Welcome to Inspiration: ‘Slim and Me’


(1970 06) Slim - Crater Lake (walking - portrait)I dedicate this site to you who blazed this path before me:

  • Frank (my uncle who was murdered during his transition)
  • Billy Tipton
  • Christine Jorgensen
  • April Ashley
  • Jan Morris
  • Sylvia Herrera
  • Martha P. Johnson
  • Reed Erickson
  • Lynn Conway
  • Denise (my mentor)
  • Linda (my co-worker)
  • Renee Richards
  • Maria Masters (my 1980s pen pal)
  • Millye (my support group friend)
  • Regina (Alana brought us together at church)

Without you, I would not be here.

Without you, our successors would not be here.

Without you, our community would not experience our advancements.

Without you, there would be a bleak future.

Thank you, my predecessors, one and all, named and un-named.


This web-site will contain pieces of my personal life as well as presenting my interests beyond my life; I am more than an inter-sexed transsexual.

  • I played guitar and piano growing up; I wrote my own compositions – more than 200 – from folk, to rock, to classical.
  • My college education includes study in law, psychology, business administration, and medical science.
  • I held varied work careers, whether part-time or full-time of either temporary or permanent status:
    • radio DJ (1973 – 1985),
    • automobile mechanic (1975 – 1976),
    • school teacher (1977 – 1978) (1981 – 1985)
    • personnel administrator (1978 – 1985),
    • licenced psych tech / nursing aid / pharmacy volunteer (1985 – 1990),
    • TV crew and producer (1986 – 2014),
    • health insurance utilisation review (1986 – 1989),
    • public assistance case manager (1990 – 1993),
    • payroll specialist (1993 – 1999), and
    • risk management fiscal specialist / accountant (1999 – 2010).
  • My life has been highly affected by my travels:
    • I witnessed Maribor and Dachau (1971 – 1973).
    • I met Elie Wiesel when he was a guest lecturer for the ‘Seeds of World Conflict’ course at University of Utah (Autumn 1983 quarter).
    • I am a ‘student of the Shoah’.

I was twice a whistle-blower.  Each time, it involved my employer firing me as a transsexual in retaliation for my expose’ against them.  I obtained resolution through both the Unemployment Insurance process and the legal system who each time determined these employers conducted ‘intolerable working conditions’.

  • (a) The first was where I worked as a federal employee (1977 – 1985).  I was finishing my transition from male to female and I was experiencing my complete ‘male fail’.  My supervisor thought I was a female pretending to be employed as a male (my ‘Victor / Victoria’ era):  ‘We can’t have that here’, she told me.  I filed a whistle-blower action in my defence, that led to both the Secretary of Agriculture and the Chief of the Forest Service getting caught committing perjury during their sworn testimony to Congress, and ended with the agency’s retaliation against me as a transsexual.
  • (b)  The second was where I worked as an employee for an agency of the State of Arizona (1990 – 2010).  A manager called me to her office and questioned me why the Social Security Administration’s discrepancy list suddenly reported me as male.  The agency relied on an SSA error; they wrongly presumed that I was a male working as a female, a female transitioning to male, or who knows what.  I filed a counter-complaint documenting nearly 200 criminal acts committed by my agency management.  Their retaliation came clear when a representative from HR came to my desk and told me that the agency had a choice:
    • (1) fire the supervisor and manager (‘not likely because they are management’, she told me) or
    • (2) fire me.
  • Guess which way that decision went.  My Director had the nerve to admit to three more new federal felonies during my whistle-blower hearing and he has never been prosecuted.
  • I occasionally devise ‘Edipictstorials’ as amusements (2010 – Present).  I draw caricatures and write editorial commentary on politics and current events.  I am not quite a news junkie, but, as ‘they’ say, you’re not surprised if you are paying attention.  I will post my musings for your dining and dancing pleasure.

Life takes many trials and an abundance of errors. It is a learning process that does not cease.

This web-site includes exposing and facing my failures, learning from my failures, making amends, and my un-ending journey toward maturity. I am not embarrassed about my life. I apologise for my failures; I cherish my successes.


–  Up-date for October 2015:

  • Check out my revised ‘Incognito’ post for additional narrative and newly re-discovered pictures of my early appearance as Sharon..  (Done:  13 Oct 15)
  • I will be posting an essay challenging Roman Catholic Pope Francis I; you know my story as a former Catholic if you have been reading these pages.  (Done:  5 Oct 15)
  • I will be posting an essay about possibly discovering the identity of my birth mom.  Truth really is stranger than fiction.  (Done:  17 Oct 15)
  • ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ Stand-by this mid-November for those few ‘thousand words’.
  • (29 Nov 15):  I apologise for not posting more items sooner and for not fixing the last two blogs.  I will get to those.  The next post is a few corresponding days late but the message remains both timely and timeless fixed around the JFK assassination plot.

