stiff, unable to relax, under their scrutiny the entire time.  Amber did present her drawing to me.

Last time when I saw Kathy was 1993.  It didn’t go well.  It has been downhill since that time.

Fast forward to family living here in town – Aunt Pat and cousins Bev, Carole, Gail, Jack.  They invited me, then they un-invited me, to Thanksgiving Day 1993.  That was the last time I heard from them til a series of awkward telephone conversations with Bev a few years ago.


(1972 12 00) Dad - Kathy - Nick (Vienna)For years, my ‘self’ perceived me as Transsexual.  Then came Inter-sex; then came doctors specifying that I am Female XXY.  I studied Transsex and Inter-sex at the University of Utah Medical School and then at the University of Arizona Medical School during the first half of the 1980s.  I had been especially familiar about my Transsex circumstance.  Adding Inter-sex was quite a new dimension to handle, accept, comprehend, alter my self-perceived consciousness.

Living stealth did much to suppress my perspective about Inter-sex more than Transsex.  During these past four decades, I gradually came to embrace my Inter-sex though my more commanding Transsex perspective told me different.  I ponder the reversal when I learned that Inter-sex persons generally remain as Assigned At Birth versus Transsex persons who generally change from their Assigned At Birth.

 – What if I knew about my Inter-sex during childhood?

 – What if doctors and family offered the opportunity to me to have Transitioned during childhood?

 – How different would I have perceived, accepted my anatomical anomaly if I knew as early as my childhood that I am Inter-sex?

 – What difference would have been my decisions during childhood?

 – What if I did not Transition, whether as a child or as an adult?

 – What if I declined my two ‘sex change’ surgeries and instead embraced what I called my ‘Half-and-Half’ and ‘50/50’ Inter-sex anatomy?

My anatomy has always been my ‘normal’ despite competing forces:

– My Transsex drive told me to make my anatomy biologically ‘normal’ to be acceptable to CisHet normative standards.

– My Inter-sex drive told me that I AM ‘normal’. 

No regrets.  Just questions.


I won’t belabour the point that two employers (Forest Service, State of Arizona) fired me because I am Transsexual two decades apart (1983, 2008).  You can read those details already written and posted at several essays here in social media and at my web-site.  Lemme make reference to this point that losing two careers was a life-altering situation leading to a drastic difference in my financial condition.  

– The Forest Service put me on track for promotion at least to grade GS-11.  My income at that grade would have led to an accumulated life-time income exceeding $2 million, maybe as much as $3 million.   Maybe I could have made GS-12?  GS-13?   SES?

 – Or take the difference in earnings between a woman and a man – that’s 60¢ for the woman to a Dollar for the man.  My prime earnings time frame as an adult man was less than a decade.  My earnings years as a woman spanned more than two decades, would have been more if not hindered, then derailed, by my last employer.

 – What if I waited to Transition male-to-female after my lucrative career of 30 or 40 years?  Many (most) people do that – they take full advantage of their pre-Transition Male Privilege throughout their lifetime; they avoid incurring this combination financial penalty being a woman, being Transsex / Inter-sex, being a Trans woman.

That income disparity means the diminution of life accommodations in home, transportation, comfort, travel, investments, retirement.

I lost one home, two cars, most of my personal possessions because of my Transition.  I live in a humble home needing multiple repairs beyond my means, my car remains un-repaired, my diet is from the grocery discard rack.

Thus, Dear Reader, is one aspect of my fiscal cost of Transition.  You need to know this if you are Transitioning young – that Transition from male to female incurs the difference between financial ease versus financial desperation.

I am fortunate.  I know several Trans friends – both personally and throughout social media – who are far worse than my condition.


I invariably read social media from many of you.  I enjoy learning from you.

Many of you and I are from a similar age group born during the 1950s. Many of you report having severe experiences of anatomical frustration throughout your childhood, knowing that you are a girl, afraid to reveal your thoughts to family, punished because of your behaviour. You describe minimal knowledge about Transsexualism til adulthood – 30s, 40s, 50s – you marry, have children, make a good career, establish a solid circle of friends, yet you are gripped by fear of disclosing your life-long secret to family and friends. You report your access to Trans resources is quite different from mine.

I was fortunate when it came to Trans; whereas, I lost the family, friends, career.(2019 06 07) Christine Jorgensen 61957188_297225101160272_6758831003961131008_n

 – Christine Jorgensen was a common reference in my household, maybe because her home and our home were within the same metropolitan area rather than cross-country.  Where your parents might only have received publicity of national distribution, living locally probably provided frequent daily publicity leading to daily conversation at home.

 – Uncle Frank was in Transition during the 1960s.  Sorry, I don’t know what was or would have been his female appellation, so I stay with what I do have for consistency.  Having one Trans family member was a clear bonus for my own Transition, even though I have only one specific memory of him – watching my father and him arguing at our front door til the city police came to arrest him.  His influence throughout the 1960s passed to me when I eavesdropped hushed conversation among the grown-ups.

 – My next mentor was Denise.  Our first meeting was totally serendipitous, a misidentification on my part.  Our second meeting was equally at random.  I’m not one to intrude into the privacy of others, so I didn’t want to push myself into her life.(1977 12 30) Stanford Reply (Name Covered)

 – Linda was a co-worker where I was employed as a civilian at a military base.  She was an electronics engineer auditor who made her two-weeks TDY to our Directorate facility.  I was one of three office clerks for the civilian head and his staff of both civilian and military.  Linda and I had our own work responsibilities and schedules that did not match.  We decided that socialising at lunch breaks together might not be a good idea.  She invited me to spend an evening after work with her, she was a font of knowledge who shared as much as she could with me, she provided additional resources for me.

 – Stanford University Medical Center’s ‘Gender Dysphoria Program’ was one of a handful of Transition programs during the 1970s.  Denise made a referral to get me enrolled (1977).

 – Janus Information Facility was a resource agency that Linda told me about.  They provided literature that I could send to family and friends, they provided psychological assessments of my status, they provided lists of potential counselling and medical services to contact.(1978 07 00) Information for the Family (Janus) (Cover)

These were opportunities that blessed my path.  How could I not succeed!


Each of us eventually finds our way, finds success in our own strength.  We come to our own breaking point when we realise that we are a better person living who we are rather than living who others demand.  Perhaps this is another reason for antagonism from the Cis Community.  We might perceive that we failed, but it is in our strength that we succeeded. 

Our failure was that we could no longer live a facade, our strength was that we can succeed when we live as our truth.  Most of the world lives in their failure, jealous of the rest of us who succeed when we live true to our selves – ‘A free fish doesn’t know what it is to be a hooked fish’.

Nor is there failure trying to live suppressing our Trans.  One famous Trans woman talked about how she tried sports, she tried the military, she tried being the ‘lady’s man’ – failure, yes, because she was none of that.  As she put it humourously about her efforts to ‘be a man’, she had to settle finding her success being ‘super water boy on the football team’ because she failed doing what she was not.  Success was when she found herself through her strength – her Transition.

Innumerable encounters that I had with Cis people growing up and as an adult eventually involved some degree of Cis aggression against me.  I can see where it scares the Trans child, left alone, left without family and other support structures.  Gawd, I grew up scared!  Perhaps it was humanity’s internal compass telling me right from wrong because somehow, within me, I had a strength, a sense that taking my stand was me being stronger than any bully. 

As I alluded in my essay, it was likely that many (most?) of today’s Out Trans Community may not have perceived or were not aware of Trans persons when they were children and during their younger adult life.  There were few counted actual Trans people by the end of the 1970s reported among the medical community – I have found reliable sources reporting from 1000 to 3000; certainly that fails to include children and adult Trans people living on the streets beyond the realm of official numbers.  Today is drastically different.  We can read social media at least by one Trans woman or another on any given day who is reporting that she is beginning her Transition, beginning her hormones, having one surgery or another – quite different compared to the 1970s, 1960s, 1950s, etc.

Yes – there were the occasional references and inferences in American media.  I saw an episode of the 1950s’ ‘Burns and Allen’ in syndication a few years ago cracking a joke about a sex change for one of the characters, the popularity of ‘Some Like It Hot’ and ‘Myra Breckinridge’ during the 1950s and 1960s, ‘M*A*S*H’ (and Klinger), ‘Soap’ (and Jody), and Tom Snyder during the 1970s.  Their frequent context was Trans as an oddity rather than Trans as our humanity.

There was good news during the 1970s and the 1980s.  Publicity began to present more Trans people in a positive context.  Robert Reed portrayed a character in Transition in 1975’s two-part ‘The Fourth Sex’ episode of ‘Medical Center’.  Then more public presentation among the daytime TV talk circuit – Dina Shore, Merv Griffin, Phil Donahue, Sally Jessy Raphael, Jane Whitney, Joan Rivers, Jenny Jones, Geraldo Rivera.  These talk shows finally presented us as normal people, not a punchline in a stand-up routine or a gag in a TV comedy.  Unfortunately, by the 1990s, Jerry Springer made Trans into freaks and objects.

We going public were still relatively few, aware of the hazard that publicity destroyed one’s life and career.  Allow me to identify Maria; she was on a few of those named talk shows, we became pen-pals for a few years.  She reported to me that she lost everything for being public.  She cautioned me to remain stealth.  Maria, I really want to hear from you, hoping that you have been able to do well.

We are still experiencing being Society’s pejorative.  There is the ignorance of many who have little education about Trans.  Then, there are the pernicious others who know exactly what they are doing to destroy us; I’m still amazed at their weakness and hypocrisy.  Pat Robertson had positive support for Trans people as recently as 2013 when I heard him discuss the topic on his TV show; something between then and recent led him to turn on Our Community.  He embodies that failure, that lack of strength in truth.



And so goes today’s Out Day reminiscences.  Those experiences have been among my Trans experiences.

(2019 06 10) We treat you life family 62440894_825818261130533_1994170594186231808_nFamily can read this essay.  Perhaps you can put these events together in your Ah-Ha moment of recollection.  Or spread gossip among yourselves.  Or not.  I have no expectation that any of you will ever correspond with me.







