‘Republicans (Part 6): Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear Are Not Fozzy Bear’

(15 Dec 16)

‘Republicans (Part 6): Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear Are Not Fozzy Bear’


Dear Reader:

I have entered a prolific writing phase. I currently have at least six new blogs to post plus several others in nearly complete, though ‘draft’, stage.

Such as it is not having home Internet, I am limited to Library time or the opportunity to use free wi-fi at my grocery store, it seems that I end up sand-bagging much.

I shall try spreading these up-coming essays during the next week rather than dumping them all at one time.

My modest web-site here does not garner the millions of viewers as those fancy-dancey commercial sites. I average slightly more than a dozen views per day, sometimes more, sometimes less. One day last year there were more than 110 views. No matter how many of you come to this web-site, I graciously thank each and every one of you.


Kapung khaf.





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I began this post as an addendum to the ‘Trump Transition’ blog. Then I thought, no, maybe post it on its own.

I decided to post this on its own.

This post is not a re-statement of other quotes and essays.  It is better to refine one blog to one single, topical issue at one location for your handy reference.


Good opinion is based upon facts.  Let’s commence with applicable quotes.

Pat Robertson, R (15 Nov 16, CBN ‘700 Club’): ‘Trump got a call from Putin. Putin is KGB to the core. Trump praised Putin.’

Joe Walsh, R (16 Nov 16, his radio show): ‘We are a divided country. Our side won! We all have to accept the results of a legitimate election. I said ‘Barack Obama is not my President!’ when I was in Congress. We are at war. The Press is our enemy. Who cares about the people!’

Laura Ingraham, R (18 Nov 16, her radio show): ‘We never want another Democrat in the presidency again. We will not see ‘Black lives matter!’ foolishness now that Trump is elected. Patriotism!’

Don McDowell, R (20 Nov 16, his ‘Shake, Rattle, and Troll’ radio show): ‘We have the two houses of Congress and the executive office; we now have all three branches of the legislative. We now own the government.’

CBS News (27 Nov 16): ‘Investigating claims that the election results were hacked.’

ABC News (28 Nov 16):  ‘Russia tried to hack the Democratic campaign. The man who won the election thinks there’s massive voter fraud.’

Joe Walsh, R (29 Nov 16, his radio show): ‘We Republicans now own the President, Congress, the Supreme Court. We’re gonna get two more judges. We own 35 governors, 68 legislatures. We control it all!’ (See Walsh’s quote of 9 Dec 16.)

Isaac Griffin (‘Living the High Life’ KFNX 1100 AM pot show, 1 Dec 16): ‘I was a sucker. They want the information from marijuana users. Once this new Trump administration is in, you’d better have a plan.’

CBS ‘Face the Nation’ (4 Dec 16): ‘Trump did not get the popular vote. Republicans won dealing to the darkest forces.’

Matthew Dowd, R (4 Dec 16, ABC ‘This Week’): ‘Donald Trump should tell the truth. It’s something he’s allergic to.’

BBC News (7 Dec 16): ‘The Russian threat to NATO seems very real, but worries remain what to make of Trump’s contradictory statements, even questioning his willingness to defend any NATO nation under attack. NATO hopes to send out a signal of strength to deter Russia. What will Trump do?’

Joe Walsh, R (9 Dec 16, his radio show): ‘No foreign government should interfere with our elections; that’s wrong. We know Russia was behind those e-mails; they mucked around our elections. Finding out is legit, man.’

Joe Walsh, R (9 Dec 16, his radio show): ‘You get the guh’mint you deserve. When you elect one party rule – whether city, state, or national – you get a cesspool of corruption. We no longer live in a free country when the federal government, any government, can tell you what to do.’ (See Walsh’s quote of 29 Nov 16.)

ABC News (12 Dec 16): ‘It is a slap in the face of the CIA. Trump is disparaging the CIA. CIA could have a hard time trusting Trump’s relationship with Russia.

CBS News (12 Dec 16): ‘A Russian hacking plot tried to influence the election in favour of Trump. It was a campaign of mis-information. CIA is confident of their report that Russia did hack into Democratic Party computers to effect the election and to embarrass Clinton. Russia was trying to tip the scales to Trump. Trump has picked a fight with CIA; he bashed CIA officials. Trump egged-on Russian hackers during the campaign. Tillerson’s close ties to Putin alarmed Republicans and jeopardises his confirmation. There are calls on Capitol Hill to investigate. Ten members of the Electoral College demand they receive that CIA briefing before casting their votes.’ ‘CEO Tillerson has worked closely with Putin for several years.’

NBC News (12 Dec 16): ‘Russia hacked into Democratic computers to damage Clinton. Russia is enjoying this, relishing this. They can do business with Trump no-questions-asked.’

PBS Newshour (12 Dec 16): ‘Russian hacking with the goal of swaying the US election in Trump’s favour.’

PBS ‘Nightly Business Report’ (12 Dec 16): ‘Tillerson has no foreign relations experience. He has ties to Russia and Putin.’

Arizona PBS / KAET TV / KUAT TV (12 Dec 16): ‘The CIA says Russia was involved.’