–  Up-date for December 2015:

  • I did my own thesis on the ‘Cain and Abel Syndrome’ and first-born children in birth order.  My elder sister Kathy will really hate me for exposing her in-grained behaviour.  (3 Jan 16)

Let’s see what the new year 2016 has in store for us all.

Take care – Enjoy! – HUGGSS – Repeat.


–  Up-date for January 2016:

A new year starting with ‘Hellos’ and ‘Good-byes’; or rather ‘Fare-thee-wells’; or still rather in honour of my friends and others who travelled to Thailand, new words that they taught me:  ‘Sahwdee kah’ and ‘Kapung kah’.

  • Hello, Bev.  Excuse me, Beverly.  It’s only fair.
  • Hello, Indonesia.  I had plans to be there this year (2016); maybe next year (2017).
  • Hello, good-bye to Yann and Qian.  Stay well at Riyad, Yann.  Qian, my ‘sister’, we are both Li; I hope all goes well and we visit next year (2017).
  • Hello, good-bye to Ildi and Evelyn; thank you for Thursday’s ‘ceremony’.  Ildi:  temples, taxis, rail, orange flags, the Metro and the SkyTrain, and photography were great experiences we can remember through all our pictures and video.  Evelyn:  long talks of QuadCopters, drones, electric cars, electronic engineering, photography, computers, and our shared lives bringing us together.
  • Hello to Jamie and Maddy.  Truly wishing you well at Ye-son, Jamie; too bad you missed knowing me better by undue influence.  Maddy, thank you for being a great neighbour and conversationalist, wow to all your aeronautical computer graphics, sorry that I fell asleep during ‘Battlestar Galactica’, thank you for the cheeseburger and fries;  I have been busy attending sessions at the local Apple Store, now I really know how to use the iPad; we are Greek soul-mates, to boot.
  • Hello to Dawn.  Someone told me that the street is called ‘Trans Alley’.  Who knew so many collectible American cars?  Edsel!
  • Hello to my new Aussie friends:  Christina, Zoe, and Christie.  Thank you, Christie, for taking time to share your computer expertise; next year will be your big event.
  • Hello to Jutta, my new Chinese friend who taught me to use chopsticks; fish stomach soup was delicious but coconut water tasted like old shoe (an acquired taste?).
  • Hello to Christopher, my Aussie friend of Greek ancestry.  Enjoy the rosemary and the gelatin.

–  Up-date for April 2016:

  • Hello Japan; welcome aboard!
  • I leave it to others who provided visuals for your perusal – photographs, flyers, information – on a few posts this month.  They can say it better than I.
  • Keri and Chloe:  Welcome to the alumnae.  Everything feels normal now, eh.  Soon you will be experienced offering your insight to others as you pass the torch to the next generation.
  • Yes, Mickey, you can do it now from small-town America where you live.  Your opportunities and resources of today far exceed what I experienced available 40-some years ago.  It may require more effort than residing at a full-service big city; the end results are well-worth it.  My only regret is that, looking back, I could have done better yet I am quite satisfied with my life decisions.  This web-site is testament to that.
  • Ildi, thank you for checking back (14 Apr 16).

– Up-date (22 Apr 16):  In the news.  Maybe we of our community can show our support for Target and other businesses that show support for us.

‘Transgender Restrooms and Fitting Rooms? 162,000 Sign ‘Boycott Target Pledge’ in 1 Day’ – By Melanie Hunter (22 Apr 16; 10:43 a.m. EDT)