Cousin Nancy from West Virginia, 

Cousin Nancy from Texas, 





Uncle Jack.

I certainly don’t expect you or any other family to bother about this.  After all, Bev, you accuse me of hiding in your bushes, waiting to attack you, because I am a ‘Monster’ (as you call me).

Please.  Gossip amongst yourselves.  Or not.

Kapung Khaf!


Thank you to all who are responding positively to this essay.

Thank you to all the Resources whose work contributed to this article.(2015 08 20) Decide to be a Girl11046480_376569759191961_3227315234969587031_n


Additional Resources:

Itali Marlowe – 20th Trans person murdered this year – murdered because she is Trans:

Nope – I was not confused.  I knew at least by the age of 3 – ‘I’m a girl! I proclaimed to family.  I didn’t necessarily know that that made me Transsexual.  Uncle Frank, who began Transition when I was age 4, made Transsexuality a normal concept at home.(https://www.refinery29.com/en-ca/gender-identity-isnt-too-confusing-for-your-toddler)

The Birth Certificate fight continues at Utah.(https://fox13now.com/2019/10/10/utah-supreme-court-orders-state-to-weigh-in-on-transgender-birth-certificate-issue/)

Trevor Project’s LGBT Handbook for Youth. (https://www.advocate.com/youth/2019/10/09/trevor-project-releases-coming-out-handbook-lgbtq-youth?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=youth)

AMA support for LGBT Rights.(https://www.ama-assn.org/delivering-care/population-care/why-ama-s-standing-lgbtq-rights-supreme-court)

Stealth at work.(https://www.marketwatch.com/story/half-of-lgbtq-americans-are-not-out-to-co-workers-2018-06-27)

It’s no surprise that an anti-LGBT Republi-con is charged with child porn and sexual abuse.(https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2019/09/republican-state-senator-charged-possessing-child-porn-sexual-abuse-minor/)

The USA Supreme Court wants to tell Trans persons what public restroom to use.(https://news.yahoo.com/us-supreme-court-just-sent-134534353.html)

The 2020 Election is important for Our LGBT Community.(https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/10/10/opinions/2020-election-importance-lgbtq-david/index.html)

Poland right-wing attacks against LGBT.(https://slate.trib.al/VYhadkH)

TERF Lesbian opposes LGBT and Trans Civil Rights at Supreme Court demonstration.(https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2019/10/09/lesbian-activist-linda-bellos-supreme-court-against-trans-rights/)

Transgender youth activist.(https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/transgender-activist-lashes-scott-morrison-over-gender-whisperers-comment-20191007-p52ya8.html)

Australian Trans Community seeks health care coverage by Medicare.(https://www.outinperth.com/renewed-calls-for-medicare-to-cover-gender-reassignment-surgery/)

Surgery leads to improved mental health.(https://abcn.ws/33g6fEV)

Adult support helps Trans youth overcome suicidal thoughts.(https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2019/07/just-one-supportive-adult-cuts-chance-lgbtq-youth-will-attempt-suicide-40/)

A preview of the USA Supreme Court presentation.(https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/supreme-court-gay-rights-workplace-equality-895565/)

Transcript of oral arguments in Harris Funeral Homes v. EEOC.






Thank you to all the resoources who make this web-site and page possible.

Please return for another essay.


‘Eighteen Years And Counting’


‘Eighteen Years And Counting’

(11 Sep 2019)


As you wake up this morning on the anniversary of the ‘9 / 11’ event, you can read my perspective about what happened.

I was still at home the morning of that day – 11 Sep 2001 – awake since 4am local time (7am NYC time).

I was routinely recording the morning TV news broadcast on my bedroom VCR.  I watched as the station switched to the emergency network news reporting caused by the event.   I watched events as they would unfold ‘live’ on the TV that morning.  

My two VCRs (adding the VCR in the living room) recorded the TV coverage the entire time before I went to work, then while I was at work that day, that evening when I returned home from work, and continued that night.  My VCRs were working overtime for the next few days.

I flipt through the channels for a variety of news coverage from one broadcaster to another and local stations versus national networks.

I saw it ‘live’ as the news station went from the mundane of routine early morning reporting to the news alert cut-in about the first plane crash.  Then I saw ‘live’ what appeared to be the second plane crash into the World Trade Center tower.  But was either crash an actual event that we saw?  Or was there an exaggeration presented to the TV audience?

I do not accept the common fable presented by Baby Bush.

We know that Baby Bush was itching for a reason to invade Iraq, overthrow Hussein, and steal their oil.  Bush boasted earlier in 2001:

 – ‘It’s all about the oil.  Saddam tried to kill my daddy.’

Don’t tell me that the Afghanistan Taliban concocted the entire ‘attack’.  That’s a bogus assertion.  Republi-cons have been tied to the Afghanistan Taliban since Reagan in 1980.  Reagan supported, financed, trained, armed Afghanistan Taliban.  Reagan declared 21 Mar 1983 as ‘Afghanistan Day’ to annually honour and support the Taliban and al Qaeda, his buddies.  Today there are complaints about Crooked Drumpf inviting the Taliban to Camp David.  Not one Republi-con complained when Reagan hosted their Taliban and al Qaeda cohorts to spend many days at Camp David during Reagan’s terms.

See my essay about Reagan and his Taliban connections:


 – ‘The Taliban are terrible people.  You do not sit down with them and expect anything good.  Taliban are thugs.  You can’t believe anything they say.’

 – – Pat Robertson, R (his CBN TV ‘700 Club’ show, 11 Sep 2019)

Looks like Robertson disagrees with Reagan.  And Papa Bush.  And Baby Bush.  And Crooked Drumpf.  And Robertson’s own Republi-con Party.

Baby Bush had been using Powell as Bag Man delivering briefcases filled with millions of Dollars in cash to the Taliban Theocracy government of Afghanistan.  The latest was August 2001.

Powell would later be infamous for his presentation to the United Nations – showing a Baby Bush map of Iraq oil fields in preparation for their invasion.

Baby Bush’s name for the invasion was ‘Operation Iraq Liberation’ – OIL for those who need help.

Comparing the size of the World Trade Center towers to the size of the jet planes does not appear accurate to me.  Those passenger jets would be much larger than the planes shown to have hit the Towers.

The hole in the ground at Pennsylvania left no evidence of a plane crash – no debris, no luggage, no human remains.  How can that be?  That Jet Blue crash into the Florida marsh left remnants of the plane, the luggage, the human deceased.

If these Afghan Taliban ‘terrorists’ really wanted to create ‘terror’, then they would have waited a couple more hours for maximum ‘terror’ value – to do this at 10am or 11am NYC time when those World Trade Center towers would have been packed with 30.000 people each, not during the 8am hour when there were barely 5.000 people present at both towers.  The New York City metropolitan business day begins about 10am.  That 8am time when this happened was when only a relatively small number of early bird people were at work, the majority of New Yorkers were still at home in bed or beginning their commute to work.

 – ‘The towers, rather than falling over, collapsed.’

 – – Pat Robertson, R (his CBN TV ‘700 Club’ show, 11 Sep 2019)

I produced a film about the demolition of Salt Lake City’s Hotel Newhouse in 1983.  I was the last civilian on the scene within the perimeter before the demolition.  I watched the demolition.  I filmed the demolition.  High rise and skyscraper demolition occur in an orderly, not random, collapse.  The World Trade Center towers collapsed orderly.  This tells me that something was set in those Towers – charges to effect the orderly collapse.  I’m not alone, professionals have established far more than I have any expertise to describe here.

Then we know that no commercial passenger airliner crashed into the Pentagon.  There was damage to the building, for certain.  But there were no damages at the sides of the entry – damage that should be evident by the wings of that aircraft.  There would have been wings ripped off the fuselage, jet fuel, an explosive ball of jet fuel same as what the fable tells us that happened at the World Trade Center towers.  But there was no ball of jet fuel, no explosion.  There are no wings lying on the ground.  See that WSB TV montage – six rows down, left picture – the Pentagon shows the absence of lateral damage, absence of jet fuel explosion that should have been caused by the wings ripped off of a jetliner.

As for the hijackers.  At least 11 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi, there were no Afghani hijackers.  Why did Baby Bush not invade Saudi Arabia?  The Bush family and the Saudi family are old family friends and oil business pardners from the 1920s.  Of course, the Bush family is also tied to the bin Laden family as well.

 – ‘It’s terror.  Somebody destroyed a couple buildings.’

 – – Pat Robertson, R (his CBN TV ‘700 Club’ show, 11 Sep 2019)

The defining Element of Fascism is ‘Terror upon the population’.  This entire United States ‘War on Terror’ has been a boon to the Military-Industrial-Government Complex.  War profiteering is at its greatest.  Cheney’s Halliburton has grown to a multi-billion Dollar pot o’ gold money-making machine.  Politically, this created a definitive shift to Fascism in Amerika.  Baby Bush and his War Hawk administration declared martial laws.  Our local police are armed and operated as a military unit, not as a civilian government agency; suspects are treated as ‘terrorists’.  Baby Bush’s Patriot Acts is a testament to the honour of Hitler’s Enabling Acts.

 – ‘The dust was said to be safe.  Instead, it contains thousands of toxins.’

   – Pat Robertson, R (his CBN TV ‘700 Club’ show, 11 Sep 2019)

Remember when Republi-con Mayor Smoochie Giuliani assured all those First Responders working at Ground Zero?  Of course, Mayor Smoochie wore his face mask.  Meanwhile, he guaranteed that the air was safe, the debris was not hazardous.  We all knew better.  Instead, the air and debris contained those ‘thousands of toxins’.  First Responders, local employees, nearby residents, school children are riddled with disease and illness caused by those ‘thousands of toxins’.  Meanwhile, Congressional Republi-cons and Crooked Drumpf staunchly oppose medical care and compensation for the hundreds of thousands (dare I say millions) of citizens and residents and visitors and tourists, all whose health was destroyed by this event.