KTVK TV News (12 Dec 16): ‘Tillerson’s deep relations with Moscow. The US intelligence agency concluded that Russia directed the hacking to help Trump defeat Clinton. McCain called it a national security issue.’

Senator John McCain, R (12 Dec 16, news interviews in KTVK TV and CBS News news-spots): ‘I have concerns for Trump and his relations with Putin. Russians were trying to elect a certain candidate.’

Representative Paul Ryan, R (12 Dec 16, CBS News): ‘Russia is an aggressor that undermines American interests.’

Senator Mitch McConnell, R (CBS News, 12 Dec 16): ‘We must go with the assumption that Russia does not mean us well. Russians are not our friends’

KSAZ / Fox News (15 Dec 16): ‘Russia worked to put Trump in office.’

Laura Ingraham, R (15 Dec 16, her radio show): ‘Russia hacking into Democratic Party Headquarters. What are the consequences? We gotta teach kids there are consequences.’

ABC News (15 Dec 16): ‘Russia is pleased with Trump’s choice of Tillerson for Secretary of State.’

Joe Walsh, R (15 Dec 16, his radio show): ‘This is getting real messy wth Russia’s interference in this election. It will get even messier if Trump is not elected by the Electoral College. They can only vote for Trump or Hillary. Some Republican states could vote for Hillary but there aren’t enough. Only Trump can be president.’

Herman Cane, R (15 Dec 16, his radio show): ‘Any Republican who voted against Trump will not be re-elected in two years.’

PBS ‘Newshour’ (16 Dec 16): (1) ‘Putin was at the heart of the computer hacks on the Democratic Party. Russian hacking dominated Obama’s press conference. Putin was directly involved in influencing the election in favour of Trump. This attack leaves a dark cloud hanging over the question of the Democracy of our nation. What does it say about our system, our government? Putin was trying to hurt Clinton and help Trump.’

PBS ‘Newshour’ (16 Dec 16): (2) ‘Russia is the clear winner in all of this. They flooded the American market with fake news. Trump told the Russians, ‘Please hack the Democratic National Committee’. It’s a national security threat. Trump wants to cut sanctions against Russia for invading Crimea.’

PBS ‘Newshour’ (16 Dec 16): (3) ‘This leaves a dark cloud hanging over the question of our Democracy if an unfriendly nation can come in and get information and leak it. Russians and Putin were trying to hurt Clinton. Something’s gonna hafta to be done. Tillerson has close connections to Putin.

Senator John McCain, R (16 Dec 16, actuality on PBS ‘Washington Week In Review’): ‘Cyber-attack is an act of war!’

Robert Gates, R (18 Dec 16, NBC ‘Meet the Press’): ‘Russian hacking is meant to weaken the United States. I would characterise it as a covert operation to discredit the American election.’

Sen John McCain, R (18 Dec 16, CNN interview): ‘There’s no doubt there was Russian interfering. Russia and China.’

Ian Bremmer, R (19 Dec 16, CBS News): ‘Trump’s inclination is to disbelieve the American intelligence and to cozy up to Russia. Trump undermines the US intelligence community; that weakens the ability of America to project strength. Russians compromised American national security. Russia certainly has de-legitimised our election. The Russians intend to influence the outcomes of the German and French elections as Trump would support in favour of the far-right parties – an enormous win for Russia. Chinese provocations are directed at Trump.’

CBS News (19 Dec 16): ‘Trump transition team dodged Russian responsibility. The FBI is now on board with the CIA finding Russian culpability. Russian hacking is a threat to Democracy. The intelligence community is unanimous in its conclusion. The hacking began in 2015. Obama confronted Putin in September this year. The hacking was intended to help Trump win the election.’

KPHO / CBS News (19 Dec 16): ‘Wikileaks caused months of problems for the Clinton campaign.’


Dear Reader, please remember Nixon’s ‘Watergate’ scandal. History is in the process of repeating itself.

Nixon and his Republican regime spied on Democrats throughout his presidency. We only saw one of many tips of that iceberg with the 1972 news of the break-in at the Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate building. Frank Wills is the hero who saved this American Democracy that June night.

In 1974, both Democrats and Republicans in Congress held hearings, investigated the crimes of Nixon and his co-conspirators, and exposed the truth about Nixon, rogue Republicans, and their effort to overthrow our civil authorities through the conspiracy of such Nixon entities as ‘Firefighters’ and ‘Plumbers’.


Reagan and Republicans stole the 1980 election. They used their infamous ‘October Surprise’ and the help of Iran and Ayatollah Khomeini.

Reagan sold American arms to Khomeini and Iran (‘Iran – Contra’) then lied under oath that he had ‘no recall’ of his actions.


‘We the People’ no longer have our Constitutional checks and balances necessary to invoke our national integrity:

  •  Republicans control all of Congress, the Supreme Court, and now the Executive Branch.
  •  Republicans in their absolute power of American government declared their refusal to investigate accusations against Trump or any Republican.

You Trumpsters voted for that ‘change’ thingy.


Network news reports that troubles are worsening about Trump and Republicans.