  • ‘(CNSNews.com) – A pro-family group has launched a boycott of Target after the retail store made it clear on Tuesday that its bathrooms and changing facilities can be used by anyone according to their gender identity.’
  • Kathy, Beverly delivered that package – six years late.  I was correct – it is not bigger than a bread box.  Ever wonder how well Beverly could be employed if she told her clients and customers that she would make them wait six years for an appointment the way she did it to me?  It is exactly what I wrote to her – she did not rate me important enough to take 30 minutes of her precious time to dump off that box in six years yet she had plenty of time to travel 500 miles out of state to you each year, travel on business, go on vacations, and ignore me since 1993 when she and Aunt Pat un-invited me to Thanksgiving Dinner.  She complained that I resided 30 minutes distant, yet not once did she (or you) pick up the telephone, call me, send an e-mail to me, and I would have gladly traipsed 30 minutes to collect that travesty of a package.  When she delivered that box, she could not be bothered to stay any longer than it took to toss it out her car window as she drove by.  Okay, that last line is literary licence, but only by a sliver.
  • Alana, Justine, Jessica, Tira, Gwen, and others at Cash-Inn – thank you for a great time dancing, talking, sharing pictures of our ‘children’.  As described here, I had not been dancing since the time of Disco (1980) when I fended off unsuspecting female dates feeling me and not finding what they expected; tonight, I had no fear, I was perfectly comfortable with you as you with me.  The hours passed too quickly.  Let’s make this happen again.

– Up-date (May 2016) for ‘Crimes and Punishments and Forgiveness’:

  • The jury found Mike guilty as charged.  The court sentenced him to a minimum 10 years in prison.

– Up-date (28 Jun 16):

  • Hey, Brasil!  Thanks for checking in.  My dad taught at the American-international school at Sao Paulo (1974 – 1976).  Is it still operating?  If I recall correctly, he told me that he resided at an apartment at the nearby Lutheran seminary.

– Up-date (2 Jul 16):

We saw the passing of Elie Wiesel, one of the world’s heroes:

  • ‘Indifference is the greatest sin. Hatred is a disease. You must speak, you must take sides, neutrality helps the oppressor.’

See my comment (above).

– Up-date (12 Jul 16):(2016 07 09) Hudson - ASU Trans Study

Somehow, my medical clinic got topics confused at my appointment today.  Scott, the nurse, told me that he was puzzled.  He asked why I was there for a F-M transition appointment yet taking estradiol and progesterone.  I told Scott that I scheduled for my 6-months exam.  Oops.  Well, we had a good laugh.  I shall have my gyn appointment re-scheduled to later next month.

Also today I met with Wallace.  He is a graduate student conducting a research project for his thesis on trans studies.  We interviewed for nearly four hours.  Now I shall maintain a project diary during the next several weeks.

– Up-date (16 Jul 16):

Hello to Nancy.

I contacted my cousin Nancy recently; we first met August 1976.  I previously exchanged e-mails with her daughter through a genealogy project about 15 years ago; that exchange lasted about 18 months.  Nancy replied to my latest post effort last Tuesday (12 Jul 16); I was elated.  We had a good exchange on ‘Messenger’ for a couple hours.  At one time during our texting, she asked about Nick; I dodged that topic.  Oops, she is certainly out of the loop in family gossip.  I spent the past few days pondering my reply to Nancy about Nick.  I wrote an information brief about Nick and told her that I understand if she wants nothing further to do with me.  I’ll allow Nancy all the time she needs to decide how she will or will not accept me.  Having lost most family and friends these past four decades prepares me for the worst, though I hope for better.

– Up-date (22 Jul 16):

‘Republicans (Part 3)’ (https://slimandme.wordpress.com/2016/07/22/republicans-part-3-the-2016-campaign-season/) will document the current political campaign – choice words spoken by Republicans and their allies.  Check this post every week or so for new quotes added.

– Up-date (23 Jul 16):2015-xx-xx-dreamy-morning-front

Yasou, Elliniki!  Efharisto polla!  I really miss where I lived (Pylaia and Maggana) and where I travelled (especially the islands of Kos, Tinos, Thasos, Crete, Rhodes, Santorini); that picture of me holding Slim was taken on Thasos.

Hello, India!  Thank you for checking in on my birthday.  I really hope to come visit your nation;  I’m planning for January 2017.

– Up-date (12 Aug 16):

Please check Alana’s new web-site – another ‘sister’ and sorority friend from the Thailand experience:

  • ‘1Translife’

Alana wrote her autobiography, ‘Dreamy Morning’.  She tells of her survival through many years and her rise to her new-found life.

Sahwdee Kah, Alana!


Up-date (14 Sep 16):

To those of you who return to re-read my posts at this site at a later date, you will find that I add pictures or other visuals to these pages.

Sometimes I also find the need to correct the spelling, punctuation, and grammar, or to re-edit for clarification or improvement.

I do not know what I shall add or where I shall post until the fancy hits me.  I shall try to identify my insertions here at this page.  Such as the pictures that I added to my ‘1978’ post.

Such is the way for a perfectionist – our tasks are never complete.