As with any event, those of us with skepticism are not required to present every minutiae of facts to dispute that common narrative, but only to cast legitimate reasonable doubt to that common narrative.  In the method as I studied and wrote about the Kennedy / Oswald assassinations, here I presented that reasoned doubt about that ‘9 / 11’ fable.

The events of ‘9 / 11’ and the respect for the loss of life are tainted by the lies of this common narrative.

I am a skeptic about what actually happened and why.

It’s interesting how Pat Robertson, staunch Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalist, loyal Republi-con, admirer of Crooked Drumpf, makes my case.

There are people who find solace in the religion of their choice.  Then there are elements of religion that is obviously fraught with hate, bigotry, prejudice.

Here at Arizona, a Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalist went on a shooting spree days after the ‘9 / 11’ event.  He targeted anyone who did not appear ‘Amerikan’, he sought to kill Moslems.  Instead, he murdered Sikhs because the men wore their turban.  Those Sikh men were minding their own lives, conducting business among the community.

I’m not blind.  I read about Moslem Theocrats and Sikh separatists attacking and killing people of other religions

Here at my nation, I fear White Right-wing Republi-con Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalists and White supremacists and kluxers and Amerikan NAZIs far more than I fear Moslems, or Sikhs, or Atheists.  The former are actively committing murder here, are working to destroy Constitutional Rights for everyone but themselves while Crooked Drumpf calls them ‘fine people’.


Additional Resources:

(Pending.  As if you need me to refer you to other source material after all these years!)


Thank you, Dear Reader, for bearing with my theory.


‘Republikans (Part … – Aw, Never Mind, They Keep On Blathering)’


‘Republikans (Part … – Aw, Never Mind, They Keep On Blathering)’


(12 Dec 17)

(1970 06) Slim - Crater Lake (sitting - portrait)*

Let’s examine another round of Republi-cons in their own words (followed by my own blathering).


Moore Republi-con Im-Moore-ality


‘Women are responsible for these sexual harassment complaints.  They dress provocatively.  Who do we call ‘Deep Throat’ (laughter)?’.

  • Don Imus, R (his radio show, 30 Nov 17)

(2)(2013 01 22) Pederast Priest Cover-up at Los Angeles

‘Roy Moore tweets ‘Hollywood elite’ and his Christian values.  There is nothing farther from being Christian values than molesting young girls. preying upon young girls.’  ‘You don’t get to hide behind the church when you are accused of molesting.  It’s disgusting!’  ‘This doesn’t matter, Moore will still win.’  ‘Moore will be in the Senate making laws against us.  We don’t want to be represented by a paedophile in the Senate.’  ‘Allegations against Moore made no difference in Alabama’s support of Moore.  Since when is child molestation a partisan issue?’  ‘We are in a bizarre time in America.’  ‘Moore will win.’  ‘White women support Trump.’  ‘Moore is a Breitbart candidate; Breitbart has power.’  ‘Republikans don’t care.  Republikans can never vote for a Democrat.’  ‘Republikans will vote for a paedophile.  Red-necks are supporting a paedophile.  It’s tribal.’

  • Comments  by:  Ana Navarro (R) and Meghan McCain (R) (‘The View’, 01 Dec 17)


‘The President had been dancing around his endorsement of Moore.  Called him to give him his endorsement.  Voters know about Moore and make their decision.’

‘Trump endorses Moore.  There’s a moral issue about Moore.  Voters make that bargain not to care about moral concerns.  Voters put Trump in office knowing about the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape.’

‘Moore leads the polls.  Trump gets in front of the parade.  Trump wants to be the one who makes Moore win.  A win for Trump and the Republikans in the Senate though they say he will be expelled if he wins.’

  • PBS Newshour (04 Dec 17)


‘A poll shows that 48% of Moore supporters consider him the best man for the job.  What’s the job?  Male strippers for nursing homes?’

  • Seth Meyers, R (‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’, 04 Dec 17)


‘Moore gets the backing of Trump and the Republikan National Committee over allegations of sexual misconduct against Moore.  Moore denies knowing any women who have made allegations against him.  Alabama Republkans (71%) say the allegations against Moore are false.  Moore’s representative says Moore knew his accusers, but does not recall their dates.’

‘Billy Bush pushed back hard against Trump on that ‘Access Hollywood’ tape released one month before the election.  Trump apologised the next day after it was released.  Then, after the election, Trump said that it was not his voice.  Trump said it with seven other guys on the ‘Access Hollywood’ bus.  Trump said it in 2005 when he was a big star on NBC.  Everybody had to kiss the ring of the Big Donald because he made lots of money for NBC.’

  • CBS News (05 Dec 17)


‘Moore will win.  It’s ‘inside the palace walls’ intrigue.  The RNC is giving money to Moore.  The optics is a lose-lose-lose for Republikans.  McConnell’s endorsements have a lot of power.  It will be okay to have a paedophile.  Republikan voters don’t believe the accusers of Moore.’

‘Just treat a woman like she’s human.’

  • Meghan McCain, R (ABC ‘The View’, 05 Dec 17)

‘We have a problem with values in Washington.  We shouldn’t disbelieve anybody.  It’s up to the people of Alabama to decide their morals and who they vote for.  You’re absolutely right, I’m the kinda guy if my 14-year old daughter was molested by a 34-year old man.’

  • Corey Lewandowski, R (ABC ‘The View’, 05 Dec 17)


‘Romney, McConnell, and the whole crowd.  Washington.  Hollywood.  Sexual misconduct allegations against Moore are a set-up.  It’s a scam.  Do not talk to me about honour and integrity.’

  • Steve Bannon, R (Moore campaign speech, CBS News, 6 Dec 17)


‘About that 14-year old, it was a molestation, not a rape.  A 30-something Moore had her mother’s permission to date that 14-year old girl.  Moore kissed her.  Voters went in with their eyes open and knew all they needed to know when they voted for Trump.  Alabama voters know everything there is to know about Moore and they will elect him.’

  • Lars Larsen, R (his radio show, 07 Dec 17)


‘The Repblikan Party is happy to fall in line with Trump’s agenda and that even includes backing an accused child molester.’

  • Seth Meyers, R (‘Late Night’, 07 Dec 17)


‘If you are a porn star and you have been sexually assaulted, then you have been sexually assaulted.  We don’t have to character-shame the women.’

  • Meghan McCain, R (ABC ‘The View’, 08 Dec 17)

‘The Democrats are taking the higher moral ground.  It forces us to have a conversation about Trump and Moore.  What are you gonna say of the eight Moore accusers who voted for Trump?’

  • Paula Ferris, R (ABC ‘The View’, 08 Dec 17)


‘You people have a collective amnesia about these con-servatives.  It’s so depressing!  I am so alone in this thing. I will survive with God’s will alone.  We are no longer a moral people.  I led you to vote for Trump for a year.’

  • Michael ‘savage’ Weiner, R (his radio show, 08 Dec 17)


‘A day of reckoning in Alabama.  A Jones win would trim the Republikan majority and deal a blow to Trump.  Alabama voters struggle with supporting Moore.  Moore’s loss is a huge defeat for Trump.’

  • CNN News (12 Dec 17)


‘It isn’t over!’

  • Roy Moore, R (ABC, CNN News, 12 Dec 17)

‘God is in control.  We’ve been painted in unfaithfull light.  God has heard my cry.  Praise our god and be moved.  We can’t wait til after 11 o’clock.  It’s not over!  It’s gonna take time.’

  • Roy Moore, R (post-campaign speech, ABC, CBS, NBC News, 12 Dec 17)

‘Sexual perversion and sodomy sweep this land!  Homosexuality is bestiality.  It is abhorrent, immoral, detestable, a crime against nature, and a violation of the laws of nature and nature’s god upon which this nation and our laws are predicated.’  ‘The US is the focus of evil in the world.  We promote a lot of bad things.’  ‘God is our only source of our law, liberty, and guh’mint.’

  • Roy Moore, R (BBC News, 12 Dec 17)

(14)(2012 11 13) Adultery Comes Naturally

‘There are few US states as ruby red conservative.  The Republikan candidate had a cloud of controversy hanging over his head – not just sexual impropriety, but also inflammatory statements and legal run-ins that knocked him out of the Alabama Supreme Court twice.  There were Republikan voters who found his views on homosexuality and civil rights distastefull.  Democratic voter participation surged.  Progressives touted their resistance to Trump; their enthusiasm is translating into numbers at the ballot box.  Moore thinks homosexuality should be outlawed.  Moore likens homosexuality to ‘bestiality’.  He was dismissed from the Alabama Supreme Court after he refused a federal order to remove a massive stone statue of the ’10 Commandments’ from inside his courthouse.  His refusal to issue marriage certificates to Gay couples cost him his place on the bench for a second time.  Moore’s willingness toward evangelical issues and defy federal court orders won his following in the Bible Belt.  His views are extreme, offensive, help make him a vessel for Alabama voters.  Moore feels that the 9-11 attacks were a sign of god’s divine anger.  Moore thinks he’s like Putin.  In August, he praised Putin for his stance against Gay rights.’

  • BBC News (12 Dec 17)



There you go, these right-wing wack-os blame women.  They are also desperate to ‘eat their own’ Republi-cons.

Does rape exist in such Islamic nations where men force women to wear full burkas?  Hell, yes it does, in far worse numbers than any Western nation:

  • Men of Moslem nations blame women whom they rape,(2013 10 23)  Are They Serious
  • Men of Moslem nations blame Moslem women as dressing ‘provocatively’ in their burkas.
  • Moslem men execute Moslem women in the public square – the Moslem women whom they raped.
  • Moslem men praise themselves for their ‘honour killing’ of the Moslem women whom they rape and murder.
  • Moslem men go un-prosecuted, un-punished for raping Moslem women, for murdering Moslem women.