Current news-spots reiterated and accelerated confirmation that Putin directed the Russian hacking and spying on the Democratic Party since at least 2010. Russians sought to denigrate Democratic Party candidates, including Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential elections. Where is the public outcry?

The purpose of Putin’s Russian subversion against our American Constitution was to help Republicans – including Trump – win political office and seize control of our civil American government as part of their ‘Permanent Republican Majority’ initiative. Still there is no outcry from ‘We the People’ beyond the few overwhelmed voices.

No matter what Putin and Russia did to interfere in our election and no matter how fraudulently Putin and Russia wrought the results of our election, Trump is the only candidate whom Republicans will accept as America’s next president.

  •  Putin and Russia interfering in our election is forgivable to Republicans.
  •  Fraudulent results based upon criminal and un-Constitutional means is fine to Republicans.
  •  No easy talk about ‘our president’ when it comes to Clinton versus Trump for Republicans.

Republican Party leadership is demanding strict and absolute conformity from all its members. No stray votes in opposition of either Trump or any Party legislation will be tolerated

Fascist ideology asserts that is it partisan self-interest that supersedes our American Constitutional integrity.  Republican ‘patriotism’ is grounded in only a Fascist ideology.  Only another ‘crooked’ Republican president – only Trump – is the Republicans’ president.  This again proves that Republicans are Fascists.


Putin’s hacking begat Trump’s campaign, nomination, and election. None of those events were chance, but part of their larger, long-con against the American electorate.

Trump and his administration appointees have deep ties with such notorious people as Putin from such notorious countries as Russia, China, Iran. Trump (let’s not forget Bush, McCain and Romney) and his nominees have been moving your American jobs to China, Iran, Russia, and other various slave-wage sweat-shop countries as Viet Nam, Honduras, Guatemala, Indonesia.

Notice that those destinations make no mind that they are hardly recognised as Democratic governments:

  •  they routinely deny civil rights to their citizens,
  •  they provide virtually no employee safety on behalf of their domestic workforce,
  •  they include ‘godless communist nations’ and Moslem nations that Republicans otherwise tell you are enemies to America.

Not such an enemy when it comes to their personal and corporate profiteering.


Connect the dots.

McCain’s call for Obama to ‘arm the rebels’ meant he wanted Obama to arm militias sponsored by Iran – friend to Syria, friend to Putin and Russia, friend to Republicans, friend to Trump. Let the circle be un-broken.

Tillerson is Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State. Tillerson has friendly, deep-rooted connections with Putin and Russia. Tillerson has repeatedly avowed his allegiance is NOT with our American interests but his own corporate desires and with Putin and Russia.

Tillerson reminds me when Hoover met with Mussolini in 1925 to establish an ‘eternal alliance’ between Mussolini’s Fascist Party and the Republican Party. The eventual result of that meeting wrought to the world both the Republican Great Depression and World War 2. Tillerson and Putin will bring a repeat to the world of such a calamity.


It was 20 long years from 1925 to 1945; it will be another 20 long years of countless misery repeated from 2016 to 2036.

How many of these long years can you, will you endure, Dear Reader?

  •  It took more than two years from Watergate break-in to Nixon’s resignation.
  •  It took nearly five years from break-in til Carter’s inauguration replacing Ford as president.
  •  At the least, we are looking at more than four long years til our next presidential election and inauguration – meaning 2021 – if we ever get one again.


Look at Russia.

Russian people hold the same adoration for Putin as Trumpsters hold for Trump; they both follow along in the lies and deceit.

Soviets invaded Afghanistan to deflect Russian’s attention to domestic calamity. So it went with Reagan and Granada, Papa Bush and Iraq, Shrub Bush and both Afghanistan and Iraq, and now Putin with Syria. What disaster will Trump place upon this nation to deflect attention from his mess?

Soviets collapsed under their dictators. Russians endure economic collapse for dear ol’ Father Putin. So, too, shall we in America suffer at Trump’s doing.

Putin cons his minions same as Trump cons his own minions. Look at the video and see the same – manipulated one and the same.

The Russian currency is worthless under Putin’s Russia.

Americans forget the failed economy under Bush. The Dollar shrank to $1.35 per Euro when Shrub left office; world economies were set to replace our tattered Dollar with the Euro.  Now our Dollar is $1.05 per Euro – one sign of a strengthening American economy – thanks to Obama’s policies.


Don’t expect help through the interim political processes:

  •  Impeaching and convicting Trump will bring forth Pence.
  •  Impeaching and convicting Pence will bring forth Ryan.

None of those limited options are satisfying results of any Constitutional recourse. Trump, Pence, Ryan, and their successors are all part of their long con. Republicans and their international associates played this one quite well.


There are a few sparks of good news from Europe:

  • Both Italy and Austria voted against Trump-like right-wing extremists in recent weekend elections.  Austria went Green.

Beware the danger of protest votes:

  • That ‘Brexit’ vote wrought calamity.  Brexit’ voters admitted they do not want to leave the EU, but rather they voted against the EU as a protest vote not expecting so many votes would actually be cast for ‘Brexit’.  Brits still can’t decide to actually separate from European Union.


It’s now your turn, Dear Reader. What will you do to restore our American civil Constitution?


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