Up-date (12 Oct 16):

ABC News, PBS News, and NHK News reported the death of King Bhumibol, the Thai king, at age 88.  The beloved Thai king served his nation for 70 years.  I ask you, Dear Reader, to join in the 100 days of mourning in his honour and respect.  I am grieved at his passing as one who is included among we who are associated with the Thai experience.  I pray for wisdom for the new king at his investiture.


Up-date (23 Oct 16):

Curiously, WordPress statistics is showing that my ‘Silent Night’ post recently has been logging multiple hits to that page.  Perhaps this activity is related to spirit friend Cara who has been posting her own articles to her web-site discussing ‘male privilege’.  ‘Trans Deaths, White Privilege’ is an editorial written last year by Jenny Boylan, English professor at Barnard College.  Allow this referral via ‘Kira Moore’s Closet’ web-site to take another look:

Of course, as spirit friend Cara re-asserted separately, we also need to take a second look at the deaths incurred due to hate crimes committed against trans persons and other LGBT members.  Never forget!

Kapung khaf. Thank you.


Up-date (5 Nov 16):

Another November is here.  Too soon to put to commemoration those who were here last year but here only in our hearts this year.  There is on average one murdered trans person each week in this country – a nation that claims to be ‘civilised’; seems more ‘savage’ than otherwise.  ‘Pulse’ comes to mind.  The rest of the world is not much safer.

Take the time to remember those whose Earthly presence has been stolen from the community of human beings.  May those who seek to do harm find love rather than persist their hate.


Up-date (10 Nov 16):


If you read / followed my ‘Republicans (Part 3)’, then you saw that my election prediction from July was spot on.

Take a gander at my post-election commentary (‘Post-election Post-mortem’ and ‘Republicans (Part 4)’).


My apologies, Dear Reader.  Please allow me time to figure this out.   My list of articles as shown on that right-hand column clips at so many listed items.  Earlier articles remain at this web-site; for now you’ll need to click on that last blog listed then click back to whatever earlier article you need to find.

I was hoping that each post would appear at that right-hand column.  Perhaps not.  Perhaps I must group them by month.


Up-date (16 Dec 16):

Dear Reader:

I have entered a prolific writing phase.  I currently have at least six new blogs to post plus several others in nearly complete though ‘draft’ stage.

Such as it is not having home wi-fi, I am limited to Library time or the opportunity to use free wi-fi at my grocery store, it seems that I end up sand-bagging much.

I shall try spreading these up-coming essays during the next week rather than dumping them all at one time.

My modest web-site here does not garner the millions of viewers as those fancy-dancey  commercial sites.  I average slightly more than a dozen views per day, sometimes more, sometimes less.  One day last year there were more than 110 views.  No matter how many of you come to this web-site, I graciously thank each and every one of you.


Kapung khaf.





And any other language you wish to share.


Up-date (26 Jan 17):

I posted an addendum to ‘Welcome To Our Nightmare (Part 2)’.

The data recovery computer techies called to me the other day and reported that they might be able to restore my missing file – the essay that was scheduled to be the original ‘Welcome To Our Nightmare’.  They will work on my Apple iPad some time during the next two weeks.  Can I hold my breath that long?  Stay tuned, Dear Reader.


Up-date (2 Feb 17):

Welcome ‘BlookUp’!  I hope you enjoy the reading and reference items.

You are just in time for my latest post:  ‘What’s Your Pain?  What’s Your Pleasure?’


Up-date (15 Feb 17):

Bon jour, Mauritius!

Thank you for visiting.

Click the blue icon (<Follow ‘Slim and Me’>) in the upper right-side column if you wish to follow me and receive alerts to added blogs.  I am prepared for another post that I hope you and other friends will enjoy.

Please come again.

The computer service still has not yet restored my Apple iPad.


Up-date (3 Mar 17):

Happy Birthday, Clinton.

Here’s wishing you a good day.  Say ‘Hello’ to Kiyoko, I miss her sushi.


Up-date (5 Mar 17):

‘recipesbydaniel’, welcome to this neighbourhood.  Enjoy you visit; please come again soon.


Up-date (17 Mar 17):

Kapung khaf.

The ‘statistics’ page for this web-site reports numerous people are browsing my Dr. Chettawut post every day (‘Dr. Chettawut Tulayaphanich’, 11 Jul 2016).  I hope that narrative is helping those planning their Thai experience as well as providing sufficient general information for those planning their surgery elsewhere.