We heard misogyny when Imus and his patriarchal gang laugh about ‘Deep Throat’, a movie about a woman forced into sexual slavery and forced to endure oral rape.

We all endure misogyny that men (and women) of Alabama choose to vote for an admitted paedophile (Moore admitted that he obtained permission from the mothers of 14-years old girls to date their daughters when he himself was in his 30s) rather than vote for Doug Jones, a renowned state prosecutor of the crimes Moore admits he committed (Jones, the Democratic candidate, also successfully prosecuted Kluxers for their acts of terrorism).

Men, explain your vote for Moore, Alabama’ Republi-con Party candidate for US Senate who stands accused by several teen-aged girls as a ‘child molester’:

  • to your mother,
  • to your wife,
  • to your daughters,
  • to your sisters,
  • to all women.

Women, likewise, explain your vote for Moore the molester.  PLEASE!

Moore denies all knowledge of his accusers, yet Moore’s very own legal counsel admits that Moore knew his accusers.  Which is it?

Sadly, not all women support other women.  Republi-con women also vote for misogynists when they vote for Moore and Republi-cons.


Right-wing Christian Con-servative evangelical fundamentalist Amerikan Taliban boast that ‘morality does not matter’ – at least when it comes to fellow Republi-cons, it ‘matters’ only when they blame Democrats.  The Republi-con Party runs on its claim to ‘family values’.  These Republi-con  immoralities are their type of ‘family values’ of you Drumpfians, Deplorables.  The Moore accusers are themselves brainwashed, Drumpfians, and hard-core Republi-cons.  They voted for Trump and they may very well vote for Moore as fellow Republi-cons who can’t perceive ever voting Democratic.

Many people express outrage being sexually harassed; I am with them.  But the real sad point is how this abuse is both historically pernicious and culturally accepted.  We can see it clearly exemplified in our culture by old TV shows and movies.  Most TV that I currently watch date from 1950s, 1960’s.

  • Watch 1950s re-runs of ‘What’s My Line’ on BUZZR TV; the audience regularly subjects single women to wolf whistles while the panelists laugh at such rough attention and add their own crude remarks.  Their misogyny is blatant yet accepted.
  • Even some shows that we seem to idolise (‘Laugh-In’) are highly charged with racism and sexual harassment.
  • I recently watched a 1990s ‘Ellen’ sit-com episode on Laugh TV:  Ellen’s friend was routinely obliged to sleep with a movie producer to get ahead in her career as the story played to audience laughs throughout the episode.  I would hardly subject Ellen Degeneris to accusations that she and her scriptwriters were committing sexual harassment.

Sadly, American attitudes were atrocious in our past.  That does not exonerate those who committed willfull acts or crimes of misconduct, but we must see its pervasive nature even among the most innocent.

Drumpfian Weiner experiences his own doubts about Crooked Drumpf – but not too much ‘moral absolutism’.

Weiner talked about exposing fellow Republi-cons who commit their sex crimes.

Of course, only Weiner has his god, is so pure to throw that first stone, his stone, against only Democrats.

Meanwhile, Republi-cons boast their ‘moral absolutism’ while their own immorality comes home to roost.  They whine that what Moore did was in the past when it was moral and common for a 30-something years old man to marry a 14-years old teen girl.  Wait!  Where went that Republi-con ‘moral absolutism’?  Why do Republi-cons assail Democrats for their ‘past’?


Up-date (14 Dec 17):

Post-election Epilogue.


‘Marking a political set-back for Trump, Moore has not conceded in the race and called for a re-count.  Moore was a divisive candidate with excessive Christian views.  Jones prosecuted Ku Klux Klan members who bombed a church in the 1960s.’

  • NHK Newsline (13 Dec 17)



There you go, Dear Reader.  Crooked Drumpf can hardly accuse NHK of ‘fake snuze’.  NHK describes Moore as a religious extremist.  Maybe if Alabama were not tainted by their own right-wing Christian Con-servative evangelical fundamentalist Amerikan Taliban religious extremism, they’d be more aware that their fanaticism is equal to that of the ‘Islamic terrorism’ that they accuse as extreme.

Jones successfully prosecuting kluxers is one primary reason why Moore’s voters – pro-segregationists, bigots, extremists, racists, White supremists – oppose Jones.  ‘Cain’t be putting White men in jail for killing N****r chil’ren’, they would argue.


‘Moore is refusing to concede defeat.  Trump is losing in this deepest of Red States.  Moore believes homosexuality is immoral and that Muslims should not be allowed to serve in Congress.  Hard-lined conservative Moore’s loss is a reflection of his candidacy, as a major snub to Trump who backed him.  It is a victory for the victims of sexual assault whose claims Moore dismissed as ‘fake news’.  Republikans are disappointed, they don’t believe the accusations against Moore.’  ‘It’s a protest vote against Trump.  Losing Moore thought that he was on his way to Washington.  Evangelicals believe they were betrayed.  A big black-eye for Trump and his playbook of ‘fake news’ and attacking accusers.  A defeat against the Republikan Party and Trump’s brand.  The Trump soul was divided across the state; suburban Republikan voters swung to Jones.  Bannon backed Moore and other candidates; he is threatening other Republikans.  Trump is all over the map, making chaos in Washington.  Only one Republikan defected on ‘tax reform’; they want to have accomplishment for the next election.’

  • BBC News (13 Dec 17)



Democrats would do well not to celebrate too much.  This was merely one victory due to a singular egregious circumstance.  This Alabama election merely split the Republi-con voters because of Moore’s personal misconduct that still garnered more than the majority of his core Republi-con constituency – right-wing Christian Con-servative evangelical fundamentalist Amerikan Taliban voters.  Moore received 48% of the vote, his core constituency is 38% of the electorate.

Republi-cons – desperate for ‘accomplishment’ – have plenty of ‘October Surprise’ dirty tricks up their collective sleeves for 2018.


‘Moore was a flawed candidate!’

  • Laura Ingraham, R (her radio show, 13 Dec 17)



Why did Ingraham boast about Moore all these past months if he is such a ‘flawed candidate’???

Ingraham went on to drivel how it was everyone else’s fault.  She blamed the Democrats.  She blamed all Moore’s accusers.  She blamed the Black voters.  She even blamed Crooked Drumpf for not campaigning enough.

She should have stopt at ‘flawed candidate’.


‘Moore’s campaign was hit hard by sexual misconduct decades ago.  Trump is now a two-time loser in Alabama, one of the most pro-Trump states.  Trump backed Strange in the primary, but he lost to Moore; now Moore lost.  The President’s agenda is deeply damaged.  Trump campaigned for Moore to drive up Republikan turn-out.  It didn’t work; GOP turn-out declined while Democratic turn-out surged.  Defying Trump was Bannon.  Defeat will galvanise Republikans on ‘tax reform’.  One top Trump advisor stated ‘Trump’s White House has the worst political operations in two generations – Republikan or Democrat.’.’

‘Look at this Trump administration and see how it is being run.’

  • CBS News (13 Dec 17)



That accumulation of accusations against Moore for his molestations made him that ‘flawed candidate’, that indecent choice for even the most ardent Republi-con voters who supported their indecent candidate.

Yeh, ‘two-time loser’ sounds good!  ‘Loser!  Loser!’

From now on, of course, Senate Republi-cons will vote in their bloc and not one will stray among their remaining 51; not one ‘moderate’ among them, not even ‘maverick’ McCain (‘Maverick’?  McCain votes solid Republi-con everytime).  Those 51 Republi-cons will pass their ‘flawed’ and ‘deeply damaged’ ‘tax reform’ with their 51 votes.

(2013 10 23)  Are They Serious 1Dunno what those ‘two generations’ means?  How many years?  How many presidents?

  • We know that Obama had an otherwise reasonably successfull administration despite Republi-cons’ self-avowed ‘No!  Hell NO!’ obstructionist damage.
  • We know that Baby Bush’s administration was quite a mess.
  • We know that Clinton had two positive terms.

So does that mean that Papa Bush was that prior ‘worst’?  Or maybe Reagan’s was that prior ‘worst’?

We already know that Reagan’s tax reform’ was the ‘worst’ because current Republi-cons campaign against it and are working to ‘reform’ it to Crooked Drumpf’s present legislation.


‘Trump’s coat-tails got chopt off.  How is this coming along in Alabama?  This thing with Moore?  All of a sudden this Jones defeated Moore.  There was a tremendous upset.  Is the country turning against Trump?  He’s got to do something!  They got to unify their Party.  The winds are blowing not very favourably for Republikans.  Moore isn’t giving up, he is not conceding.  Over 80% White evangelicals voted for Moore.  Democrats have momentum in deep-state Alabama; they are charged up.  The Deplorable Army need to regain that momentum for the next election.  A Democrat-controlled Congress – all will come out – impeachment – during the next two years.  There is a big concern in Republikan circles.  We are beginning to see a civil war.  Moore had a disastrous interview with Hannity that didn’t go well.  Evangelicals support Moore.  The women who were bringing these charges are readily credible – dating these 14-year old girls – molesting women.  He never gave anybody reason to believe these allegations were not true.  The Deplorable Army and Bannon have got to step up and bring more candidates.  The ‘tax reform’ is a cotton-pickin’ nightmare.’

  • Reverend Pat Robertson, R (his CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 13 Dec 17)

(6)(2013 12 11) One Mind Already Wasted

‘This has been a culture that has been going on.  These sexual molestation and harassment claims are coming out – politics as an aphrodisiac – get ’em outta there.  Thank goodness Republikans didn’t elect somebody who had that stain that that man in Alabama had.  Republikans don’t have to be apologising for him.  They dodged a bullet in Alabama.’

  • Reverend Pat Robertson, R (his CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 14 Dec 17)



Maybe a fresh wind is beginning to blow against the Crooked Drumpf empire?  Maybe a mere puff was enough for this instance.

Amazing post-election statistics include that:

  • more than 65% or White women voted for Moore
  • more than 95% of Black women voted for Jones

Looks like America’s Black women saved Alabama, saved America, again.  THANK YOU!  Let’s do it again in 2018.

Nor was this by any means a landslide for Jones.  Essentially, one-half of Alabama voters chose Jones while one-half chose Moore.  A clear division rather than a concensus:

  • Jones received 49% of the vote,
  • Moore received 48% of the vote,

though if these results were reversed, Crooked Drumpf would have called Moore’s 49% vote a ‘landslide’ victory and would have blamed ‘fake snuze’ for refusing to join in his characterisation.

Robertson, though, spent these past several months campaigning for Moore.  Now, all of a sudden, Robertson calls Moore a ‘stain’ for which his beloved Republi-cons would be forced to ‘apologise’, that Moore’s loss to Jones is ‘dodging a bullet’ of still another Republi-con sex abuse scandal.


Desperate Republi-con Fascism


‘It’s for the survival of our Republikan Party.  It’s our self-preservation!’

  • Reverend Pat Robertson, R (his CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 28 Nov 17)


‘It’s about Republikan survival.  It’s gonna be a blood bath; Republikans, they’ve got to pass this thing.  Republikans lose on cutting your Medi-Care and your health benefits.  Republikans got to do it or they will lose their jobs, lose control of the Senate, Congress.’

  • Reverend Pat Robertson, R (his CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 30 Nov 17)


‘Our base fractures, people won’t write checks, our Party will collapse of its own weight if we don’t pass this tax bill.  This can’t fail.  This is unacceptable for the Republikan Party.  We have the House, Senate, and White House.’

  • Senator Lindsey Graham, R (CBS News, 01 Dec 17)

‘Bannon is a proxy for Trump.’

  • Lanhee Chen, R (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 09 Dec 17)



Yet again we hear Republi-cons themselves persist saying that passing their Republi-con Party’s ‘tax reform’ is more important for their own Republi-con Party than for our American nation.  That Republi-con attitude is Fascism defined.

Republi-con Party insists that they must pass their ‘tax reform’ tax cuts for their wealthy buddies, who cares if they tinkle down to the lower class rabble.

There is no Republi-con regard for our American nation.

Beware those who call themselves ‘Independent’!  Republi-con Right-wing Christian Con-servative evangelical fundamentalist Amerikan Taliban hide as ‘Indy’ – defined as a Fascist move.  They prove sinister by ‘pushing’ their facade.  Today they are as those who support Crooked Drumpf in stealth.  As far as I know, I am my family’s only Leftie.  Cousin Jack exemplifies the typical of my family – cruel politics.  ‘with friends (family) like these, who needs enemies!’

Do I hear ‘sucker!’ again?

<*>(2017 06 23) Lube Syringe IMG_0529

Republi-con Tax Cuts for the Wealthy and the Corporations, Coal for Drumpfians and Deplorables


‘This current tax code is a big mess, a major failure.  My tax cuts are a tax cut for working families.  We are celebrating Merry Christmas with a big tax cut.’

  • Donald Trump, R (speech reported by ABC, CBN, CBS, NBC, PBS, 29 Nov 17)


‘Trump will personally save more than a billion Dollars while college students will lose out.  This tax code will tax student waivers and hit them with a 400% tax increase.  It is a tax cut for corporations and the rich.’

  • NBC News (29 Nov 17)


‘Taxpayers with incomes less than $75.000 per year will be paying more taxes.  Republikans know that passing ‘tax reform’ is do-or-die for them politically.  They are holding together.’

  • ABC News (30 Nov 17)


‘Senate Republikans are scrambling to save their tax bill after it hit a stumbling block over deficit concerns.  Their massive tax cut will add a trillion Dollars to the annual deficit.  Number crunchers found that the tax bill won’t pay for itself as the Republikans promised.  Protesters rallied against the bill,  ‘It will enrich the very wealthiest Americans’.  Republikans would rather move ahead with an imperfect bill.  Tax cuts are driving stock prices up.  Republikans are saying to ignore that the reports of trillion Dollar deficits are wrong.  It’s ‘trickle down economics’.  Wages are not rising for working class Americans.  We see more money going to line top executives’ pockets.  Republikans want to have the tax plan on Trump’s desk to sign for Christmas.’

  • CBS News (01 Dec 17)


‘Congress is rushing to pass something.  People don’t understand what they are doing.  None of us are aware of it and what it is gonna do to us.  Come up with a final bill and let us read it, how much it will add to the deficit.  Common sense doesn’t transcend to politics.’

  • KSAZ TV / Fox News (01 Dec 17)


‘Perception becomes reality.  ‘Tax reform’ will be in the Christmas stocking.  We will deliver it to the American people.  A miracle – $1200 in their pocket.  Wages will rise.  Believe in a great Christmas present.  We must not add a burden of debt to our children.  We will not see deficits from these cuts.  We’ll have more resources for our military.’

  • Mike Pence, R (CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 01 Dec 17)


‘You’ll see a bunch of Republikans speed up this tax bill, pass it, and get Trump to sign it. Then you’ll see a bunch of Republikans distancing themselves from it.’

  • NBC News (01 Dec 17)


‘Senator Flake got a deal extending business corporate tax deductions.  The final Senate vote came within hours without looking at the Bill.  Democrats were outraged, Republikans were confident.  We haven’t seen the language of the Bill, we don’t know how much time lawmakers will have time to read the Bill before voting on it.  The Bill will raise the tax break for family businesses like Trump’s.  The nation will have a $30 trillion debt in 10 years with this Bill while Republikans believe their sense that this Bill will decrease the deficits.  Republikans don’t believe deficits are a liability anymore.’

‘All their Republikan talk about deficits, there were no Republikan ‘Deficit Hawks’ this time.  Republlikans are supposed to be the Party of the Populists, the Blue Collar worker; they are failing.  Republikans will instead tag the Democrats.’

  •  Commentary:  Michael Gerson, R (PBS Newshour, 01 Dec 17)


‘Lower tax rates please investors.  Republikan Senator Corker could not cast aside his fiscal concerns and the national debt.  Republoikans will be on track to get this to the President’s desk by Christmas.  This tax cut is less material for individuals than for corpoprations.’  ‘Fight over ‘tax reform’ is influenced by Congressional crises.  Republikans have nothing to run on for next year.  This bill is lobby-based for corporations reducing their rate from 35% to 20% without reforms.  Congressional leaders can keep the corporate side quiet.’

  • PBS Nightly Business Report (01 Dec 17)


‘The one and a half trillion Dollar bill is viewed as a victory for Trump.  It is massive tax cuts for businesses and high-income people.  Democrats bemoan the 500-page legislation and its last-minute additions to avoid ‘regular order’. Corker was turned off by the $1.5 Trillion price tag.  The corporate tax rate is slashed permanently, tax savings for a family of $75.000 income are temporary.’

‘This will be a one trillion Dollar hit on the deficit.  Republikans have learned how to avoid public outcry by grass-roots Americans.  We don’t know the implications.  The bill was cobbled together with lots of loopholes.  The federal government will be making money by people declaring bankruptcy and people making less than $40.000 a year by not having to cover people who drop out of Obama-care.  This bill is more beneficial to the wealthy and not to poor Americans.’

‘This bill will allow oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  No Senators read the whole thing and knew what was in it – the 500 pages of new tax policy.  How can you pass that without knowing what is in there.  You’ll see similar rush jobs at reconciliation.  We may have a government shut-down.’

  • CBS News (02 Dec 17)


‘Democrats were outraged at Republikan late-night chaos.  Protesters marched on Wall Street against the bill that slashes the corporate tax rate and eliminates the Obama-care mandate.  This bill could get done by Christmas.’

  • ABC News (02 Dec 17)


‘Trump’s victory looks thin to pass that massive tax plan that will add a trillion Dollars to the deficit.  The bill was approved minutes after Senators got their first look at the final bill.  Democrats promised they will fight this legislation.  Republikans want to get this to Trump before Christmas.’

  • NBC News (02 Dec 17)


‘Americans making less than $75.000 per year will be paying more during the next 10 years.’

  • ABC News (03 Dec 17)


‘This is a dream bill for Republikans.  This bill cuts corporate taxes, gets rid of the Obama-care mandate, it shrinks federal giovernment.  It cuts MediAid and Food Stamps.’

‘The public is skeptical of this bill.  Only 25% support it.  Democrats know the weak points of the bill.  Democrats see this as a winner for them in 2018.  Democrats talk about healthcare, taxes, what’s going on in Washington.’

  • PBS Newshour (04 Dec 17)


‘Senate Republikans are forging ahead to slash taxes for corporations and the wealthy.  Senate Republikans overlooked the Flynn confession.  They were making handwritten changes behind closed doors.  It got worse than that.  If it’s in this bill, it’s definitely not a genius.  Reading it is like finding a secret message on the back of the Constitution.  It’s a giant tax cut for corporations.  By 2027, people making $40.000 to $50.000 would pay a combined $5.3 billion more in taxes while the group earning $1 million or more would get a $5.8 billion tax cut.  McConnell said a Middle-Class tax cut is ‘impossible’ to be done.  GOP repealed the Obama-care mandate.  Republikans will inevitably use the $1.5 trillion deficit they created to cut safety net programs and Social Security and MediCare spending.  It’s what Republikans are planning.  Republikans are cutting Social Security, MediCare, and MedicAid to pay for tax cuts for corporations and wealthy.  Trump revealed that if someone voted for him, he is ‘an ally who can turn against you’.

  • Seth Meyers, R (‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’, 04 Dec 17)


‘Republikans are hoping to get the final bill to Trump before the end of the year.  There’s unanimity in Republikan ranks.  I would love to design the TV for the next elections.  It will be a Donnybrook.  Democrats oppose the President.  I am excited at the Repiublikans when the pigs squeal.  It’s going to be a monster.  Don’t pay taxes.  Give a break to help  the wealthy.’

  • Reverend Pat Robertson, R (his CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 05 Dec 17)


‘Stock prices are over-valued at least 40%.  They’re due for a correction.  Stocks are a bad bet.’