I developed a revised and expanded version as a guide for friends planning their trip to Thailand or planning their surgery with another clinic.  I shall post it either in a few weeks, may wait for a friend to return from her journey to Dr. Chettawut (May 2017) so that I can include her perspectives, or post the new version anyway and add her story when she returns.


Up-date (20 Apr 17):

There continues heavy traffic to my ‘Dr. Chettawut Tulayaphanich’ (


Up-date (24 Apr 17):


My friend Tess recently began her journey.

Check out her new web-site:

Tess also reminds everyone who wants it and needs it, that there is an ear to hear your struggle:

  • #SuicideAwareness
  • 1 (800) 273 8255



Today is the Commemoration Day of the Armenian Genocide committed against them by the Turks.

IMG_0416If you seem comforted by the recent Turkish elections securing President Erdogan the new title of Fascist Dictator, then you have much to learn.

Remember, Hitler boasted that no one would remember the slaughter of the Armenians, therefore, he could slaughter millions and the world would stay silent.  Hitler was totally correct – the world stood silent to the mass murder of at least 15 million of our citizens of the world:  Jews, Roma, Communists, Unionists, Gays / Lesbians, the mentally and physically ill.

I bear witness both as a ‘student of the Shoah’ having seen the aftermath of Dachau and having the opportunity to be a student of Elie Wiesel.

I also bear witness to the Armenia Genocide.  The school campus where I attended 10th Grade and 11th Grade (Anatolia) was among the targets of the Turk’s slaughter.

Genocide persists through the years.  We are witnessing it at Syria, Turkey (still), Sudan, Nigeria.  Eh.  Pick a place, many places, and you will find genocide without a response from the ‘developed’ world.

Look here at home, America.  Obama campaigned to do something – anything – he followed the Constitution.  Congressional Republikans led by Ryan and McConnell denied the vote in Congress and denied the expenditure of taxpayer money to help the people of Syria.  Why did Republikans oppose Obama’s efforts?  Because those Republikans are siding with Assad / Syria and Putin / Russia.

Remember, too, that McCain’s call to ‘arm the rebels’ was to arm ISIS, not the civilians of Syria whom Assad and Putin have been murdering with impunity.

Don’t be fooled by Donald Two-Two’s ‘bombing’ of the Syrian airfield.  Trump alerted Putin that those bombs were coming – Putin alerted Assad and, bingo!, Trump’s bombs hit nothing but dirt.  All for show from ‘showman’ Republi-con to his gullible flock.



I welcome the opportunity to share with my WordPress companions.

To any other person, party, institution, or otherwise browsing or using this site or any other associated sites for their personal interest, studies, projects, business, or other purposes:  Please respect my property as I respect yours.  You do NOT have permission to automatically plagerise or mis-use any of my narrative, profile, pictures, posts, or graphics in whole or in part in any form or at any forum whether currently and / or in the future to enrich your commercial enterprises at my detriment.  If you have done so or will do so, then I will be consider you violating my privacy and I shall have the right to invoke ramifications upon you for your transgressions.  There is an easy way to avoid any complication between us:  Just ask respectfully and I am eager to grant your wishes.  Seek and ye shall find, ask and ye shall receive.

(1970 06) Slim - Crater Lake (sitting - portrait)


Efharisto.  Thank you.  Kapung kah.img_0351-2016-01-xx-stone-statue

(Hey, this is not really a rant.

Just that there are those of you who may be trolls running a commercial enterprise and want to steal my stuff without my permission – Nope.

But to you folks out there same as me who have your own little ol’ site and wanna share pictures and quotes, go for it and let me know so that I can take a browse.)



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      I am not computer techie to know what you mean by ‘rss feed’, ‘subscription’, ‘e-newsletter’. Apparently there is a way that you simply log into this site and my posts will send an e-mail to your e-mail to notify you.

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      A Thai ‘Kapung Khaf’ – thank you for your comment.

      WordPress gets the credit – they provide many web-site building plans and templates. This theme is called ‘Bouquet’.

      I had been to many web-sites that offered free web space. Some of the sites allowed few opportunities nor much variety on a way to share my ideas and thoughts.

      Then I saw Cara’s website:


      Hers had what I wanted:

      – a place to write my comments
      – a place to list each prior entry
      – a way to post pictures, documents, or hot lilnks
      – nice, simple, clean design.

      I am still learning. WordPress offers tutorials, but I lack home wi-fi and have little time when I go to the Public Library.

      WordPress also provides an extended plan that allows the site to post audio and video, but that is beyond my effort for now.

      Please come again.



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