  • Del Walmsley, R (his radio show, 06 Dec 17)


‘This tax bill has not been sold.  It’s confusing.  Amerikans don’t know what it is doing.  There is a major corporate tax reduction that needs to be done immediately or they will lose a tremendous amount of political capital.  Some taxes will go up 100%.  We still have not seen the final draft.  You will not be able to deduct state and local taxes.  Republikans can’t be raising taxes.’

  • Reverend Pat Robertson, R (his CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 11 Dec 17)


‘The market is drastically over-priced.  It could crash and burn at any time.’

  • ‘On-line Trading Academy’ right-wing conservative radio show (11 Dec 17)


‘Trump is marketing something different than the product he is selling.  He is constantly focused on the stock market and corporate profits as the proxy for his success for this ‘tax reform’ bill.  When he sells this on the campaign trail, he sells it as a benefit to the Working Class who support him.  It’s not clear this adds up to benefit the Working Class.  It would undoubtedly be a big boost to the corporations, but you’re not legislating  how corporations spend their profits.  You’re not forcing income growth.  You’re not making that worker take home more take-home pay.  You can’t force employment.  This gamble to the economic benefit for the country is what Trump focuses on – what is called ‘Trickle Down Economics’.’

  • Margaret Brennan, R (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 09 Dec 17)


‘Investors are looking to diversify in an over-heated stock market.’  ‘New tax laws could be confusing.’

  • PBS Nightly Business Report (12 Dec 17)


Editor:(2013 10 02) The Tale of Two Insights

Well, of course it is a ‘big mess’ and a terribly ‘major failure’.

Reagan and his Republi-cons are the ones who passed this tax code in 1986 to benefit their own.  You want another Republi-con ‘big mess’ ‘major failure’ tax code for the next 30-some years?  Yeh, you go right ahead and get what you ask for.  Don’t come crying about it when this latest Republi-con ‘tax reform’ proves it is another Republi-con ‘big mess’ ‘major failure’ that benefits Crooked Drumpf at the expence of low income and college students trying to improve their lives.

Do you recall Baby Bush’s $300 tax giveaway from 2001?  This Editor, who prepared personal income returns, explained this to people who then had a difficult time comprehending that this tax cut was no giveaway, that they had to pay it back the next year.  Taxpayers could not accept that they had to pay back their tax cut the next year.  All those dupes and suckers – it was their own Republi-con con that re-elected more Republi-cons in 2002 and 2004 in disbelief.

Did you fall for Baby Bush’s Republ-con scam?

Lotta Crooked Drumpfians and the true believing Deplorables – they are the dupes and suckers this time.  They don’t learn.  They will get a few crumbs on next year’s taxes in time to influence their vote for the 2018 election only to have their income taxes increased each year thereafter – to a 25% increase by 2025 in time to forget who did this to them and to blame Democrats at the 2024 election.

Plus, this present ‘tax reform’ will either cut or eliminate federal funding for programs for low income Americans – dual blows – their Republi-con Party’s ol’ one-two Republi-con punch to their gut.

Republikans can find trillions of Dollars for innumerable contracts with corporate arms merchants, but can’t find one single thin dime for Social Security, MediCare, MedicAid.  Instead, they will again resort to Reagan and Baby Bush-era efforts to use budget deficits and the national debt to eliminate programs for the poor and indigent and to eliminate Social Security, MediCare, and MedicAid.  You Drumpfians and Deplorables who depend upon safety net programs, Social Security, MediCare, MedicAid – Trump is calling you ‘Suckers!’, he is that ‘ally who can turn against you’.

Republi-cons make no secret that this is primarily a tax cut to benefit Crooked Drumpf and his own ‘working family’, not you Deplorables and Drumpfians of the working class and working poor.  It’s a tax cut only for big business and corporate bosses who support Crooked Drumpf, any makings of a ‘tax cut’ that filters through ‘tinkle down economics’ will be little more than left-over crumbs.  Karma justice is that all you Drumpfians and Deplorables will be fighting for those Republi-cons table scraps.
Crooked Drumpf will say ‘Merry Christmas’ to you, to you Deplorables and Drumpfians of the working class and working poor, to you dupes and suckers.  Crooked Drumpf will deliver a lump of coal to you while he gives $1 billion to himself at your expence.


Another Crooked Drumpf coal in their stockings will be to charities.  Increasing the Standard Deduction will reduce deductible donations to charities; taxpayers will get credit for donations that do not occur.

‘Deficit Hawk’ Republi-cons campaign against all deficits:

  • ‘Deficits don’t matter’,
  • ‘We Republi-cons are good for lowering our taxes’,
  • ‘Republlikans will tag the Democrats.’  etc.

Yet here we have their demonstration that they promote as much as another $2 trillion annual deficit to give tax cuts to themselves.  After all, Drumpfian corporate bribers, er campaign contributors, need that ‘break’, need your ‘help’ – they need the taxpayers’ safety net, not you of the middle- and low-income.

You’re damn straight that Democrats solidly oppose Crooked Drumpf and the Republi-con tax cuts for their wealthy corporate buddies.  Democrats support tax relief to common Americans, Middle Class Americans, Working Class Americans, poor Americans, Americans who actually pay taxes, not Crooked Drumpf who brags that he has not paid taxes for 18 years, not Drumpfian Americans who live in the lap of luxury.

Arizona’s Republi-con Senator Jeff ‘Flakey’ Flake is supposedly one of those ‘Deficit Hawks’, yet he supports these Crooked Drumpf Republi-con tax cuts for the rich that will accumulate trillions of Dollars to our deficit while they collect the benefits of their own ‘tax reform’ tax cuts.

Republi-con ‘sense’ – nonsense!

Yep, ignore that small Drumpfman behind the curtain.

Why is your nest egg in Crooked Drumpf’s stock market at 24.000?  What are you doing to guard against the coming 40% drop to your current value?  How did you survive when Baby Bush’s market collapsed in 2007 and dropt all the way to 9.000?

The stock market experts cited – Del Walmsley and ‘On-line Trading Academy’ – are Drumpfians who warn of impending calamity.

The average mom-and-pop investor has made little to show for earnings as ‘On-line’ taught recently.  If you bought into the market when Baby Bush began his presidency and are still in that market 17 years, then you made little earnings.  Inflation averaged 2% these past 17 years while stock earnings average 2.5%.  Thus, each year, on your average, you are left with that .5% earnings – one-half of one per cent per year.  Hey all you true believer Drumpfians and Deplorables,  how’s that for your success in the stock market!(2013 12 10) Welcome to Your Next Stop - Pottersville

Same as Baby Bush, Crooked Drumpf is betting on the market crash after the next election.  He is campaigning on his ‘great economy’ bubble.  After 2018, he will blame Democrats for the post-election collapse, he will eliminate Social Security, MediCare, MedicAid, Food Stamps, and other safety net programs that help poor and low income Americans – those very same ‘Working Class’ who fail to perceive Crooked Drumpf is repeating history.  All those cuts will give billions of your tax Dollars to himself and his corporate buddies.  Crooked Drumpf is laughing at you.

So when this current Crooked Drumpf bubble market crashes by 40%, you will lose that 40%.  Only insiders and dealers beat this stock market, not you, the average investor.

It’s history repeating itself – from Reagan’s failed ‘Tinkle Down Economics’ to the Crooked Drumpf’s next Republi-con Great Depression.


Up-date (14 Dec 17):

Post-election Epilogue.


‘The tax reform is a cotton-pickin’ nightmare!  Instead of tax relief, it is a tax burden.  People don’t like it.  It hasn’t been carefully thought through.  The people will say Republikans can’t govern with the White House, the Congress, the Senate.  They can’t bring forth legislation.  The voters will kick them out.  They haven’t gotten it together.  We got to do something.  Delaying tax cuts will be devastating.  ‘Tax reform’ is not popular, it will hurt people.  It’s Bannon and the President and the Party that isn’t working together.  We’ll win the next election.’

  • Reverend Pat Robertson, R (his CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 13 Dec 17)


‘Republikan ‘tax reform’ is gonna guarantee Trump another four years in office.  It’s a stroke of genius.  The vast majority – over 80% of American people – don’t pay any taxes at all.’

  • Reverend Pat Robertson, R (his CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 14 Dec 17)



Robertson says it himself about Crooked Drumpf’s ‘tax reform’:

  • it’s a ‘tax burden’
  • not ‘carefully thought through’
  • ‘will be devastating’
  • ‘will hurt people’.

Yet Robertson flip-flops, he blathers that this Republi-con legislation will lead the way to Republi-con victory at next year’s elections and Crooked Drumpf’s re-election in 2020.

As for those who ‘don’t pay taxes’, Crookied Drumpf is among Americans who boasts that he paid no federal taxes for 18 years, yet manages to reap billions of American federal taxpayer Dollars in refund payments for himself.

On the other hand, this American taxpayer averages paying one-third of her meager $14.000 per year Social Security income in various taxes:  state taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes, gasoline taxes, food taxes, restaurant taxes, automobile taxes, stadium district taxes, community college district taxes, library taxes, health district taxes.

Brennan boasted (see above:  CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 09 Dec 17) that there is no way to force corporate bosses to act in a way to benefit anyone other than themselves.  NHK news reports that Japan’s legislature is poised to pass their own ‘tax reform’ legislation that will do a ‘carrot and stick approach’ as they called it:

  • raise wages and you get a tax cut,
  • invest in your business and you get a tax cut,
  • increase your hiring and you get a tax cut.

But … if you fail taking action to improve the nation’s economy, then you get hit with a penalty tax.

‘Pay now or pay later’ as the saying goes.  Corporate Japan will have their choice – they will be required to either:

  • spend their profits to improve Japan’s workforce and economy or
  • get a financial hit that will force corporate officers to pay for their selfish actions.

Japan’s economists project that their tax policies will raise their national economic growth by more than 1%.

Those are ideas that Republi-cons will never enact here in their Amerika.  Selfish corporate bosses tell their Republi-con Con-gress to pass tax cuts to benefit themselves so that they can reap monetary windfalls at the expence of rank-and-file employees and diminsh the greater national economy.

Well there you have it, Crooked Drumpf and his Republi-cons are wrong again despite their whining that there is no way to impose any requirement to raise employee wages, to hire more employees, to expand their business rather than CEOs pocket all their corporate profits and stash the money at their off-shore tax havens.


Crooked Drumpf Gets Cozier with Cozy Bear


‘I believe Putin when he tells me he didn’t do it.  The former heads of CIA, DNI, and FBI are political hacks.  Putin didn’t meddle in the election.’

  • Donald Trump, R (speech and news conference, ABC, CBS, PBS news; 10 Nov 17)


‘The Department of Justice filed criminal charges against Flynn in their Russia investigation.  Flynn had two encounters with the Russian Ambassador in December 2016 to discuss reversing Obama’s sanctions.  Trump wanted Republikans to end this investigation into Russia meddling in the election to end quickly.  He asked this of Senator McConnell.’

  • CBS News (01 Dec 17)


‘There was collusion and Russian meddling about the election and sanctions.  If Flynn hadn’t lied.  If he had registered as a foreign agent.  Flynn’s guilty plea being uttered in court.  A very senior Trump official directed Flynn to reach out to the Russian Ambassador December 22nd.  On December 28th, the Russian Ambassador called Flynn.  Flynn called the Trump transition team about what to tell the Russian Ambassador about the sanctions and the Trump policy goals to withdraw the sanctions.  Flynn told Mueller about his conversations with the Russians.  Flynn admitted that he made false statements in his registration documents.  This will cause concern with Trump – Flynn co-operating with prosecutors.  Keep an eye on Kushner who filled the Cabinet and had his hands in all of this.  Keep an eye on Pence, Trump,

  • NBC News (01 Dec 17)


‘Flynn was charged with lying about Russia.’  ‘Trump tried to put a stop to this Russian investigation this past Summer.  Trump told Comey not to investigate Flynn.  Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI.’  ‘This is a recurrent theme with Trump – at least eight times interfering, obstructing with this investigation into Flynn.’  ‘Flynn was charged with lying to the FBI about his conversations with the Russians.’  ‘There is substantial evidence built by Mueller step-by-step into collusion with the Russians.’  ‘Flynn pled guilty to lying.’  ‘Lying to the FBI can mean five years in federal prison; Flynn was a general and he lied anyway.’  ‘Flynn has given Mueller something good.’  ‘A foreign government, a geo-political foe, interfered in our election.  Our intelligence agencies told us so.  Our elections are our bastions of our Democracy.’  ‘Conservatives think Putin is a murderous KGB dictator who aided and abetted Assad.  Strange that Trump has normalised relations with Russia and Putin with our Party.’  ‘Republikans are not against Russian thugs.’  ‘As a candidate, Trump directed Flynn to contact the Russians.’  ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like collusion.’  ‘The country is gonna rip itself apart.  This country is polarised.’  ‘This is an American moment.’  ‘A foreign power was invited in.’  It’s a sad day, a scary day, that Flynn was contacting the Russians when he was named National Security Advisor.  This former general knew what he was doing and Trump continues protecting him is scary as Hell.’  ‘There are a bunch of people in Alabama and in Red States saying that Mueller is taking down their president.  Trump could be indicted and impeached.’

  • ABC News (‘The View’, 01 Dec 17)


‘Flynn pleading guilty to lying to the FBI about meeting with Russia and interacting with Russia.’

  • KNXV TV / ABC News (01 Dec 17)


‘Flynn entered a guilty plea to making false statements to the FBI.  He is co-operating with the probe into Russian meddling.  He discussed sanctions with Russia during and after the campaign. A ‘senior’ official directed his actions.  Flynn was an ardent booster of Trump, leading chants against Clinton.  Flynn mis-led Trump about his relationship with Kislyak.  Flynn is also accused of lobbying for Turkey.  Flynn is in legal jeopardy on more than lying to the FBI.’  (News report)

‘Flynn violated the Foreign Agents Act.  He could spend time in prison.  Flynn lied about his contacts with the Russian Ambassador.  All eyes are now on Kushner, Bannon, and Priebus.  Trump has been trying to finish these investigations.  We do know Kushner met with investigators.  Flynn was fired by Obama, then served as a long-time advisor to Trump.  It’s not a good day for people who work the White House.’  (News report)

‘We now have the National Security Officer lying to the FBI.  This is serious.  He also pled guilty to making false statements in regard to the Foreign Agents Act.  He is providing statements indicating someone more culpable.  Trump told Comey in that secret meeting to let this investigation go.  This is another piece in that puzzle, Flynn pled guilty to a felony.  These charging documents tell the story.  Individuals who do not co-operate face serious charges.’ (News report)

‘There aren’t many people who are higher than Flynn.  He was turned to turn against others.  Why is everyone lyingf – to the FBI, to the American Public.  Don’t lie.  Every lie is leverage in this investigation.’

  • Commentary:  Michael Gerson, R (PBS Newshour, 01 Dec 17)


‘Flynn admits to lying to the FBI and says he is co-operating with the FBI.  Flynn is expected to testify that Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians; that news sent stocks falling.  Kushner is among the other officials.  Flynn is co-operating with the Special Counsel; it could go on for some time.  Trump faces potential legal troubles.  Trump asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn ‘

‘The market panicked and had a sell-off at Flynn’s admission that he was lying.  Trump’s core supporters are never gonna believe Flynn when he says that he was lying, they’ll stick by the President’

  • PBS Nightly Business Report (01 Dec 17)


‘Flynn pleads guilty and starts talking.  Flynn flips and puts Kushner in the cross-hairs.   Flynn is co-operating with Mueller’s investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 elections.  The Russian investigation is moving closer to Trump and his inner circle.  Flynn’s plea deal requires him to co-operate with the investigation.  Flynn otherwise faces decades behind bars.  Flynn said that he will be co-operating.  Flynn was in on top-level campaign discussions.  The Russians were intent on helping Trump.  Kushner has been under scrutiny.  He left a hundred meetings off a security clearance form including meetings with Russians and he was in on the firing of Flynn.  Trump fired Comey when he would not drop the investigations.  Ominous.’

‘This is a big deal.  Flynn is prepared to give testimony against bigger fish.  Mueller has his eyes on something big.’

  • CBS News (01 Dec 17)


‘Flynn said he lied about his contacts with Russia.  He is now co-operating with Mueller; that investigation is closing in on the West Wing.  Trump never before said that he fired Flynn for lying to the FBI, only lying to Pence.  If Trump knew Flynn lied to the FBI, it raises questions about Trump supporting Flynn.  Trump continues to praise Flynn and asked Comey to go easy on Flynn.  Flynn did not act alone.  He was directed to do so by Kushner.  He discussed Obama’s sanctions with Russia.  McFarland’s e-mails state that Russia will throw the election to Trump.  Mueller’s team is not done with Flynn.  His plea carries a maximum prison of five years.’

  • ABC News (02 Dec 17)


‘Trump indicated that he was aware that Flynn lied to the FBI and asked Comey to go easy on Flynn.  Was Trump obstructing justice when he asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn?  Why did Flynn lie?’

  • NBC News (02 Dec 17)


‘This city has been consumed by Flynn’s guilty plea.’

  • PBS Newshour (04 Dec 17)


‘Flynn pleaded guilty for lying to the FBI about his contacts with the Russian Ambassador.  Like OJ pleading guilty to changing lanes without signalling.  Flynn might be co-operating with Mueller.  Trump is right to be worried about Flynn.  Flynn’s guity plea sheds new light when Trump wildly swung back and forth between saying he didn’t tell to Flynn to contact the Russians and when he said Flynn was right to contact the Russians.  Trump loves to give two-part answers – here’s one answer, then here’s a different answer when you find out your first answer was a lie.  Trump incriminated himself when he tried getting Comey to shut down the investigation of Flynn by calling Comey into the Oval Office and telling him to ‘let this go’.  Trump knew Flynn committed a crime by lying to the FBI and tried to stop the investigation of that crime.  Trump tweeted this.  It’s almost like Trump wants to get indicted.  Dowd’s lawyer basically admitted Trump committed a crime, that he admitted he obstructed justice.’

  • Seth Meyers, R (‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’, 04 Dec 17)


‘Mueller is building a case for ‘Obstruction of Justice’ against Trump.  White House Counsel reported to Trump that Flynn lied to the FBI.  Trump may have obstructed justice if he knew Flynn lied to the FBI at the same time when Trump urged Comey to stop investigating Flynn.  As Senator, Sessions argued Clinton ‘obstructed justice’ about his affair with Lewinsky.  Transcripts show Flynn lied to the FBI.  Trump knew early on that Flynn lied.’

‘The day after Flynn pled guilty to lying, Trump twittered that he fired Flynn because he lied to Pence and the FBI.’

‘Of course the President can commit ‘Obstruction of Justice’.  Ken Star said he could indict Clinton for ‘Obstruction of Justice’.  We know that charge was against Nixon.  Sessions made that charge against Clinton.  Speaking that creates a whole new problem.  Tweets are Trump’s official statement, part of the evidentiary arc of ‘Obstruction of Justice’.  Put it all in the basket for impeachment.  That basket is getting more and more full.’

  • CBS News (05 Dec 17)


‘Mike Flynn has to be accountable.  Anyone who breaks the law should be prosecuted and spend the rest of their lives in jail.  Nobody is above the law.  Trump saying ‘Mexicans are rapists’ is not racist.’

  • Corey Lewandowsky, R (ABC ‘TheView’, 05 Dec 17)


‘NBC News reports that Flynn sent a text to a former business associate 11 minutes after Trump was sworn in as President saying Russian sanctions would be ripped up once Trump was inside the White House.’

  • NBC News (07 Dec 17)


‘This was not an isolated incident.  Russian contacts repeatedly made overtures to Trump.  A Conservative operative offered Trump a Kremlin connection using the NRA ties.  Want did the Russians want in return for all this help?  Flynn pleaded guilty to lying about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador about sanctions against Russia.  It only took 11 minutes for everything to go to shit.  Obama imposed sanctions on Russia for interfering with our election  and the first thing Trump wanted to do was get rid of sanctions.  That sounds very suspicious. The evidence that Trump colluded with Russia to undermine our Presidential election continues to mount.’

  • Seth Meyers, R (‘Late Night’, 07 Dec 17)

>(2017 01 31) Trump Beheaded the Statue of Liberty (blackhistory360.wordpress.com) (cropped-trum19)


Crooked Drumpf is more concerned defending his cozy relationship with Putin (the head of state of an adversarial nation) rather than supporting his own federal agency heads.  He’s about as close to treason (giving aid and comfort to the enemy) as any American politician can approach.

Flynn negotiated with Russians and Ambassador Kislyak while he was a private citizen.  He was a private citizen acting outside the American government.

That gun is now more than ‘smoking’.  This time, it is not Crooked Drumpf shooting someone on the streets of New York City and getting away with murder, as he put it during his campaign. This time, our Constitution and our American rule of law have him in its cross-hairs.

Flynn is looking at ‘several score’ of years of prison time if he fails to full co-operate with federal investigators, FBI, and the Special Prosecutor.  His guilty pleas indicate he has offered valuable evidence against those ‘senior’ officials – both Kushner and Crooked Drumpf himself.

Obstruction of justice is an impeachable, convictable offence – whether you are a Democrat or a Republi-con.  Now if the Republi-cons would put that into their own majority rule and take care of America’s business against Crooked Drumpf.

Crooked Drumpf campaigned that he would ‘build that wall’, ‘cut taxes’, ‘create jobs’, ‘Lock her up!’, ‘repeal Obama-care’ all on his first day in office.  He failed you.  Instead, Crooked Drumpf’s first official act as US President was to continue his collusion with Putin and to repeal Obama’s sanctions against Russia for that collusion that fomented ‘fake news’ detrimental to Clinton and helpt elect Crooked Drumpf.

Crooked Drumpf ‘is not above the law’!

‘Lock him up!  Lock him up!’


Up-date (14 Dec 17):

Post-election Epilogue.


‘Trump is causing historic turmoil by refusing to agree that Russia interfered in our last election.  His personal insecurities are affecting our national security.  Elections are the pillar of our Democracy.  There are no Trump efforts to correct this.  The ‘Presidential Daily Briefing’ avoids upsetting Trump.’

‘Trump does not allow this discussion, it might upset him.  He tried to roll-back sanctions against Russia.  He finds ways to reverse sanctions against Russia.   There is no Trump panel to examine Russian interference.  He denies this reality.  Trump takes Russian interference as an affront, a de-legitimatisation of his election win.   His personal insecurities are affecting how this government responds to threats.  Trump does not pay attention to his ‘Presidential Daily Briefing’.

  • CBS News (14 Dec 17)



Crooked Drumpf fails to find reality.

Crooked Drumpf’s first official act was 11 minutes into being President when he ‘ripped up’ Obama sanctions against Russia for their interfering in our 2016 elections leading to Crooked Drumpf’s ‘October Surprise’ election (see above:  NBC News, 7 Dec 17).


This may be the beginning of the end for Crooked Donald.

Or maybe only the end of the beginning of eight years of Crooked Drumpf.

Hey, maybe many more years.  Putin is campaigning for still another term.

We must endure while the whole crooked Republi-con Party sees fit to go along with his antics.


Thank you, Dear Reader, for bearing with this.

I hope that these quotes and my two cents have not repelled you from returning to a future essay.

I suppose that I can find softer issues for the next essay.

Take care, all.



‘The Year of Not Living Dangerously’


If someone told me at the beginning of 2015 what this year would have been, I would have never believed it.

Last year 2014 was among my worst years.  Criminals broke into my home, stole most of my valued personal possessions, and ransacked my remaining belongings – they even destroyed or stole the electrical fixtures.  The damages and losses were massive – especially the irreplaceable items of very personal and intimate nature:

  • personal medical papers that can’t be recovered in any manner because the medical source legitimately destroyed their copies following the lawfull set period of time (Up-date:  23 Aug 16.  Medical exam today confirmed again that I lack a prostate.  Doctor told me that she will put her findings of my inter-sex in writing in her notes and my medical record; I shall post that record at a topical blog on this site for Kathy and Bev, my dis-believing family);
  • personal employment and payroll records stolen for their potential use in identification theft;
  • my collection of rare books dating to more than 200 years ago – many with autographs or other writings and signatures;
  • my collection of phonograph records dating to the earliest days of recordings – the criminals smashed nearly all my 78s (they missed the box containing my deceased father’s collection of 78s) and destroyed many of whatever 45s and LPs they did not steal;
  • approximately one half of both all my raw material footage and my edited ‘Rock Club Rising’ and ‘Dick’s Automotive’ TV shows, including personal mementos from many of the more than 500 bands and acts that appeared on ‘RCR’, all raw tapes and the entire first season of ‘RCR’ are gone forever except for anyone who hit ‘record’ on their home VCR when these shows were broadcast  (see:  ‘http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/music/eat-the-document-6421801&#8217;);
  • photographs, negatives, slides, movie film, and VHS of my life’s work as a hobbyist photographer, film-maker, and videographer.  More than 50 years – gone.  Only a total of 71 pictures of my life remained; those literal thousands of original pictures or negatives are gone, only the digitised copy remains of 71 images.  The old images that you see at this site – that I share with you here – are among those lucky 71 pieces.

There was so much more but the point here is not to list my stolen property that I will never recover.  I point these things out so that if the crooks recognise what they stole, they recognise the losses they caused to more than me.

That element plunged me into major depression.  I wanted to do nothing more than curl up in a ball on the floor and cry for hours – days – on end.

Yet I managed to find a way to dig deep into my self.  I did not want to end my life, I needed to recover as best as possible though there is no real and full recovery.  Life must continue without those ‘things’; at least the people in my life and I have our memories of all those wonderfull events and times that no thief can ever steal from us.  Those stoopid people had no concept of the value of what they destroyed; they must be pitied.


This year started slow and painfull as a continuation of recovering from last year.  You read how SSA repeatedly flipt my file from its permanent Sharon / female record to its former and out-dated Nick / male file.


There was one week when I went to SSA to check my status three times, the SSA agents guaranteed they corrected my file once and for all, yet I found my file unexplainedly flipt each time I returned to verify their actions.

I returned to SSA as recently as a couple weeks ago, spoke to a supervisor, he brought my file to his computer screen, we both observed the entire screen showing SSA agents repeatedly changing my file, and he apologised for the ‘absurdity’ of what has been happening to my SSA record this past year – this past decade.

That experience at SSA devolved my managing of my personal life – having to ‘out’ myself repeatedly at SSA got me to realise that I have no reason to remain in that ‘closet’ in which I sealed my self decades ago.  While I do not wave a flag wherever I go and I do not wear an emblem on my clothes, I no longer feel oppressed by my medical condition.  It is nobody’s business but I no longer run from it.  I made that so by posting this web-site.


I got out and about more often this year. I may have left home barely more than four times the entire year of 2014.  Nearly every week this year 2015 I have been busy at least four days each week with errands, socialising, completing educational courses, and expanding my life back into the real world.

I barely travelled across-town the prior four years; this year I returned to visit out-of-town friends several times, expect to continue doing so next year, and expect to expand my travelling horizon to the extent possible.


I ended the year with a great experience at American Red Cross where I am a ‘Baby Brigade’ donor – only people of the best of health are eligible to donate for our little children in most need of the best blood.

(2015 07 22) MVD Licence - ARC - Baby Brigade‘I’ll make it a double’ as they say as I made my first aphoresis donation.  ARC’s machine extracts twice as much usable blood material in one draw, then pumps saline back into my system leaving a metallic taste and smell.

I hate needles yet I ‘grin and beared’ this one with flying colors to save many children and that is why I have now donated eight gallons plus nine pints during the course of my ARC blood donation career.  I do not need to return until four months from now rather than two months.

I once had a donation goal of my age.  Hey, I’m 59 going on 60 and that goal is long in my rear-view mirror.  Maybe my next ARC goal can be 100 pints – barely 25 more pints at four per year can be done in approximately six years.

I extend my challenge to everyone reading this to make their own effort to donate blood.  You can do it same as me.  Plus, you’ll feast on fruit juice and cookies as your reward.

Tell your boss you want the rest of the day off – with pay – to donate your blood to ARC.  Better yet, organise a blood draw at your work site, join ‘Baby Brigade’, and be a greater hero.

Then your next step is to join ‘Be The Match’, register to donate your bone marrow, and save more lives.  I hate needles with a passion and do all this; so can you.


As we approach the full-swing of the American political season of 2016, let us recall the trends of the prior Presidential election cycle.

(2012 1109) Republican Party Demographic Trends

While Republi-cons repeatedly detract President Obama as a ‘fer’ner’, they want to elevate Ah-nold to race while ignoring he is foreign-born and carries far more salacious baggage than President Clinton.


(2013 10 18) Ah-Nold In 2016


Tis the season for Christian Conservative whining.

And of course this is the (2012 12 10) Tis The Season For Christian Conservative Whiningtime of year when we hear from right-wing Christian Con-servatives who complain how librrrals are taking Jesus from their Christmas.  Meanwhile, they celebrate Christmas with such things as beauty pageant queens, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Grinch, fire trucks, stockings hung at their fireplace, strings of colored light bulbs, and tinsel and lights decorating a pine tree – all their true symbols of their Jesus of Bethlehem, a-hem.

The more things change …


To all new friends I made this year and new friends I have yet to meet for next year …

Happy New Year to you, too.